Nov 172018

When a mob assembled in front of Tucker Carlson’s front door and chanted “We know where you sleep at night” the police should have immediately and publically arrested and charged the individuals in the mob. Justice demands at least that.

When the owner of The Red Hen Restaurant demanded Sarah Huckabee Sanders and her party leave the restaurant because they weren’t welcome Sanders should have called the police for her own protection. Right then and there justice needed to be enforced against the owner who would not have dared to say that or act that way if Al Sharpton for instance was there and the owner wanted Sharpton out.
Sic Transit Gloria. . . Step Up…. that means YOU!

Nov 172018

Kaepernick should stand proud behind America during the singing of the Star Spangled Banner. As an American he can protest against oppression but first he needs to step up and show his bone fides to America. Kaep can get his life and reputation straightened out but the big money bet is he won’t because of his ideas and attitudes that run too deep  against America. 

Nov 172018

To Repeat:


ROSE LAW FIRM, HILLARY  was described as a trial lawyer but former colleagues cannot remember any cases she tried.



Mena Arkansas Airport Drug Running Operations


She’s the gift that keeps on giving…This un-credible woman doesn’t know how little she is liked or how much she is disliked because of the content of her character.. 

Hillary Clinton illustration by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times

From Investors Business Daily, “The legal investigative think tank Judicial Watch recently released 448 pages of documents that it dug up from the U.S. State Department, the fruit of months of Freedom of Information Act requests and document-digging. The documents are damning, showing even more instances of Hillary Clinton performing official favors for those who donated to the Clinton Foundation and certain political campaigns.

To put it even more bluntly, the emails make a prima facie case for a criminal prosecution of Clinton. As Judicial Watch notes:

“In July 2009, in reference to the U.S.-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue, Clinton Global Initiative head Doug Band told (Huma) Abedin that she “Need(s) to show love” to Andrew Liveris, the CEO of Dow Chemical (DOW). Band also asked for Liveris to be introduced to Hillary, “and have her mention both me and wjc.” Dow gave between $1 million and $5 million to the Clinton Foundation and Clinton Global Initiative. Band also pushes for Clinton to do a favor for Karlheinz Koegel, a major Clinton Foundation contributor, who wanted Hillary Clinton to give the ‘honor speech’ for his media prize to ‘Merkel.’ “

Further, “The emails reveal that on June 19, 2009, Clinton’s brother, Tony Rodham, passed a long a letter for Hillary Clinton for Clinton donor Richard Park. Park donated $100,000 to Bill Clinton as far back as 1993 and is listed by the Clinton Foundation as a $100,000 to $250,000 donor.”

This wasn’t all, not by a long shot. Ben Ringel, a Clinton donor, emailed top Clinton aide Huma Abedin seeking a U.S. visa for an unnamed Iranian woman. Ringel donated between $10,000 and $25,000 to the Clinton Foundation.

Foundation head Band shows up in numerous emails, seeking favors, including trying to get people jobs in the State Department. At times, the Clinton Foundation’s top executive seems almost to be an adjunct State Department official.

In August 2009, for instance, Band tried to get his candidate installed as ambassador to Barbados. Abedin answered: “I know, he’s emailed a few times. But she wants to give to someone else.” In another instance earlier that year, Band sought a “career post” in East Timor for someone. Abedin told him that Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff Cheryl Mills was working on that request “under the radar.”

Still other emails show a stunning contempt for any notion of protecting classified information, with emails revealing sensitive matters being routinely exposed on Hillary Clinton’s and Huma Abedin’s unsecured email server, ranging from classified emails from U.S. ambassadors to the planned schedule for President Obama while in Cairo, Egypt, to a sensitive document of a Clinton phone call with “Chinese Foreign Minister Yang.”

All on a server that many experts believe was probably hacked by the Chinese, the Russians, or both.

Old news, you say? Hardly. As most know, the hoo-ha over Donald Trump Jr.’s talks with Russian officials revolves around a somewhat mysterious yet nearly ubiquitous Russian lawyer named Natalia Veselnitskaya, who purported to have some dirt on Hillary Clinton that she would exchange for help with the Global Magnitsky Act, a 2012 law that imposed sanctions on Russians who were deemed to be human-rights violators.

Now, if you reach way back in your memory banks, recall that Bill Clinton, on June 29, 2010, gave a speech in Moscow for $500,000, paid for by the Russian government-tied financial firm Renaissance Capital. And also remember that before Bill’s speech was made, Hillary had refused a congressional request to reject visas for several Russian officials who were thought to be implicated in human-rights abuses.

Which raises a big question: Was Bill’s speech a quid pro quo for Hillary’s help?

Subsequent events suggest the answer was yes. For despite Hillary Clinton’s and President Obama’s hopes of a “reset” with Russia, Congress in 2012 passed the Global Magnitsky Act. And for the record, Renaissance Capital was allegedly party to the scandal that led to the Magnitsky Act.

Documents from WikiLeaks show that Hillary was aware of the potential trouble this could create for her campaign. As Jesse Lehrich, part of the Clinton campaign’s “Rapid Response Communications” team, wrote in May of 2015: “With the help of the research team, we killed a Bloomberg story trying to link HRC’s oppostion to the Magnitsky bill a $500,000 speech that WJC gave in Moscow.”

In an ironic addendum, it was to get help with avoiding restrictions under the Magnitsky Act that Veselnitskaya sought to meet with Donald Trump Jr.

Collusion? There’s plenty of it. As we’ve noted repeatedly in the last year, the conflicts of interest and criminal collusion between Hillary Clinton’s State Department, the Clinton Foundation and the Russians, among others, are numerous and profound. They warrant a thorough investigation. Why Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been tasked to look into the pathetically trivial meetings between the Trump camp and a handful of Russians — not a violation of any law we’re aware of — is inexplicable.

Her eyes are open and her ideas are bad. We don’t need her anymore. Go away. G’wan now go…
Time Line

The drama now known as Whitewater has a definitive starting point: a land purchase in 1978. It has taken a complicated course ever since. Follow the unraveling of allegations with this timeline.

Arkansas Attorney General Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton join with James B. and Susan McDougal to borrow $203,000 to buy 220 acres of land in Arkansas’ Ozark Mountains. They soon form the Whitewater Development Corp., intending to build vacation homes.

Clinton is elected governor.

Clinton loses his reelection bid and enters private legal practice.

James McDougal, who served briefly as Gov. Clinton’s economic development director, quits government to buy a small bank in Kingston, Ark. He loans $30,000 to Hillary Clinton to build a model house on a Whitewater lot.

McDougal buys a small savings and loan and names it Madison Guaranty.

After two years as a private citizen, Clinton is once again elected governor.

Federal regulators begin to question the financial stability and lending practices of Madison Guaranty, criticizing Madison’s speculative land deals, insider-lending and hefty commissions paid to the McDougals and others.

Clinton is reelected.

James McDougal holds a fund-raising event at Madison Guaranty to help pay off a $50,000 Clinton campaign debt. Investigators later determine some of the money was improperly withdrawn from depositor funds.

McDougal hires the Rose Law Firm, where Hillary Clinton is a partner, to do legal work for the ailing savings and loan.

Hillary Clinton and another Rose lawyer seek state regulatory approval for recapitalization plan for Madison.

McDougal borrows $300,000 from a company owned by David Hale, a former Little Rock judge. Hale’s company receives federal funds from the Small Business Administration to lend to disadvantaged business owners, but an investigation 10 years later alleges that he lent up to $3 million to political figures instead.

Citing improper practices, federal regulators remove McDougal as Madison Guaranty’s president, but he retains ownership.

Witnesses from the Rose Law Firm say Hillary Clinton requested the destruction of Madison land contract files.

Hillary Clinton writes James McDougal to ask for power of attorney to sell off remaining Whitewater lots and clear up bank obligations.

Madison Guaranty collapses after a series of bad loans and a change in government accounting procedures. The federal government shuts it down and spends $60 million bailing it out.

James McDougal is indicted on federal fraud charges related to his management of a Madison real estate subsidiary.

McDougal is acquitted.

The Clinton presidential campaign gathers information on Whitewater and Madison Guaranty. A report commissioned by the campaign claims the Clintons lost $68,000 on Whitewater, an estimate later adjusted down to somewhat over $40,000.

The Federal Resolution Trust Corp., investigating causes of Madison’s failure, sends a referral to the Justice Department that names the Clintons as “potential beneficiaries” of illegal activities at Madison.

January 1993
Clinton’s first term as president begins.

May 1993
White House fires seven employees in the travel office, possibly to make room for Clinton friends. An FBI investigation of the office ensues, allegedly opened under pressure from the White House to justify the firings.

June 1993
Deputy White House Counsel Vincent Foster files three years of delinquent Whitewater corporate tax returns.

July 1993
Foster is found dead in a Washington area park. Police rule the death a suicide. Federal investigators are not allowed access to Foster’s office immediately after the discovery, but White House aides enter Foster’s office shortly after his death, giving rise to speculation that files were removed from his office.

September 1993
First of three meetings in which Treasury Department officials tip off Clinton aides about the progress of the RTC investigation.

October 1993
RTC’s criminal referral is rejected by Paula Casey, U.S. attorney in Little Rock and former law student of Bill Clinton.

December 1993
The White House agrees to turn over Whitewater documents to the Justice Department, which had been preparing to subpoena them. These documents include files found in Foster’s office.

January 1994
Attorney General Janet Reno names New York lawyer and former U.S. attorney Robert B. Fiske Jr. as special counsel to investigate the Clintons’ involvement in Whitewater. Fiske announces he will also explore a potential link between Foster’s suicide and his intimate knowledge of the developing Whitewater scandal.

February 1994
Republican attorney Jay Stephens is appointed to head the Resolution Trust Corp.’s investigation of the failure of Madison Guaranty.

March 1994
Webster L. Hubbell abruptly resigns as associate attorney general after allegations are raised about his conduct at the Rose Law Firm. Two of Clinton’s top political advisers call business friends and line up more than $500,000 for Hubbell, including $100,000 from the Lippo Group. Hubbell is later convicted of fraud and serves 18 months in jail.

Summer 1994
The House and Senate Banking committees begin hearings on Whitewater. Twenty-nine Clinton administration officials are subpoenaed or testify at congressional hearings. All are cleared of any wrongdoing.

August 5, 1994
A U.S. Court of Appeals panel refuses to re-appoint Fiske as special counsel, citing a possible conflict of interest because he was appointed by Clinton’s attorney general, Janet Reno. Kenneth W. Starr, a former federal appeals court judge and U.S. solicitor who worked in the Reagan and Bush administrations, succeeds Fiske as the independent counsel to investigate Whitewater-Madison matters. He reissues subpoenas for documents, such as the Rose billing records of Hillary Clinton.

Jan. 3, 1995
The Democratic majority on the Senate Banking Committee releases a report finding no laws were broken in the Whitewater matter.

April 22, 1995
Starr interviews the Clintons privately.

July 18, 1995
The Senate Special Whitewater Committee, chaired by Republican Alfonse D’Amato, begins hearings on Whitewater and on Foster’s suicide. D’Amato is also a chairman of Republican Bob Dole’s presidential campaign. The hearings last 11 months.

Aug. 10, 1995
The House Banking Committee, chaired by Republican Jim Leach of Iowa, finishes its examination and finds no illegalities.

Aug. 17, 1995
A grand jury charges James and Susan McDougal and Arkansas Gov. Jim Guy Tucker with bank fraud relating to questionable loans.

Oct. 26, 1995
The Senate Whitewater committee issues 49 subpoenas to federal agencies and others involved in the affair.

Dec. 12, 1995
White House associate counsel William H. Kennedy III, who worked at the Rose Law Firm, refuses to release subpoenaed notes of a 1993 meeting between administration officials and the president’s lawyers about Whitewater.

Dec. 20, 1995
The Senate votes along party lines to enforce the subpoena. The next day, the White House drops its claim to attorney-client privilege and releases the notes. They prove vague and do not reveal any illegality, but contain the phrase “Vacuum Rose law files WWDC Docs – subpoena.”

Jan. 4, 1996
Hillary Clinton’s billing records from the Rose Law Firm are found on a table in the White House residence book room after two years. Clinton aide Carolyn Huber says she found the bills in August 1995 but didn’t realize their significance until coming across them again. The documents include copies of bills for Hillary Clinton’s legal work, showing she performed 60 hours of legal work for Madison in 1985 and 1986.

Jan. 8, 1996
In a commentary titled “Blizzard of Lies,” New York Times columnist William Safire describes Hillary Clinton as “a congenital liar.” White House press secretary Michael McCurry said if Clinton were not president he “would have delivered a more forceful response to that [column] on the bridge of Mr. Safire’s nose.”

Jan. 15, 1996
Republicans suggest billing documents may have been withheld from their investigation to disguise how much work Hillary Clinton had done for Madison Guaranty. The White House issues a denial.

Jan. 22, 1996
Kenneth Starr subpoenas Hillary Clinton in a criminal probe to determine if records were intentionally withheld. This is the first time a wife of a sitting president has been subpoenaed.

Jan. 26, 1996
Hillary Clinton testifies before a grand jury about the discovery and content of the billing records.

March 4, 1996
Whitewater trial of Arkansas Gov. Jim Guy Tucker (D) and the McDougals begins in Little Rock.

April 22, 1996
David Hale, the former owner of a government-funded lending company who has pleaded guilty to two felonies, testifies at Whitewater trial that in early 1985 then governor Bill Clinton pressured him to make a fraudulent $300,000 loan to Susan McDougal and asked that his name be kept out of the transaction.

April 28, 1996
Clinton testifies on videotape as a defense witness for just over four hours. He denies Hale’s charge. The tape is played to the Whitewater trial jury on May 9.

May 26, 1996
Gov. Tucker and the McDougals are convicted of nearly all the fraud and conspiracy charges Starr lodged against them 10 months earlier.

May 28, 1996
The White House acknowledges that during four months in late 1993 it wrongly collected FBI background reports on hundreds, including prominent Republicans. Director of personnel security, Craig Livingstone, later takes responsibility.

June 17, 1996
“Second” Whitewater trial begins. Arkansas bankers Herby Branscum Jr. and Robert Hill are accused of illegally using bank funds to reimburse themselves for political contributions, including contributions to Clinton’s gubernatorial and presidential campaigns.

June 18, 1996
The Senate Whitewater committee finishes its investigation. Republicans and Democrats remain divided in their respective reports on whether the Clintons committed any ethical breaches.

July 7, 1996
President Clinton testifies on tape for the second Whitewater trial.

July 15, 1996
Jim Guy Tucker resigns as governor of Arkansas.

July 16 & 17, 1996
Deputy White House Counsel Bruce Lindsey, named an unindicted co-conspirator in the Branscum-Hill trial, testifies about his role as the treasurer of Clinton’s gubernatorial reelection effort in 1990. He says he never sought to conceal from regulators two large cash withdrawals he ordered.

July 18, 1996
President Clinton’s videotaped testimony from July 7 is aired at the trial. In it, Clinton denies naming the two defendants to unsalaried state posts in exchange for contributions to his 1990 gubernatorial campaign.

Aug. 1, 1996
In a major setback for Starr’s investigation, Branscum and Hill are cleared on four counts of bank fraud by a federal jury, which deadlocks on seven other charges.

Aug. 19, 1996
Former governor Tucker receives a suspended four-year sentence after his doctor testifies that he would likely die of liver disease if imprisoned. Tucker is placed under home detention and fined $319,000.

Aug. 20, 1996
Susan McDougal is sentenced to two years in prison for her role in obtaining an illegal loan for the Whitewater venture.

Sept. 4, 1996
Susan McDougal, who had considered cooperating with prosecutors, says she doesn’t trust them. She enters jail for contempt of court rather than testify in front of a grand jury.

Sept. 23, 1996
An FDIC inspector general’s report concludes Hillary Clinton drafted a real estate document that Madison Guaranty Savings & Loan used to “deceive” federal regulators in 1986.

Sept. 30, 1996
The General Accounting Office reports that independent counsels investigating President Clinton and his administration have spent more than $25 million. Starr alone has spent more than $17 million.

Nov. 24, 1996
Clinton’s former campaign strategist for the 1992 election, James Carville, announces plans to attack Starr as a partisan hatchet man with a right-wing agenda.

Feb. 17, 1997
Starr unexpectedly announces he will leave his post as independent counsel in August to become the dean of Pepperdine University Law School in California. After much criticism, Starr reverses his decision four days later and resolves to keep his post until after the investigation is completed.

April 10, 1997
On a radio talk show, Hillary Clinton denies that hush money was arranged for former law partner Webster L. Hubbell. She says Whitewater reminds her “of some people’s obsession with UFOs and the Hale-Bopp comet some days.”

April 14, 1997
James B. McDougal is sentenced to three years in prison for his conviction on 18 fraud and conspiracy charges. Starr requested a reduced sentence for McDougal for assisting the prosecution.

April 22, 1997
The U.S. District Court extends the Whitewater grand jury’s term six more months, until Nov. 7, after Starr says he has “extensive evidence” of possible obstruction of justice.

April 25, 1997
8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, overruling a lower court, says the White House must turn over subpoenaed notes to Starr. The notes, for which the White House claimed attorney-client privilege, were taken by White House lawyers when investigators questioned the First Lady.

May 2, 1997
The White House announces that it will appeal the decision on the subpoenaed notes to the Supreme Court.

June 23, 1997
The Supreme Court refuses to hear the appeal, and the White House turns over the notes.

June 25, 1997
The Washington Post reports that Whitewater prosecutors have been questioning Arkansas state troopers about President Clinton’s personal life, including possible extramarital affairs he may have had while Arkansas governor.

July 15, 1997
Starr’s office concludes that Vincent Foster’s death in 1993 was a suicide.

July 30, 1997
Susan McDougal, being detained for contempt of court, is moved into a federal detention facility after seven months in two Los Angeles jails, much of which she spent locked in a windowless cell 23 hours a day. The move comes a week after the American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit alleging that McDougal was being held, at Starr’s request, in “barbaric” conditions in an attempt to coerce her to testify.

Sept. 30, 1997
The General Accounting Office announces that Starr had spent over $25 million on his investigation as of March 1997.

January 16, 1998
Starr receives permission to expand his investigation into whether Clinton and his close friend Vernon E. Jordan Jr. encouraged a 24-year-old former White House intern to lie under oath about her alleged affair with the president.

March 8, 1998
James McDougal dies just months before he hoped to be released from prison.

April 1, 1998
The General Accounting Office announces that Starr had spent nearly $30 million on his investigation as of September 1997.

April 16, 1998
Starr says there is no end in sight to his investigation, and officially declines the Pepperdine job, which was being held open for him.

April 23, 1998
Susan McDougal, finally serving her two-year fraud sentence after completing her 18-month contempt of court sentence, refuses yet again to testify before Starr’s Little Rock grand jury.

April 25, 1998
Starr and deputies question Hillary Rodham Clinton about Whitewater for nearly five hours at the White House. The testimony is videotaped for the Little Rock grand jury.

April 30, 1998
A new set of tax evasion and fraud charges is brought against Webster Hubbell.

May 4, 1998
Susan McDougal is indicted on charges of criminal contempt and obstruction.

April 30, 1998
A federal judge dismisses the tax and fraud charges against Hubbell and criticizes Starr for going on “the quintessential fishing expedition.”

Nov. 13, 1998
Starr brings a third indictment against Hubbell, this one alleging lies to Congress and federal banking regulators.

Nov. 19, 1998
During the first day of impeachment hearings, Starr clears Clinton in relation to the firing of White House travel office workers in 1993 and the improper collection of FBI files revealed in 1996. He also says his office drafted an impeachment referral stemming from Whitewater in 1997, but decided not to send it because the evidence was insufficient.

That brings her record up until 20 years ago. There’s more and more scandal being revealed against this crooked haridan everyday because she’s a legend the goes the wrong way. 

Nov 172018

Major Garrett Throws Shade on Jim Acosta: When President Says it’s Not Your Turn, You Give Up the Mic. In terms of whether Acosta’s actions were a breach of the code of conduct O’Connor asked about, Garrett said there was a point there, adding “I do my level best to not make myself part of story, and I think the best journalists operate that way.” Translation: Acosta was wrong. Conduct like Acosta’s confirms Trump’s “fake news” charges because the public sees in Acosta the kind of journalist they do not trust to tell the truth. And with surveys consistently showing 90 percent of presidential coverage is negative, it is hard to fault the conclusion of the public and their president..

Lou Dobbs Bashes CNN’s Legal Victory Over White House: ‘Outrageously Puerile’ Ruling

Dobbs went on to criticize Federal Judge Kelly’s legal reasoning. Fox Business host Lou Dobbs railed against the ruling in Federal court Friday in which Judge Timothy J. Kelly ordered the restoration of White House access for CNN’s Jim Acosta.
There’s a massive set of Double Standards in the Liberals playbook. The current DOJ has obtained sealed charges against the WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, even while it ignores former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s decision to compromise national security by hosting sensitive government material on insecure private email servers.

Posting to Twitter on Friday, Dobbs, a Fox Business anchor dismissed Kelly’s decree in the case as “outrageously puerile,” and proceeded to take a shot at Acosta personally.

“Outrageously puerile reasoning and ruling,” Dobbs wrote. Our district courts are filled with farcical excuses for judges.”

“Judge Kelly’s absurd ruling cites a 1977 precedent that doesn’t relate to disruptive conduct in briefings or the WH itself,” Dobbs wrote. “Kelly’s precedent goes to political motives, or unspoken motives, or partisan differences for denial of credentials. Not relevant to this case. #MAGA”.

Nov 172018

Carson Wentz will hit his stride better on Sunday then he has in the last three games. Wentz is the best quarterback in pro football right now.
The eagles face New Orleans who are one of the best of the best pro-football teams but they can’t defeat the Eagles because the Eagles have had a crappy season so far so the Saints won’t be expecting a better playing Eagles team.

The Saints play dirty. Their coach, Sean Payton was suspended for the entire 2012 NFL season because of his alleged involvement in the New Orleans Saints bounty scandal, under which “bounties” were allegedly paid for contact that would “knock out” targeted players on opposing teams. Payton has denied that any program encouraging Saints players to injure opposing players ever existed, even though the NFL claims their evidence proves otherwise. Payton coached for the Eagles and was fired.

The Saints are favored by 8 1/2 points. The Eagles will win by a single point because of the gambling nature of Doug Pederson which will shine thru this Sunday. Pederson isn’t afraid to go for the first down on fourth down. Wentz can thread a moving needle while running away from the blitz. Watch him do it Sunday.

Nov 172018

America has been split in two. America is: ”two nations in the bosom of one state”,—per Lord Durham’s Report.

On one side is the racism crowd. That would be the corrupt Democrats, the Left and the Socialists who control academia, Hollywood and the media. They control the ethnics, the non-whites. The GOP is now the white party of America. Over 90% of  the support for Republicans comes from white Americans. Donald Trump won because of white America. 

But how and why do Democrats continue to vote for unqualified, dishonest candidates?  Elizabeth Warren is a proven liar, a cheat who claimed Native American heritage in order to get a job at Harvard.  Warren is a blight on the Constitution and the guaranteed freedoms of US citizens. She is an advance operative for the socialist America the left envisions.  

Andrew Gillum, the left’s choice to be Governor of Florida, is the failed mayor of Tallahassee.  He remains under FBI investigation for corruption.  Given the information about that investigation that has been released, he appears yet another greedy and corrupt Democrat pol in the Hillary Clinton mold.  The stability of Tallahassee declined catastrophically under his leadership;  crime and murder rose drastically.  

Gillum sold out his city for money, and cries racism when confronted with his crimes.  He should never have been the candidate for the Governor of Florida 

Then there is Robert Menendez, the credibly accused pedophile senator of New Jersey.  He should be in prison but was saved by one juror in his corruption trial with whom he partied after his win on November 6.  

Stacey Abrams, the still grasping gubernatorial contender in Georgia,  is a hard-left, anti-capitalist, anti-Second Amendment candidate.  She owes about $200K in credit card debt and wants to run Georgia?  She too is corrupt and incompetent. 

There is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the thoroughly-ignorant-of-everything candidate who won her district  by 80%!  This young woman knows nothing about how any government works, let alone ours.  She is hopelessly uniformed; she knows even less about US history or the Constitution.  She is clueless about the economy.  When asked how she would pay for all the give-away programs she touts, she replied that that was  a “puzzling question”!  “You just pay for it”  she answers.  She has no idea; no idea about anything.  She thinks she will be “inaugurated” to the House!  Most fourth graders know more than she does about US history. 

Whites have been spontaneously moving out of the Democratic party but it has little to do with anything the Republican Party has actually done. The Republicans haven’t done much to attract these people except be there.  

And this had the effect in recent elections, which the Democrat pundits didn’t anticipate viz., the old white Democrats were defeated in primaries by minority candidates—in New York City, and in Massachusetts, two long-established Democratic Congressman congressmen fell, even though they were as Left as hell. And, of course, in Georgia and Florida, non-white candidates won the gubernatorial and senatorial nominations against the objections of the Democratic Party, the Establishment.

The parties broke apart because of the race issue. That’s neither good nor bad, It simply is true. 

Peter Brimlow over at VDare recently said: “So we know that the Democrats are the Party of Perjury. They showed that in the Clinton impeachment. Clinton was obviously guilty as hell of perjury,which is what he was impeached for. He wasn’t impeached for oval sex in the Oral Office, or whatever it was. He was impeached for perjury! And he was guilty! But they voted for him anyway! So they’re the Party of Perjury.

They are also the Party of Treason. They’re in the process of displacing the American electorate—they’re literally Electing A New People. Which, by the way, is something is prohibited under the UN Genocide Convention. There’s something that’s rather difficult to explain away.

But we now find that they’re also the Party of Hysterical Screeching—because their base group is so emotional. And I think we saw that in the Kavanaugh hearings. The Democratic Senators simply couldn’t restrain themselves.