Jul 142018

With apologies to the real dikes, Sadiq Kahn cannot control his Trump-Hate or his disrespect for America and Americans. He’s a small, little man, unfavored by nature who finds himself in the final days of his political career acting on his hate. A small little man, only two inches taller than the beautiful but diminutive Kim Kardashian, the little guy stopped rallies and marches favorable to President Trump by misusing English laws while London faces rising crime, knife deaths under Kahn’s bad leadership. 

He stomped on the commercial bump of a Trump visit to London. A small, little bitter man. .   

Jul 142018

She adores the mis-characterizations of the president and she’s especially captivated by the color of the president’s hair; the anti-Trump demonstrations in London and the color of the presidents hair. That’s all there is to the Dowd these days when she’s lost her mind over the election of president Trump, …who by the way will win in 2020 if he runs. Too bad Dowdy one, you are not going to be happy for quite awhile. Good…. Great, in fact.  

Jul 142018

What, exactly, .. did Russia do? 

According to the indictment of twelve Russians by Mueller, — the RUSSIANS got the names of registered voters, …. Which is public knowledge and available to anyone from local Boards of Elections. 

Yes, … but what did they do to change the election? 

According to the indictment, …. well, …. Nothing.