Nov 062018

As of Nov. 6th, 2018 at 11:27 PM

Fitzpatrick: 117,802…51.2%

Wallace: 112,225……..48.8%

TOTAL VOTES: 226,010

257 out of 304 Districts reporting ( 75%)

Fitzpatrick: 168,841…51.3%

Wallace: 160,098……..48.7%

TOTAL VOTES: 328,939,

THE TOTAL NUMBER OF VOTERS WAS ALMOST AS MANY AS ALL THE ELIGIBLE VOTERS IN BUCKS because of the gerrymandering that added Democrat Montgomery County to the 1st Congressional District.

In other races,
Senator Tommy Tomlinson won over Tina Davis, as did Republicans Wendi Thomas, Frank Farry, and Gene deGirolamo. Notable Democrat losses are those supported by Left wing, Liberal celebrities like Taylor Swift, Oprah, Beyonce, Baldwin, Clooney and many others who lost.

Nov 062018

She said to whom so ever: ” ….show up and show out, and vote.” What does “Show Out” even mean? Of course among some people it has a meaning similar to being a show-off. 

So Oprah thinks voting is showing off? Perhaps. To her, ..perhaps.

It’s simply not worth getting into. 

Nov 062018

He neither gets nor likes president Trump. Reed just returned from China. You know, the place where he was followed and his hotel room including under the bed and his luggage were secretly searched multiple times and his cell phone monitored 24/7. He gets China wrong too. 

Quote, mis-spellings and all: “There is Trump with his weird eruptions. The ever-combative Nikki Haley. Steve Bannon, prophesying and hoping for war with China. Mike Pompeo, threatening Iran, threatening, Venezuela, threatening North Korea. John  Bolton of the codiece mustches, always counseling a war he won’t fight in, like Trump a drat dodger with something to prove.  The life of millions depends on this freak show? I need a drink.”

Yes he does and he should stay at the bar in Mexico where he lives which, with apologies to Mexico, is where he belongs. 

Nov 062018

They are not migrating, they are ILLEGALLY, CRIMINALLY entering America. they don’t want to follow the rules, they don’t care about the law, they want to break the law and illegally enter America. 

They are safe in Mexico but Mexico will not accept them. Why? They look like Mexicans. They speak Mexican. They are safe in Mexico but they are not refugees trying to escape, they want to come to America but they don’t want to follow the law like immigrants do. These are criminals who don’t belong in America. 

Since Trump was elected president the Left has devolved into a deranged, hate-filled tribe of deranged bigots who despise America and quite literally want to see it overrun and destroyed. They call the American flag “racist,” they believe the Constitution is obsolete, and they really believe Trump supporters are “actual Nazis.”

More importantly, they reject ever pillar of our civil society, including: due process; the rule of law, and being civil. They hate cops, and many left-wingers openly call for shutting down all federal prisons and releasing the violent prisoners onto the streets of America.

Leftists in America today are radicalized followers of a destructive brand of political fanaticism that smacks of brainwashing and cult-like irrationality. If they don’t get their way, they will resort to violence, censorship and oppression. And since they tell themselves they are fighting “actual Nazis,” they believe they’re justified in using any means necessary to achieve their goal of the complete destruction of America and its patriotic citizens.

In every way, the Left in America today is at war with the American people. They quite literally favor illegals over U.S. citizens. They actively seek to dismantle the U.S. border and flood the country with millions of illegal foreign nationals. Even worse, many of the most extreme Leftists are now calling for total government control over all businesses and the ending of the free market.

The world has tried that already, you numbskulls. It’s called Venezuela.