Jan 022019

It had to begin when some people noticed that some people were different than other people. When was that beginning? Where was it and who exactly did it? The Encyclopedia Britannica has a section on RACE that does not answer those questions. 


Be very, very careful here. There is a connection between race and intelligence but no one knows enough about it to be able to connect the race of a person with their intelligence. The problem has two parts: the Race part and the Intelligence part but there’s no definition of either one that’s good enough to satisfy anyone who knows what they are talking about. Here’s the bottom line. The answer has two parts: the Race part and the Intelligence part but there’s no definition of either one that’s good enough to satisfy anyone who knows what they are talking about. If that makes sense to you, good for you. It doesn’t to me. I suspect it’s a sticks and holes problem with no good idea about what a stick or a hole really is.


Most people can spot the differences between people. The race problem is that the appearances of people are far too unreliable to make a clear test that can seperate people into one race or another. Appearances are used by two or more people every time two or more people meet.  Proof is that if you meet Steve you know he’s different than all of the not Steves. Same for Sarah. And that goes for everyone meaning we all know the difference between Sue and Sam but we can’t expand the appearance of Deshawn or Felicia until we get Sue or Sam. About as close as we can get is that no one can describe race but they know it when they see it.

That makes insufficient sense to me but maybe you are better at this stuff. For me I use race when I need it but somehow I don’t seen to need it much or at all. . 





Jan 022019

Truth can be elusive so Freedom of the Press has to be absolute. Same for Freedom of Speech. It has to be “anything goes” and the opposition is what can protect the truth from mistakes and lies which brings us to Mitt Romney’s attacks on the president. Romney has something going on within his head that caused him to attack the president but he’s not telling us what’s going on.

So for now, Mitt’s making an enemy of president Trump. Why?

No info. Not good for Mitt. He’s got to grow up and explain himself.  

Jan 022019

Watch it HERE. 

No one likes to see anyone slip and get hurt but Hillary is a completely different issue. No one else had trouble slipping. She also slipped in New York and had to be lifted into her van. She’s had brain damage issues before so even though she didn’t hit the stones in India or New York there are plenty of people hoping for the best, whatever that is in her case. I’m not inclined to give her the benefit of the doubt. If she can’t navigate the steps without help she certainly does not belong anyplace where her wrong decisions would cause real problems for other people. She should have taken the handicap ramp.

In this case two men had to go out of their way to help her down the steps. Someone might print up a few thousand posters of her in the falling mode. It would make her enemies laugh and her friends cringe but it would be the real truth. 

Jan 022019

The Washington Times reported: “A former federal prosecutor has emerged as special counsel Robert Mueller’s most persistent courtroom critic.

“He depicts Mueller as a rogue prosecutor willfully ignoring Justice Department guidelines.

“He accused  Mueller of creating a “make-believe crime” against his  client who is accused by Mueller of funding a troll farm that interfered in the 2016 election. He is Eric A. Dubelier.

So far, the federal judge presiding over the case has sided with Mr. Mueller. We don’t.

Mr. Dubelier is exactly right on Mr. Mueller’s motives and tactics,” said Sidney Powell, whose book “License to Lie” exposes years of Justice Department scandals. “His lieutenant Weissmann is the poster boy for prosecutorial misconduct and has no regard for the facts or the law. He will make up whatever he wants to win, and the entire like-minded team views as an accomplishment everyone whose life they destroy in pursuit of their objective.”.