Jul 032018

He’s outrageously liberal. This book reads like an angry treatise from an aging hippie socialist who is trying to get back at the Bush administration.

Here’s what Steves has to say about Americans: 

In American politics, “socialism” is often perceived as an all-or-none bogeyman, evoking the stifling Soviet system of the Cold War. This thinking, which fixates on a Stalin-style oppression that has nothing to do with today’s European socialism, ignores the reality that socialism is a spectrum. Every society on earth including our own includes some socialistic elements (such as our progressive taxation). 

Like us, Europe is enthusiastically capitalistic. Europeans are just more comfortable with a higher degree of socialism. Most Europeans continue to favor their existing high tax rates because they believe that collectively creating the society of their dreams is more important than allowing individuals to create the personal empire of their dreams. 

While American culture tends to be individualistic – inspired by – up by the bootstraps – and ‘rags to riches’ stories – Europe is more focused on community. While we are more religious, Europe is more humanistic. In Scandinavia – the most highly taxed, socialistic, and humanistic corner of Europe you don’t find a church with a spire on the main square. You find a city hall with a bell tower. Inside, a secular nave leads not to a pulpit, but to a lectern. Behind that lectern, a grand mosaic tells epic stories – not from the Bible, but celebrating heroic individuals who contributed mightily to their community. 

Europeans pay high taxes to buy big, good government…and expect results. Those results include an extensive social-welfare network that puts the financial burden of childcare, healthcare, education, and retirement on the collective shoulders of society, rather than on individuals. I once asked Olle, my Swiss friend, “How can you Swiss people be so docile about paying such high taxes?” Without missing a beat, he replied, “Well, what’s it worth to live in a society where there is no homelessness, no hunger, and where everybody enjoys equal access to quality healthcare and education?” 

That’s part of the proof that Steves has disdain for America. He believes the collective must pay for the collective but he fails to grasp the collective is just a group of individuals who need to be free and who should be free to decide how their efforts, money and votes should be allocated, not the group. The notion of “collective rights” (the notion that rights belong to groups, i.e., the collective, not to individuals) means that “rights” belong to some men, but not to others—that some men have the “right” to dispose of others in any manner they please—and that the criterion of such privileged position consists of numerical superiority.  That’s the socialism to which Steves, unfortunately, subscribes. 

Steves probably confuses government, which is collective activity with human activity. A proper government is small because individuals can take care of themselves better than their neighbor will take care of them.

Under a proper social system, a private individual is legally free to take any action he pleases (so long as he does not violate the rights of others), while a government official is bound and restricted by law in his every official act. A private individual may do anything except that which is legally forbidden; a government official may do nothing except that which is legally permitted.

This is the means of subordinating “might” to “right.” This is the American concept of “a government of laws and not of men.”

So far as the Swiss who are as collectivist as they come partly because the Swiss don’t have to worry about the Germans, French, Africans or Australians. Unfortunately Europeans don’t grasp freedom as Americans do. Neither does Steves.

Swedes poll as happy people but the price is: – Sweden is a middle class country and a middle class culture. They have no need to excel which is why they are stuck in the middle class. 

After being in and working in 92 countries, something (work in a country) Steves doesn’t do; – he parachutes in, eats at a few restaurants and leaves. If he stayed and worked in commerce and learned first hand about other cultures as I’ve done he would get to understand what’s missing in other cultures and how wonderful it is to be an American because of our freedoms. In large and especially in little ways, in Stockholm you can only paint the outside of your house one of four colors, America is far more free than Europe. Europeans — and Steves are appealed by individualism  . 


Jul 032018

“The seven Muslim-majority countries targeted in President Trump’s executive order on immigration were initially identified as ‘countries of concern’ under the Obama administration.” (Emphasis added.) By the Left’s logic this list of “countries of concern” makes Barack Hussein Obama an anti-Muslim bigot.

In addition the establishment media, Hollywood, CNN, Meathead and MSNBC have once again been exposed as inept liars, clueless useful idiots and disgusting propagandists. A Rasmussen poll in late June revealed a majority of Americans — 59 percent — now fear those opposing President Donald Trump will “resort to violence” and they believe that may lead to a second civil war in America.

In short, the Left has lost all of their moral authority and are working to eliminate their claim on humanity.

Poland reported that “a steady diet of news from Western Europe of jihadi violence, taharrush, “grooming” gangs, honor killings, female genital mutilation, criminal activity, welfare fraud, and cultural aggression prompted a demand from below for the party to adopt an anti-immigration and -Islamization platform. The Merkel Tsunami of 2015-16, with its million-plus Muslims walking through Europe, frightened Poles. Accordingly, some 75 percent of them reject Muslim immigration. So, even if PiS’ main rival reaches power, they note, the Muslim ban will stay.”

The fears of immigration and Islamization by other civilizationist parties, such as Austria’s Freedom Party or Italy’s League  respond to a growing unease, mainly from the bottom of the socio-economic spectrum that Muslims are concerning Christians and Jews. The concerns represent Europeans who fear for their civilization.”

Here in America the fact that the Irrational Trump-Hating Left rocketed from zero to racism in just 10 seconds after Tuesday’s Supreme Court decision confirms that the Left Liberal Democrat choir has just one hymn in its missal. How sad. How ugly.

Jul 032018

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