Dec 012018

South Africa is a beautiful tragedy, a land where the rule of law has been aimed against white people because they are white people. So much for the different races being able to live together. South Africa was colonized and civilized by the settlers who took no land from anyone and hired local people to help mine the gold and diamonds which had no use or value to the locals. The black people obtained control through a series of Liberal condemnations of the whites including by Nelson Mandela who was jailed for murdering white people but released because of the pressure of the Liberals. The result is the confiscation of the lands and properties of white people because they are white. What a tragedy.

The infrastructure including the water and sewer systems are failing. The welfare system is overwhelmed. Hatred is in charge. Pity. 

Yet the world looks away because the victims are not people of color. Pity. There goes a wonderful country and a unique culture because they are white.
The headline tells the tale.
“White farmers’ legal fight against plans to give their land to black South Africans without compensation is thrown out by country’s High Court
South Africa’s High Court rejected a legal challenge brought by white farmers
President Cyril Ramaphosa plans land expropriation without any compensation
Afriforum questioned legality of change to the constitution to allow land reforms.