Nov 052018

It makes no difference that 29 year old DEMOCRAT Ocasio-Cortez, will become the youngest person ever elected to Congress because she replaces someone from her own DEMOCRATIC party. The differences in this election will come from districts that flip their party support from R to D. 

Elections are strange things in these days of Trump. Both parties disavowed candidate Trump who lost the popular vote to Hillary whose political career is gratefully over. A key demographic is black voters who voted against Trump two years ago. Even though Trump and the Republican party have done more to help black people Republicans are mis-characterized because the Democrats have control of Hollywood, academia and the media which control the noise machines of America. 

Trump beat the odds and experts in 2016. The inside bet is his support has broadened slightly which will give him and Republicans a slight edge in the election.
One thing is certain. Because of President Trump Americans are far more inclined to vote this year than they would have been had he not won two years ago.

Trump voters remain strong in their support for the president, for America, staunchly behind him, and plan to choose Republican candidates to help him make good on his pledges, including vows to implement more hardline immigration policies. “I want to see the wall go up,” said Joe Spirko, 57, as he peddled Trump flags outside of one of the president’s rallies in Florida last week. “Since Trump come along, I feel a lot better.” Loads of people agree with Spirko.