Jan 082019

1/8/2019. Washington D.C.

Pelosi and Schumer continue to try to get the president to back off building the wall and they do it by continuing to keep parts of the federal government closed and blaming president Trump for causing the shut-down which they agreed to and which they refuse to end. Nancy Pelosi, poor dear looked as though she just polished off a full barrel of black coffee which caused her eyelids to disappear making her eyes seem artificially open. It was unnerving to watch. . 

Jan 082019

June 6, 2018 in the Trump Tower, a meeting took place among Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, Paul Manafort – Irakly “Ike” Kaveladze, Rob Goldstone, Rinat Akhmetshin, Anatoli Samachornov and a Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya.  In Moscow, Russia she is regarded as a “trusted insider” who has argued cases for Russian government agencies. She has also been an informant in active communication with Yury Chaika, the Russian prosecutor general, since 2013. Starting in 2014, she had worked with Fusion GPS, the firm that was later hired to do opposition research on Trump including the production of the false Steele Dossier about a meeting in Moscow which never happened about which Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Jan 082019

….a barrier, a line, a border, what is it that president Trump will eventually be able to get/build along the Southern Border to stop illegal drugs, animals, people, .. I repeat myself…??

Foreign Nationals up to a certain limit are welcomed each day by America but more than that want to get here and get in, properly or not, some of them don’t care how and therein lies the problem. 

Jan 082019

The headline reads: “Most people don’t need a four-year degree to do a good job. Herb Kelleher knew that, and built Southwest Airlines by hiring the right people, not people with the right college credentials.” As though a college degree is therefore un-necessary to work for an airline. 

JD then goes into a bunch of nonsense that includes his idea that an airline pilot doesn’t need a college degree to “take off and land safely” since he, JD, has done it…… Yeah, well I completely disagree and admonish JD to print a full retraction. Here’s why: one or even a dozen take-off’s and landings in some small airplane with an instructor or  safety pilot sitting beside JD does not begin to cover the multiple knowledge and skill sets needed to safely fly a small airplane with one engine or a larger one with multiple engines in the fog while it’s snowing, something all airline pilots must be able to do.

There are so much additional information and many, many skills needed for pilots to  fly on instruments. Landing an aircraft containing say 100 souls is far more difficult than landing a small aircraft with only two or four seats with an instructor on board, which is what JD did and on which he formed his rather dangerous opinion. He also has opinions that a college degree is not necessary to be a salesman or a journalist. Statistics prove otherwise. Some companies will not even read the resume of an applicant to fly their aircraft,or sell their bulldozers who has less than a four year college degree.  Journalists? If JD is correct why do colleges offer degrees in journalism? The answer is he’s dangerously wrong.   

The danger of JD’s opinions is that someone will decide to fly an airplane without the skill-sets needed to take off and land safely. On a short trip in a twin engine aircraft, an aircraft in which JD never trained or flew the weather changed very, very quink and we were flying in snow which made the ground below and the horizon invisible. A pilot must see either the horizon or be trained to use the instruments to fly in those conditions because first of all, there’s no way for a non-instrument pilot to safely fly under those conditions as John F. Kennedy Jr. and his two passengers found out when he crashed into the water and the three were killed in the crash. They were all wearing seat belts. That didn’t help them stay alive in the crash. They were found still in their seats wearing the seat belts in 115 feet of water. The crash happened because the pilot who could take-off and land safely as JD  clains is sufficient to fly safely was insufficient to prevent the crash. Three people died as they followed Mulland’s ideas about flying. 

It’s difficult enough to take off when it’s raining even though the visibility is sufficient to do it because the aircraft can easily slide into a crash during the take-off during which the rather small aircraft tires lose their earth-bound traction. Less traction means steering by the wheels is less and less effective until it stops which happens at a very, very high speed.  A sliding aircraft is out of control. An out of control aircraft is a very, very dangerous place to be especially is the wind is pushing the aircraft to the side which is the usual case during a take-off but if the pilot is able to take-off there’s still the landing under cross-wind conditions. 

A few words about the wind. It changes according to altitude. The pilot must compensate for the changing wind while the aircraft is descending and continue to compensate during the landing roll and even to taxi the aircraft around the airport. That’s a load of different skills, skills that are made easier when someone has a college degree. How do we know that? By comparing  the basic intelligence of people with and without college degrees. A college degree increases the probability that a job applicant will be able to master the different skills needed to safely fly complex aircraft loaded with trusting souls in all sorts of weather. 

Flying an aircraft on instruments requires more than the ability to take-off and land and taxi the aircraft. Most people with private flying certificates cannot safely fly on instruments. 

An instrument flight requires different maps, called charts than a flight in good visibility. JFK Jr. didn’t have them. Instrument landings require an approach plate, a small, two or more page document that shows for example the many different radio frequencies, the runway lengths, the runway compass direction, the paving of the different runways, the taxiways, the locations of buildings and obstacles on and near the airport, the radio frequencies for the various landing systems, the radio frequencies for the glide path and the minimum visibility for even flying the instrument approach. None of that is covered during a flight like JD probably did. None. Not one and all and more must be known to fly on instruments.

Flying an aircraft with more than one engine requires additional skills not available to a pilot who has only flown an aircraft with one engine. Add to that all of the different systems and sub-systems of larger and larger aircraft and it’s easy to understand why many aircraft require more than one pilot to fly. Is a college degree necessary to do that? Embry Riddle Aeronautical University thinks so. They graduate pilots with college degrees. 

Purdue University has 10 colleges and schools, with a total of almost 200 majors. Within Purdue’s College of Technology, students can major in Aeronautical Engineering Technology, Air Traffic Control, Aviation Management, or Flight (also called Professional Flight Technology).  The College of Technology at Purdue also offers a Masters of Science in Aviation & Aerospace Management. That’s a masters degree for pilots.

The John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Studies at the University of North Dakota has long been known as one of the best aviation schools in the country. UND Aerospace offers two aviation degree programs with a total of seven academic majors. Each has its own flight course requirements, which affect the cost of a degree program.

Location: Grand Forks, North Dakota

Degree Programs: Within the John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences, students can earn a degree in Airport Management, Aviation Management, Air Traffic Control, Aviation Technology Management, Commercial Aviation (fixed wing or helicopter), Flight Education or UAS Operations. UND also offers a Masters of Science in Aviation and a Ph.D. in Aerospace Sciences.

On it goes. Ohio State, Western Michigan University and San Jose State U also offer college for pilots. 

It’s also known that JD himself has a college degree in Journalism, a career he argues doesn’t need one. Funny, that, eh? 





Jan 082019

What is the fascination with ugly people in entertainment with the excuse that they can act? Most people are not so good looking either but on the big screen the ugliness is more obvious. 

But the bottom line for actors and actresses is their ability to present a character in a believable fashion. That’s their business and the great actors and actresses do it so well that we are able to suspend belief’s because of those skills. Often being good looking is a liability for entertainers as well as in society because people who are good looking are somehow expected to be perfect or at least more perfect than the quotidian but the precise definition of who is good looking and who is not becomes very, very fluid.  Most people will often find themselves attracted to the more homely because of their other attributes as well as the human ability to overlook flaws and then to actually like and even love the homely among us. That’s a good thing.

Even the dumb ones are found to have attributes that are useful in presenting a story. That’s also a good thing.

When actors and actresses get political and use the stage or screen to present their opinions they tread on dangerous ground, very, very dangerous ground. People who criticize the president will face strong retaliation or even the most simple type of retaliation, the refusal to pay to see the different opinionated types. That’s a moral response to the different values and different value systems to which the entertainers expose themselves. It’s rather easy for a viewer to change the channel or to not even watch shows where entertainers are awarded for their work. No one wants to watch an awards show that’s a political event which explains why the recent Golden Globes attracted far fewer viewers. Being moral means using judgment and moral people will not watch intellectual opponents even though the venue is supposed to be neutral.

Marlin Brando was one who used the Oscars for personal political purposes, the result of which had little to no effect on his cause. Brando was the second performer to turn down a Best Actor Oscar; the first was George C. Scott, who politely declined to accept his award for Patton in 1971. The awards are very important to the career of those nominated and those who win but there is the law of diminishing returns where the politics have little effect. On major star who went into decline and even became hated as a result of her anti-American visit to the enemy in North Vietnam was Jane Fonda. It turned out the despite her unpopularity she is still worth perhaps $200 million. Darn say some people.