Jan 032019

The Eagles are 9 – 7. The Bears are 12 – 4. The pundits have the Eagles losing by about 6 points. 

Eagles head coach Doug Pederson is familiar with Chicago head coach Matt Nagy. They coached together under Andy Reid.

The Eagles have former Bear Alshon Jeffery who is highly motivated going against his old team. Jeffery has thrived alongside quarterback Nick Foles. Jeffery has averaged 5.3 receptions for a little more than 100 yards during Philadelphia’s three-game winning streak, all with Foles as quarterback. Philly has the great Zach Ertz, Golden Tate, Nelson Agolor, Dallas Goedert, Mike Wallace and  Jordan Matthews as receivers. On defense Philly has Fletcher Cox, Chris Long, Michael Bennett, Haloti Ngata. the Bears are up against a great football team. Prediction: Eagles by 1. Of course I’m heavily biased; haven’t watched the Bears at all; watched every Eagles game for the past two years and most of them for the last probably fo seasons and love football having played it for beginning, perhaps maybe seven decades ago. Old loyalties aren’t properly tested…Go Eagles! Go Foles! Go team, go…

Despite all of the so-called pundits predicting the Bears would win by at least six, my prediction proved to be perfect. The Eagles won by 1, exactly as I predicted several days ago… . 


Jan 032019

Travelling underwater will kill you. If you want to stay alive you need two things,  A regulator with which to breathe and a diving mask to see. Without both items you will be blind and unable to breathe. In other words you will die.

Same thing in the Social Atmosphere. You need to see clearly which you cannot do if you go to school, watch movies, read newspapers, watch TV or listen to the radio and you need to breathe but the constant Liberal bias will suffocate you. America’s Social Atmosphere will kill you.

A good example of the Liberal Suffocation is Ocasio-Cortez, a political fraud who is more annoying than Hillary, …or Pelosi. Her teeth alone are a big reason she needs to keep her mouth shut. Her eyeballs are bigger than her eyelids. Most annoying person in America and she is against Capitalism, the founding ideas of America.

She’s a member of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) which is a far left-wing radical organization of democratic socialist, social democratic and labor-issue driven America-hating people. The DSA has its roots in the Marxist Socialist Party of America, case closed

She beat the incumbent Democrat Joe Crowley 78% to 7%. She received 110, 318 votes. Joe Crowley received 9,348. She wants more and higher taxes. Her election is a bad thing for Freedom, Liberty and  America. 

How the hell did the people of the Bronx and Queens ever do this??