Jul 082018

Weinstein didn’t invent blackmail for sex which is almost a Hollywood tradition. Most people in the mainstream know Hollywood is a liberal safe space to promote leftist causes such as socialism, drug use, feminism, hookup culture, environmentalism, homosexuality, and transsexualism.
The Hollywood Casting Couch is Satan’s Playground…..
Every major actor in Hollywood has made a deal with the devil, and has had to trade things that you wouldn’t, often starting when they were children and passed around to pedophiles, as Corey Feldman revealed. Shirley Temple said heinous things happened to her, too. It’s perhaps why you see many movie stars who won’t allow TVs in their homes. They so detest Hollywood.

Serious Charges against Hollwood, (which includes Meryl Streep although who would want to…). Weinstein has many, many, too many women accusers. Rose McGowen said: “We Got You!!” He says it was all consensual. They say it wasn’t.