Oct 022018

They appear to be a perfect couple. Two seasoned adults. Two well-grounded adults…… Two highly educated adults, …. What could go wrong?

For one thing they are targets. Both of them. targets for shysters, swindlers, chislers, scammers wanna-be’s. There will be many, many women after Don Jr. Same for Kimberly. The chances of them being together forever, like it’s supposed to be when people get married, are about zero. Ten years together? Probably close to zero. Five years? Maybe.
They are both hot, hot, hot. Together they match as well as can be. He loves hunting. she loves him. She loves shooting. He loves her. They appear well-matched. All the best to them.
She’s nine or so years older than him. Usually the man is older than the woman so the age differences are sort of unknown. What else? Nothing, really, and the nine years doesn’t seem like an issue at all. they both are into fitness. They both love the outdoors. They both love each other. Just that is enough. Love is the most important thing. Not because it’s easier to make compromises. Good relationship don’t rely on or need compromises. Two lovely right people don’t need to split the differences. There are no differences. None that are important.

There’s a rule that’s been around since about 1901. It turns out to be relatively well established, dating back more than 100 years to a book by Max O’Rell written in 1901, and the 1951 play The Moon is Blue. The woman should be half the man’s age plus seven years. Don Jr, is 40 so the perfect age woman for him right now would be 27, not 49. It’s because men typically lag behind women in maturity and relationship ready-ness. But here’s the real rule. The important thing is not the age difference but the love. Men are attracted by beauty. Kimberly has plenty. Her age is not as important as her appearance.

For example, there’s Emmanuel Macron, 39, – the newly-elected President of France – and his wife Brigitte Trogneux, 64. they are a hugely successful couple who are on the world stage. What about the age differences between Elizabeth Taylor and her husbands. Married eight times. None lasted. Being beautiful and attractive just isn’t enough. 

Here’s a bit of a secret. It’s her appearance without the make-up. The make-up is very important which is why women use it but the test is without the make-up because that’s what shows early in the morning.

A marriage counselor also thinks this is important to remember, “Many people have very different priorities, so this rule is not one-size-fits-all and does not guarantee a good match.” Maybe. It guarantees a match that most people can understand.

As for the endurance of the rule, Russo thinks it may have something to do with men being attracted to younger women. President Trump is 70. His wife is 48. Half of 70 is 35 plus seven is 42.
Half of Don Jr’s age is 20. Plus seven is 27. Kimberly is 49, older than his fathers wife. What does that mean? Who knows?

Two really outstanding celebrities who deserve as much happiness as can be from each other. Good on them. Good they are in love. Good their minds, hearts and bodies are telling them it’s good. Good. All the best. Advice? Of course. Go for it. Go for it all. Keep it up. Keep it together. Go, go, go. 

Oct 022018

This Pope, Pope Francis,aka. Jorge Mario Bergoglio, born in 1936 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is the latest central person in the massive cover-up of the homosexual scandals of the Roman Catholic church that involve the notorious Cardinal McCarrick and the so-called homosexual problem, so-called not because it involves men who may be homosexual, it does, but because so much of the homosexual problem is being kept secret to keep the church membership as high as possible.

Then came the Pennsylvania grand-jury report detailing seventy years of sexual abuse in six dioceses and cover-up by bishops. Capping things off was the release of an eleven-page “testimony” from Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, former nuncio to the United States, leveling sweeping charges against U.S. and Vatican church officials, including Pope Francis, for mishandling the claims against McCarrick. At the end of the letter, Viganò calls on Francis “to set a good example” and resign..

Archbishop Viganò claimed that the Vatican hierarchy was complicit in covering up accusations that Cardinal Theodore McCarrick had sexually abused seminarians and that Pope Francis knew about the abuses by the now-disgraced American prelate years before they became public. Yet, the letter contended, Francis did not punish the cardinal, but instead empowered him to help choose powerful American bishops

Archbishop Charles J. Chaput of Philadelphia, a leading conservative voice in the Catholic Church, who according to the letter was disparaged by Francis, vouched for Archbishop Viganò’s integrity in a statement from his spokesman.

The willingness of the pope and his allies to reach out to gay Catholics has infuriated conservatives, many of whom, like Archbishop Viganò, blame homosexuals for the sex abuse crisis. The pope has argued that the abuse is a symptom of a culture of privilege and imperviousness among priests who value the church’s traditions over its parishioners.

Last month, Francis accepted the resignation of Cardinal McCarrick, the first such resignation in living memory, after The New York Times and other news outlets published accounts of the alleged abuse and an internal investigation by the American church deemed credible an accusation that he had sexually abused a minor.

The Man Who Took On Pope Francis: The Story Behind the Viganò Letter “Testimony”
Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò has shaken the Roman Catholic Church to its core with a letter. 
By Jason Horowitz
Aug. 28, 2018

ROME — At 9:30 a.m. last Wednesday, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò showed up at the Rome apartment of a conservative Vatican reporter with a simple clerical collar, a Rocky Mountains baseball cap and an explosive story to tell.

Archbishop Viganò, the former chief Vatican diplomat in the United States, spent the morning working shoulder to shoulder with the reporter at his dining room table on a 7,000-word letter that called for the resignation of Pope Francis, accusing him of covering up sexual abuse and giving comfort to a “homosexual current” in the Vatican.

The journalist, Marco Tosatti, said he had smoothed out the narrative. The enraged archbishop brought no evidence, he said, but he did supply the flair, condemning the homosexual networks inside the church that act “with the power of octopus tentacles” to “strangle innocent victims and priestly vocations.”

“The poetry is all his,” Mr. Tosatti said.

When the letter was finished, Archbishop Viganò took his leave, turning off his cellphone. Keeping his destination a secret because he was “worried for his own security,” Mr. Tosatti said, the archbishop then simply “disappeared.”

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The letter, published on Sunday, has challenged Pope Francis’ papacy and shaken the Roman Catholic Church to its core. The pope has said he won’t dignify it with a response, yet the allegations have touched off an ideological civil war, with the usually shadowy Vatican backstabbing giving way to open combat.

The letter exposed deep ideological clashes, with conservatives taking up arms against Francis’ inclusive vision of a church that is less focused on divisive issues like abortion and homosexuality. But Archbishop Viganò — who himself has been accused of hindering a sexual misconduct investigation in Minnesota — also seems to be settling old scores.

As the papal ambassador, or nuncio, in the United States, Archbishop Viganò sided with conservative culture warriors and used his role in naming new bishops to put staunch conservatives in San Francisco, Denver and Baltimore. But he found himself iced out after the election of Pope Francis.

Then in 2015, he personally ran afoul of Francis. His decision to invite a staunch critic of gay rights to greet the pope in Washington during a visit to the United States directly challenged Francis’ inclusive message and prompted a controversy that nearly overshadowed the trip.

Juan Carlos Cruz, an abuse survivor with whom Francis has spoken at length, said the pope recently told him Archbishop Viganò nearly sabotaged the visit by inviting the critic, Kim Davis, a Kentucky county clerk who became a conservative cause célèbre when she refused to grant marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

“I didn’t know who that woman was, and he snuck her in to say hello to me — and of course they made a whole publicity out of it,” Pope Francis said, according to Mr. Cruz.

“And I was horrified and I fired that nuncio,” Mr. Cruz recalled the pope saying.

Now, three years later, Archbishop Viganò appears to be trying to return the favor.

Known for his short temper and ambition, Archbishop Viganò has clashed with superiors who stunted his ascent in the church and has played a key role in some of the most stunning Vatican scandals of recent times.

Marco Tosatti, is a journalist who helped Archbishop Viganò compose a letter that called for the resignation of Pope Francis.

While Archbishop Viganò, who was once criticized by church traditionalists as overly pragmatic, has aligned himself with a small but influential group of church traditionalists who have spent years seeking to stop Francis, many of his critics think his personal grudges are central to his motivations.

After one church leader shipped him out of the Vatican to America, thwarting his hopes of receiving a scarlet cardinal’s hat, Archbishop Viganò’s private 2011 memos — many of them deeply unflattering to the leader responsible for his ouster from Rome — were leaked and splashed around the globe.

Supporters of Archbishop Viganò, who did not return a request for comment, bristle at the notion that his letter calling on the pope to resign represents the fury of a disgruntled excellency. They portray him as principled and shocked by what he sees as the destruction of the church he loves.

Mr. Tosatti said the archbishop had explained to him that, as a bishop, he felt a deep responsibility to the church and that, as a 77-year-old man, he wanted to clear his conscience for when his moment came. But he said the archbishop was also infuriated by a recent article in the Italian press sympathetic to Pope Francis and critical of his predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI — and felt he needed to retaliate.

Archbishop Viganò is well versed in Vatican infighting. In 1998, he became a central official in the Vatican’s powerful office of the secretary of state. In the letter, he writes that his responsibilities included overseeing ambassadors out in the world, but also the “examination of delicate cases, including those regarding cardinals and bishops.”

It was then he says he first learned of the abuses committed by Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick, the American Catholic leader whose history he says Pope Francis knew about for years — and covered up.

In 2009, Archbishop Viganò, then a bishop, was moved to another job in the Vatican with less influence over policy but with power over some of its revenue.

Known as parsimonious, he turned Vatican City’s deficit into a surplus. But his hard management style prompted complaints, and anonymous emails alleging that he was inappropriately promoting the career of his nephew began making the rounds in the Vatican. His style and rigor on vetting Vatican contracts also bothered some leaders, including Secretary of State Tarcisio Bertone, and an anonymous report in the Italian newspaper Il Giornale claimed he had designs on the Vatican’s security services.

Cardinal Bertone, who Archbishop Viganò writes in the letter “notoriously favored promoting homosexuals,” banished him to the United States.

Throughout his power struggle, Archbishop Viganò had been writing urgent appeals to Benedict to stay in the Vatican.

He said he needed to stay because his brother, a Jesuit biblical scholar, was sick and needed care, and he accused Cardinal Bertone of breaking his promise to promote him to the rank of cardinal.

In 2012, when he was already in the United States as nuncio, or ambassador, the letters started appearing in leaks eventually pinned on the pope’s butler. The scandal consumed the Vatican and prompted intense blowback.

But Archbishop Viganò’s brother, Lorenzo Viganò, told Italian journalists that his brother “lied” to Benedict that he had to remain in Rome “because he had to take care of me, sick.” To the contrary, he said he had lived in Chicago and was fine and hadn’t talked to his brother in years over an inheritance dispute.

Juan Carlos Cruz, is a sexual abuse survivor who has spoken with Pope Francis.

Archbishop Viganò maintained his position as ambassador in the United States after the election of Francis. But in the letter published Sunday, he alleged that the former Cardinal McCarrick “orchestrated” the selection of bishops blinded by a gay ideology that he blames for the sex abuse crisis.

Yet Archbishop Viganò has been accused of covering up misconduct as well. According to documents disclosed as part of a criminal investigation into the St. Paul-Minneapolis Archdiocese, he ordered bishops in April 2014 to quash an investigation into accusations that Archbishop John Nienstedt engaged in sexual misconduct with adult men and adult seminarians.

Archbishop Viganò, anticipating the criticism, gave Mr. Tosatti a statement denying those reports.

After angering Francis during the Kim Davis episode, Archbishop Viganò was called back to Rome to explain himself. In a sign of his desire to move back permanently, he refused to give up his Vatican apartment. Reports in the Italian media this week asserted that after removing Archbishop Viganò from his position, Pope Francis also kicked him out of his Vatican apartment.

But Archbishop Viganò returned from his Milan home often enough, joining forces with traditionalists antagonistic to Pope Francis.

And he returned this summer to get working on the letter.

About a month ago, Mr. Tosatti said he received a call from the archbishop asking if he could meet with him in a discreet place. Archbishop Viganò told the reporter his story, but said he wasn’t ready to go on the record.

But when news of decades of widespread clerical abuse in Pennsylvania broke, Mr. Tosatti urged the archbishop to tell his story. On Aug. 22, he returned, this time with a written statement.

Mr. Tosatti said that he saw no documents or other evidence, and after three hours, they finished.

The archbishop asked Mr. Tosatti if he knew anyone who could publish it in English and Spanish. Mr. Tosatti sent the letter to the National Catholic Register, which is owned by a company that runs several conservative Catholic platforms often critical of Francis.

“They are all tied,” said Mr. Tosatti, who said that he alone helped draft and distribute the letter.

Its publication was delayed, not so that it would blow up Francis’ trip to Ireland over the weekend amid the sexual abuse crisis, he said, but so that it could be translated.

After they were done writing it, Mr. Tosatti said he accompanied Archbishop Viganò to the door and bowed to kiss his ring, only to see the hand pull back.

Mr. Tosatti explained that it wasn’t a personal respect he wanted to show, but respect for his office and authority.

“It’s not for you,” Mr. Tosatti recalled telling him as tears welled in the archbishop’s eyes. “It’s for the role you have.”

The archbishop told him, “Now that I have finished, I can leave, and leave Rome too,” according to Mr. Tosatti.

“Where will you go?” Mr. Tosatti recalled asking.

“I will not tell you so that when they ask you, you will not have to lie — and I will shut off my phone,” the archbishop said, according to the reporter, who said that both men suspected the Vatican of tapping their phones..

Oct 022018

A memorable place is San Marco Square in Venice. there are four bronze horses over the main doors to the cathedral. They were brought inside because weather and birds damage bronze which is supposed to be washed and waxed four times a year. Four replacements were erected and the originals are inside, out of the weather.

The sculptures date from classical antiquity and have been implausibly attributed to the 4th century BC Greek sculptor Lysippos. A date in the 2nd or 3rd century AD is considered far more likely Although called bronze, analysis suggests that, as they are at least 96.67% copper so they should be seen as an impure copper rather than bronze.  The high purity copper was probably chosen instead of bronze to give a more satisfactory mercury gilding. The horses are not solid but hollow. 

They may be the “four gilt horses that stood above the Hippodrome” that “came from the island of Chios under Theodosius II” mentioned in the 8th- or early 9th-century Parastaseis syntomoi chronikai.They were still there in 1204, when they were looted by Venetian forces as part of the sack of the capital of the Byzantine Empire in the Fourth Crusade. The collars on the four horses were added in 1204 to obscure where the animals’ heads had been severed to allow them to be transported from Constantinople to Venice. Shortly after the Fourth Crusade, Doge Enrico Dandolo sent the horses to Venice, where they were installed on the terrace of the façade of St Mark’s Basilica in 1254. Petrarch admired them there.

In 1797, Napoleon had the horses forcibly removed from the basilica and carried off to Paris, where they were used in the design of the Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel together with a quadriga.

In 1815 the horses were returned to Venice by Captain Dumaresq. He had fought at the Battle of Waterloo and was with the allied forces in Paris where he was selected, by the Emperor of Austria, to take the horses down from the Arc de Triomphe and return them to their original place at St Mark’s in Venice. For the skillful manner in which he performed this work the Emperor gave him a gold snuff box with his initials in diamonds on the lid.

Conservation-restoration of the Horses of Saint Mark.

The horses remained in place over St Mark’s until the early 1980s, when the ongoing damage from exposure to the air, to bird dropping rowing air pollution forced their replacement with exact copies. Since then, the originals have been on display just inside the basilica.

Seeing them is worth a trip to Venice but there are many, many reasons to visit and lots of unique things to see. In addition, it’s a special place on the planet and just being there is good for the soul.

In a movie scene in San Marco square Shelly winters was shown reflecting and thinking with an enigmatic smile. Someone said: “you look so far away” She replied: “I’ve never been closer”. that’s the effect of San Marco and part of it is the four horses atop the entrance to Saint Marks.

So go to Venice. Go to San Marco Square. Study the four horses that have beguiled us for two thousand years. Feel the peace. 



Oct 022018

The entire United States will fit into Africa three times with change. It’s a big, big place and it’s far, far away. 

Melania flew for 12 hours to get to Ghana. While she will be surprised at the differences between America and Africa, she has been prepared by the diverse culture of America which has not only a thriving African American culture but a culture where Americans with African ancestors are doing much better economically than anyplace in Africa and the differences are stark.

The song from 1982, “AFRICA” by Toto that includes the line: “I bless the rains down in Africa.” 

Many will agree “Africa” is much more than just a song. It’s a musical masterpiece that’s so wholesome, it makes you feel as if you’ve been kissed by an angel, and makes the bullshit of the world melt away into nothing. If warm, beautiful sunshine could be a sound, it would be “Africa” by Toto.

All the best to Melania as she broadens her knowledge with a visit to Africa. All the best to the people of Ghana, chosen to be the gateway to Africa by our first lady.

Africa is a very special place with millions of people who are the descendents of the ancestors to the world. It is great to see Melania in Africa. All the best to her and to her newly expanded family of the people of Africa. . 



Oct 022018

Didn’t have the human decency to invite Sarah Palin to his funeral. I’d like to see someone urinate on his, ….well, he’s buried in Annapolis so I’ll urinate on his photo instead. The little shit.

“McCain, who has risen to political prominence on his image as a Vietnam POW war hero, worked very hard to hide from the public stunning information about American prisoners in Vietnam who, unlike him, didn’t return home. Throughout his Senate career, McCain has quietly sponsored and pushed into federal law a set of prohibitions that keep the most revealing information about these men buried as classified documents. The little shit. With all respect to the American Military, … except for McCain.