Jan 102019

The walls of Constantinople worked for hundreds of years until the Turks used cannonballs to blast holes in them. The Wall on the Southern US border is needed to help slowdown or stop drugs, terrorists and other bad things and people.

Babylon had walls. So does Israel. Istanbul. Zimbabwe had a wall and so did Troy. Wiki lists 51 walls. That’s a lot of  walls. It’s because they work. America needs one to stop the smuggling along the Mexican border. 

Jan 102019

Lightning started a fire in Claire Risoldi’s mansion. The electricians failed to properly repair the damage to some electric power cables in the attic which is where and why the second fire started five years ago. It was not arson. Even the Attorney General agreed the fire was not the result of arson. Then, … incredibly …. the criminal Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane …now in prison charged innocent Claire Risoldi, Risoldi’s innocent law enforcement husband, her innocent children and even the innocent drapery guy with felonious fraud due to the fire. This is preposterousness bordering on insanity. Claire Risoldi has not been paid for her insured property lost in the fire.

Most likely the insurance company didn’t want to pay millions of dollars for the fire losses so they claimed fraud and went to the Attorney General Kathleen Kane and for five years their gambit has succeeded. .

Yet another trial is coming up in Bucks County where the new Democrat Attorney General Josh Shapiro will get his chance to exonerate the innocent Risoldi’s. Will justice prevail?

Anyone with experience with the criminal justice system should keep in mind that the new State Attorney General never looked into the bogus charges which drove innocent Tom French, husband of Claire Risoldi to take his own life.

Why not?

Why did the State of Pennsylvania not do this? ….. That answer is purely political.

Because REPUBLICAN Claire Risoldi held fundraisers in her home which benefitted REPUBLICAN candidates.

Yes. Both the past and the present Attorney General are DEMOCRATS!!!… Is any of this getting thru?

Two bags of expensive jewelry were stolen during the fire, after the firemen busted the front doors to get in. They tried but failed to stop Risoldi’s husband Tom from entering the building but he went around to the back door, went up to the foyer where Risoldi left the bags full of expensive jewelry, came out and told Claire: “the bags are gone.”

The firemen denied the bags were there but they are clearly visible in photographs taken by the fire department during the fire after they broke the doors down to get into the foyer. The bags were in plain sight. The bags of jewelry therefore went missing sometime during the fire. the jewelry as well as the house and it’s contents were insured For millions of dollars.

The present Attorney General Josh Shapiro who said he wanted to clean up the corruption in the AG’s office but then hired a bunch of attorneys who were fired from the Phila DA’s office for corruption. Shapiro’s hiring of them increased the possibility and the probability that the corruption would continue. It made the swamp deeper. . . .  Are you getting this???

We need to recall the very idea of Justice because this is a clear example of when, where and why justice is needed.

To sell out your judgment as Kathleen Kane and her cohorts did with Claire Risoldi is not only corruption of the human need for justice, it’s contempt for the people of Pennsylvania by those who supported Kane’s political corruption to do those things to an innocent family. Those false charges caused the suicidal death, murder some would say, charges wrongly made in the name of justice. This is all beyond tragedy, … it has turned justice into a farce that’s being continued in the upcoming trial. 

If justice has any meaning in Bucks County it should result in a judge stopping the entire charade and awarding Claire Risoldi millions and millions of dollars for the pain, suffering, anguish and the wrongful death of her husband Tom French.  The crimes are those Claire Risoldi endured at the hands of Kathleen Kane and Kane’s perversion of the Bucks County Court in this matter is the wilful perversion of justice. The continuation and the trial by Attorney General Josh Shapiro cause more perversion, more corruption.

State Attorney General Josh Shapiro can expunge the charges against Claire Risoldi and her family, remove from the court record all mention of them, move the court for an immediate dismissal and send a check for the death of her husband to Claire Risoldi and more checks to her children for the damage the state did to their lives.  The court would have no choice but to grant the Attorney General’s “Motion for Expungement” and the Attorney General can make payments to the Risoldi’s that would end this horrible miscarriage of justice. A Motion for Expungement is a rather simple thing to do on the part of the State.  It should be done today. So should the checks be made out and sent.   

Jan 102019

The average K-12 teacher salary in the Morrisville area is paid $98K for the ten month school year. Bensalem pays $113,934 and a teacher is limited to teaching only 5 classes of 45 minutes each per day. In addition most teachers are paid for “Extra Duty” which can get them an additional $2-3 grand a year but the football coach can score loads more, probably an additional $20 – $30 grand more. 

Classes are 45 minutes and a teacher gets one extra 45 minute time period each day for “Class Prep” plus an additional sort of time for miscellaneous duty. They need not be present at the school for class prep. 

Teachers also get even more benefits, some of which they pay perhaps a maximum of 50% of the cost. They get money to travel and live while they study to get more “college credits” for which they are also paid as is the tuition for the college credits. All that totals to about $1.25 million every 8 or nine years. Very few teachers work for more than 20 years. They “retire” and in retirement they are paid sometimes more than their salary was while teaching or coaching or studying.  If they work 40 years they can cost a school district $5 million plus the retirement costs. Start teaching at age 21. Continue until age 41. Retire for another 40 years and the taxpayers pay for all that. Perhaps $10 Million per teacher?

School Administrators are paid even more than the highest paid teacher. The lowest paid administrator is higher than the highest paid teacher. 

School district costs never ever include the retirement costs in dollars and cents. Plus, in what is a misleading tactic they usually discuss contracts in terms of averages, totals and differences, never the actual cost to the taxpayer. No teacher contract would dare include the non-teaching costs that are carefully hidden from the view of the reporters who never, ever seem to catch on. . 

Jan 102019

It’s clear: Leftist Extremist Jorge (pronounced whore-hay), Ramos hates president Trump with a biased and hateful passion seldom seen in a good journalist. He’s a short man, 5 foot five or six, and has a Napoleonic Complex common in short men. . 

Born, raised and educated in Mexico for the first 25 years of his life so he’s what’s commonly called “a Mexican”….. by birth. He graduated from the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City where he majored in communications. He claims as a child he was abused by the priests so he gave up on his Roman Catholic religion.

Mexican-Spanish, is his native language. He’s a bounder. He was married and had children by two women, Gina Montaner and Lisa Bolivar. Jorge refused to raise his daughter so her mother raised her and to get far from Jorge she did it in Spain. His son was raised by Lisa, not him. He dated Mexican actress Ana de la Reguera and has been in a relationship with Venezuelan TV host and actress, Chiquinquirá Delgado who is taller than him. His daughter, Paola Ramos, worked for Hillary Clinton’s during her 2016 presidential campaign. Ramos could be, should be described as a sneaky little  crap-weasel….

Jan 102019

Trigger Warning: Angry remarks from Samuel L. Jackson are contained in his quoted speech.

As a young black male student at the all-male, historically black Morehouse College, Jackson apparently was or at least he now claims to have been an usher at Martin Luther King Jr.’s funeral in 1968, but after King’s assassination he began to relate more to non-pacifist activists, (that means “violent people” in plain English), like H. Rap Brown and Stokely Carmichael. “It was easier for me to side with their ideology [than with King’s],” he explains, “or understand that ‘violence is as American as cherry pie,’ as Brown put it. That made sense to me, you know? Somebody hits you, you hit them back.”

Jackson’s politics today seem more modulated, but he still doesn’t believe in pulling punches. (that modulation is a lie because anyone who believes in punching is not practicing what they are lying about.) “When I hear ‘Make America Great Again,’ I hear something else. (That’s the self-admitted “Hearing Defect” which is a strong marker of a somewhat disabled or disfunctional intellect which is a malfunction of Jackson’s brain.) “When I see the president and Mitch McConnell and Jeff Sessions going on with that twang, that’s a trip in memory hell. And that does anger me.” says the long-time drug abuser. During the 1960s Jackson began experimenting with drugs, a habit that clung to him for years and nearly destroyed his life. It started when a Merry Prankster-esque professor turned him on to LSD, but Jackson quickly branched out into heroin, cocaine and, by the 1980s, crack. That last one stuck, and for 15 years he maintained a mostly functional addiction, smoking crack the way some people drink Starbucks lattes. that affected his mentation, …his brain.

Jackson has taken his hate to social media to criticize President Trump and his administration, having described the president as a “Muthafukka” “hemorrhoid,” and “busted condom.” Nice, what? 

For Jackson, rock bottom arrived when his wife and daughter discovered him lying face-down and unconscious on the kitchen floor, surrounded by drug paraphernalia. Richardson — who refers to this period as her “villa in hell” — insisted Jackson go to rehab, which he did. He was ready. “I’d been getting high since, shit, 15, 16 years old, and I was tired as fuck,” he says. While detoxing, he was sent a script by Spike Lee, for whom he had already done a string of smaller roles in films like Do the Right Thing and Mo’ Better Blues. Lee wanted him to play Gator, the crackhead brother of Wesley Snipes’ character in the interracial romance Jungle Fever. Ironically, the first role Jackson would take as a sober actor would require him to play a crack addict. “All the people in rehab were trying to talk me out of it,” he recalls. ” ‘You’re going to be messing around with crack pipes. All your triggers will be there. Blah, blah, blah.

The failing and flailing aging star alleged President Trump once cheated him during a round of golf together, prompting a denial from the president that they even stepped foot on the links together.

Anyhow, so far as Jackson’s future, many, many, many millions of normal people and many many millions of Trump fans will never, never, ever watch Jackson again… they wish he would quit but his hate has given rise to their hate. Take that to the bank.