Jun 072018

Malcolm “Malcontent” Jenkins is a rather dumb football player who was elevated to a high place in American culture for his physical skill, not for his intellect then he threw it away by being obnoxious towards America.

Let’s address the Right to Protest. There’s a time and place to protest. If your protest fails to inspire other people into action it’s the wrong time and place. It may also be the message that the protesters are using to make their points but they are all mixed up.

Jenkins and the disrespect for America movement by black people moves other people into action. Unfortunately the action into which they are moved is “ANGER” and getting other people mad is going to hurt the anger generators. That would be the black professional sports players who really got things wrong with their ill-advised protests. 

We get that the races don’t much like the other races. We get that black people feel bad and blame their feelings on white people. But black people who protest just because they feel bad and blame their feelings on other people expecially white people are in a losing position because they are using their race and the race of white people to complain about race. get it?

It’s like complaining about ice cream while eating ice cream. Complaining about automobile accidents while using an automobile makes the complainer into a hypocrit.

Complaining about being disrespected while being disrespectful is hypocritical. Disrespecting the president by refusing to accept his invitation makes the Eagles into a gang of hypocrites. They owe everyone an apology. .