Jan 012019

In 1960 white people were 89% of the population.

In 2010  whites were reduced to 72%,

and those from Central and South America increased to 16% which is higher than the percent of black Americans…

When white people go from 89% down to 72% something that’s been hidden has been going on. That’s almost a 20% reduction in the percent of white people in 50 short years and it was by design. The design was the 1964 Civil Rights act which purposely kept white people down. It’s about time white people become woke to these facts because if the trends continue and there’s every reason to believe they will white people will no longer be a majority in America, a country and culture invented by white people.
Why are white people targeted for diminishment?

Doesn’t matter why as much as how. Population is a zero sum issue. When one race increases another decreases. When one race is favored another race is punished. The favoritism is immoral if it is based on skin color, at least according to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which forced organizations to select on the basis of race. Since 1964 Civil Rights have become a one-way ratchet that forces many decisions to go against white people. It’s based on the false premise that all people are equal which is nonsense.
American government has intervened against white people which goes against the idea that all people should be treated the same. If the NFL and the NBA were run by government both organizations would have to fire more than half of the players because neither the NFL nor the NBA are based on equality. They are based on performance but government has become hostile to white people and beneficial to black people which is unequal treatment based on race.
When will this stop? First it never should have started. Second it should be stopped immediately but third, it will continue because so many people like to persecute others and their favorite targets are individual white people. Sorry, Liberals but that’s immoral. You need to pay reparations to the white people and their descendents who have suffered wrongful harms in the name of this nonsense and treat people as they should be treated. Those who excel should be protected from those who have lesser attributes. Blame nature but don’t grant favors to those who don’t deserve them.

So how should black people be treated? They should be treated as black people who possess attributes and talents. That means fairly, the same as white people.  

Jan 012019

Thanks to Taki for this:   What can be said about this horse-toothed bug-eyed economic retard that hasn’t been said beyond underlining the fact that she lied about coming from poverty because she grew up in a plush ’hood that was 90.49% white and whose residents enjoyed a per-capita income twice the national average? She’s a college grad representing the Bronx where most people don’t make it out of high school.  

During college she was an intern in the immigration office of U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy. She claims to be from the Bronx but she lived from age 5 to age 18 in an affluent white area and then lived in Boston until she was 21 so for 16 of her 28 years she has not been part of the Bronx. She should at least admit she grew up in a very, very privileged place and attended great non-Bronx schools.

and I’m so sick of her already that I refuse to say anything else. America deserves better than her. The Liberals and the Democrats deserve better than her.

and I’m so sick of her already that I refuse to say anything else.


Jan 012019

In Northeast America, especially in Manhattan there are usually a lot of black people in evidence but the celebration in Times Square was notable because of their absence. Other races were represented but not our black Americans. Why was that? We’ll be checking it out for answers.

It’s not as is there are no blacks in Manhattan. From April, 2017 in the Post: “A gang runs an open-air drug-and-sex ring in the heart of Times Square, brazenly hawking cocaine, pot, pills and women to passers-by — all right in front of NYPD cops.

Three times this month, ring members approached a Post reporter and asked if he wanted drugs or prostitutes, with one trying to lead him into an office building for sex with a hooker.

Another offered a “happy ending” massage at an unnamed hotel nearby with a free room included. A third said he would provide “free samples” of illegal drugs. 

But a security guard in the building said no such room exists.

“These gentlemen, if you could call them that, are out there steering individuals,” a police source said. “There might be some drugs involved. There might be prostitution. Or they might be scamming.”He said the gang lures in tourists with its offers, then takes their money and walks off.

A worker for a business on the block said the gang was a scourge.

“We hate that they are out there,” the worker said.

“I’m frustrated as hell. It’s epidemic. I think there about 15 to 20 guys. Most of them tend to be of African descent. From Africa. We let the cops know. They’re not oblivious.” 

What about Watchnight?  In the United States, since many slaves were said to have gathered in churches on New Year’s Eve, in 1862, to await news and confirmation of the enactment of the Emancipation Proclamation by President Abraham Lincoln, on January 1, 1863 it’s been named Watchnight. Mystery solved?