Jul 072018

Here is a map showing in red the places that have been hit by Islam based Terrorism.

Quite a few places, right? But be careful. Just because there have been islamic based terror attacks in the United States, the entire country was not involved. Same for say France where there have been scads of attacks but the entire country wasn’t involved.

Jul 072018

The FBI descended into the third world dictator model in their criminally mis-guided  attempts to disgrace and crush Donald Trump….Investigators have discovered communications that show “Strzok, the FBI and Strzok’s Counterintelligence agents rushing, in the fall of 2016, to dig up ‘derogatory’ information from informants or a ‘pretext’ to accelerate the FBI probe and get a surveillance warrant on figures tied to the future president.”

The unearthed memos show that Strzok, his girlfriend Lisa Page and others at the FBI seized on news articles in September 2016 that said the FBI was investigating former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page’s travel to Moscow. Carter is not Lisa. 

This is serious stuff. This is not just playing around with politics. These are crimes. This is disgraceful law enforcement conduct that cries for punishments including prison for Strzok and his female accomplice.  

The FBI also named an executive with expertise in the FBI’s most sensitive surveillance equipment to be a liaison to the Trump transition team, the communications show.

There are many investigations now underway into whether the DOJ and/or the FBI mishandled their probe into the Trump campaign. The DOJ inspector general is months into its review, but it is not expected to wrap up anytime soon.

The House Judiciary, Government Reform and Oversight, Intelligence Committee, and Senate Judiciary and Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs Committees are also investigating illegal conduct by the DOJ/FBI.