Sep 072018

“Over the past two decades,” the Wunderkind Obama said, “the politics of division and resentment and paranoia has unfortunately found a home in the Republican Party.” That’s upside down and completely backwards.
The Democrat
Obama, contrary to expectations, is the King of Division. He lives in an ocean of resentment and he’s been paranoid since his youth in Hawaii.

This is a small, small little man who cannot grow.

Even with a white mother he embraced the black race of his father and denied his white heritage. He had a marvelous opportunity to unite the races but alas, he not only failed to unite, he reveled the many chances to divide.

Divide and conquer doesn’t work in the American presidency with its history of many attempts to unite the races.

Racial Union has, unfortunately, proven to be a futile undertaking. The races must first desire to unite before any union can occur and many markers and attributes of the races cannot be united. Look at South Africa with their purposeful killing of whites by the black government. The Prime Minster said: “We will cut out the heart of whiteness.” Case closed.

Sep 072018

The Eagles stunk up the stadium with an ugly, sloppy game. One of the TV announcers, Al Michaels, a man who hates the Eagles, was knocked into a stunned silence for several minutes when it was clear that the Eagles had won the game. He’s a bum. So is Kaepernick.
People are burning their Nike’s. Good. Or cut them into little pieces to partest the Kaepernick protest of America. Kaepernick like Michaels is a hater.

Eagles running back Wendell Smallwood almost had his head ripped off when his facemask was grabbed from behind but no official saw the violation. Outstanding Jay Ajai was the most outstanding player in the game. 

Philly’s stadium holds has 69,176 seats. They don’t ever sell more than that. Last night the stadium was full but barely. Scalpers had a tough time selling their tickets.

Thursday night football watchers are down because of the black players refusal to stand for the flag.