Jan 092019

It’s simple arithmetic.

18 days is 5% of a year.

Logic shows a shutdown should save money and since all government money comes from taxes and other collecting that is basically taxation, shutting down government for 18 days should save 5% of the cost to run the government which means, logically that taxpayers should not have to pay for government they don’t get.  

Jan 092019

If he really wants to be re-elected president all he has to do is run but he’s not a masochist so he may not want to continue in the face of the lying lies by the lying liars of the Left.

Trump is brilliant. He showed it in his address to the nation. Ten minutes after listing all of the reasons America needs a wall on our Southern border Frick and Frack, the two lying liar Democrats got on TV and tried to ruin Trump because they have no answer about how to defend America’s Southern border. All they can do is bitch, lie, stamp their feet and blab that Trump is creating fear and creating a crisis when it’s them who are continuing the shutdown.so they blame him for the shutdown and want him to end the shutdown so they can continue to oppose the wall.