Jun 172018

The book is rubbish on a stick by two supercilious Rand-haters. Don’t buy it unless you want to read what the anti-Randbots are saying and thinking.

The criticisms they discuss are very unfair or unsubstantiated or material they don’t grasp. These two Rand-haters are far beneath contempt, intellectual vagabonds who smirk as their false superior abilities dare criticize what they don’t understand.

M&K spend more time criticizing or smearing Rand than recognizing her greatness. When mentioning the prospect of the extinction of non-art and the rebirth of art, they do not mention the role of Objectivism in that process but hope that their book “will play some small role in hastening that renaissance”. It sure will. It will help destroy it.

Even more blatant is their injustice towards Leonard Peikoff, whose great accomplishments all «independent Objectivist scholars» invariably belittle. Not only is Peikoff’s chapter on Art in «Objectivism : The Philosophy of Ayn Rand» more or less disregarded, but his 1993 lecture on «Modernism and Madness» (published in «The Intellectual Activist», November 1994) is dismissed to a footnote (n. 6 p391) which is not even listed in the index. Such an oversight is all the more troubling as much of “What Art Is” is only a lengthy paraphrase Peikoff’s argument in this lecture..

Jun 172018

There are 53 players on the team.  A source close to the players told CBS News fewer than 10 players (9?) committed to attending the White House event. So 44, that’s 83%, cancelled their visit when they refused to accept the invitation of the president to visit him in the White House. Now many are lying and wrongly saying the president cancelled the visit. When 83% cancel the visit it’s a lie to claim the president cancelled the team visit.

Torrey Smith, who has previously criticised the president as sexist and racist and who refused the honor offered by the president who is neither racist, sexist or hating like Smith and who said disinviting his team mates was “cowardly”. Smith refused to say it to the president’s face when he could have. He refused to go to see the president so Smith is the real coward here.

The mayor of Philadelphia, Jim Kenney, lashed out at the president for withholding the honour, saying he was “proud of the Eagles’ activism off the field. Kinney should ask them to visit him at City Hall then inform that only the players who wanted to visit the president could come. Why should Americans be proud of players who disrespect the president?

”Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the White House press secretary, on Tuesday accused the Eagles of orchestrating “a political stunt” and informing the White House of their much-reduced delegation “at the eleventh hour” to embarrass the president.

Now the Eagles are lying. Throw cabbages at them if you see them. Stay away from the stadium. refuse to watch them on TV. tell them to go play football in Russia or Cuba which is where they belong. 

Jun 172018

Funded by globalist billionaire George Soros, the British government and European taxpayers through Brussels, the London-based NGO Media Diversity Institute urged journalists to report on terror attacks on European soil in such a way that encourages the public to “avoid acting impulsively and to avoid spreading hate speech on social networks”. Which side does that bias help?

Why don’t Soros, the governments and taxpayers urge the media to avoid failing to report on the victims or on negative reporting against the victims of terrorist attacks?   

Breitbart London has previously reported how the Media Diversity Institute, which works with “media decision makers” and journalism watchdogs across Europe with the goal of promoting only positive views of minority and immigrant communities, has warned broadcasters against “sensationalising” immigrant-committed bloodshed aka. murders against the continent’s native population. Why not promote positive views of the murdered by terrorist attack victims. 

When a Tunisian migrant murdered 84 by driving a 19-tonne truck into crowds of people celebrating Bastille Day, the institute blasted French media for including “shocking” testimony of the event, warning it risked causing “angry” people to post negative opinions of Islam and immigration on social media.

Jun 172018

When police in the small Maryland city of Hagerstown used an Instagram photo to search the states drivers license database for a suspect they violated the Constitution, Federal Laws and various State Laws that make such searches illegal and unconstitutional. They illegally used a cutting edge, facial recognition program to track down a robbery suspect. It was one of the first such cases to come to light.

A FORMER FEMALE police officer, Anne Marie Rasmusson, suspecting randy colleagues were abusing Minnesota’s driver’s license database to look her up, discovered that 104 officers in 18 different agencies across the state had accessed her driver’s license record 425 times, using the state database  violated her privacy and her Fourth Amendment Right To Privacy.  

An audit found officers in the Dakota County Sheriff’s office, Bloomington Police, and state troopers, were among those who illegally accessed the file of Anne Marie Rasmusson over the course of nearly four years. There were 24 police officers in Minneapolis who accessed her record 133 times, and 42 officers in St. Paul who looked her up 175 times. A female officer in St. Paul looked up Rasmusson’s record 30 times over the course of two years.

Former U.S. State Department research analyst Lawrence Yontz illegally accessed the passport records for then-presidential candidates Obama, McCain and Clinton. Yontz admitted that between 2005 and 2008, he read the passport applications of “approximately 200 celebrities, athletes, actors, politicians and their immediate families, musicians, game show contestants, members of the media corps, prominent business professionals, colleagues, associates, neighbors and individuals identified in the press,” according to the Justice Department.

Jun 172018

K.D. Lang Sings Leonard Cohens Fantastic Hallelujah HERE.
BOND, The Fantastic Girl Band Plays “VICTORY”. HERE.

The Best “The Good, The Bad and the UGLY. 

Estas Tonne, … Just About The Greatest Guitarist.

Henri’s Boogie…. Street Piano! the Best!!
Jerry Lee Lewis Great Boogie Woogie.
Elvis’s Greatest American Trilogy, …For All Americans..
The Great, Great, Great Whitney Houston.. Battle Hymn of the Republic…Hope This Will Never Be Lost...
Ray Charles… America The Beautiful and the Beautiful Ray Charles..
Whitney Houston At Superbowl 25.
Angels On The Fourth Of July…. Jackie Evancho in 2016 God Bless America. Everybody STANDS..

SHOSHOLOZA From the greatest musical out of South Africa IPI TOMBE.. Watch the entire great musical on YOUTUBE HERE..

Jun 172018

Quote: ” Well-known attorney Alan Dershowitz on Saturday slammed what he called a judge’s “very, very unfair” decision to jail former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort.”

This is a banana republic out-of-control judge who belongs in a banana republic or in jail.

“Manafort appeared at the Barrett Prettyman Federal Courthouse in Downtown Washington on Friday where a judge accused him of witness tampering.

Dershowitz said on “Fox & Friends” that there is still a presumption of innocence in Manafort’s case.

“Under the law, Manafort is no more guilty of contacting witnesses or attempting to obstruct justice than any of us,” he said.