Jun 062018

Art as the word is used today includes things that mostly appeal to the eyes and brain. Paintings, sculpture literature, music, dance and drama. Plays and movies are part of drama.

People have five senses: eyes, skin, ears, tongue, and nose which provide sight, touch, sound, taste and smell. Those five senses give rise to artistic things. Mostly though art is perceived by the eyes.

Ayn Rand wrote: “Art is a selective re-creation of reality according to an artist’s metaphysical value-judgments. Man’s profound need of art lies in the fact that his cognitive faculty is conceptual, i.e., that he acquires knowledge by means of abstractions, and needs the power to bring his widest metaphysical abstractions into his immediate, perceptual awareness. Art fulfills this need: by means of a selective re-creation, it concretizes man’s fundamental view of himself and of existence. It tells man, in effect, which aspects of his experience are to be regarded as essential, significant, important. In this sense, art teaches man how to use his consciousness. It conditions or stylizes man’s consciousness by conveying to him a certain way of looking at existence.”

Make sense to you? Unfortunately it goes over the heads of most people. Unfortunate because art serves a basic, fundamental need of a person. Art of course comes after food, shelter, and clothing. but since thought is the product of the intellect and art appeals to the intellect, the need for art is fundamental to the intellect and the state of the intellect determines the sense of life an individual has therefore art has a profound effect on the psychological happiness of an individual. 

“. . .  engaging with a good work of art can connect you to your senses, body, and mind. It can make the world felt. And this felt feeling may spur thinking, engagement, and even action.” Olafur Eliasson. 

That’s the reason for your emotional reaction to the flag.  ” 


Jun 062018

Very, Very Dumb.

Can the races even get along? Sure…..Certainly but not if one race wants to be adored or they will accuse the white people of hate, hostility, xenophobia, Racism, and bigotry towards black people as Angela Rye does routinely.   Unfortunately, some black individuals, ….. and Rye seems to be one, …. have so much inner hate against white people they can’t accept equal behavior towards them. They want more actual praise and adoration. Rye, …who acts like an enemy of America, the country in which she lives and from which she benefits, claims the national anthem in and of itself “is problematic” allegedly because there ‘s an obscure reference in it to “slaves” a term and condition to which Rye is especially passionate. 

It’s unfortunate for white haters because the hostility and inner hate towards white  raced people causes white people to stop, then examine their attitudes towards the black race.

We’ve been here before. Remember the Civil Rights Act of 1964 but it looks like the same hate, bigotry and prejudice has left the white race but not the black race as the Eagles and the NBA players  continue to show people that the races are different, some are hostile and some are violent, some more impulsive and uninclined to reflect that their present actions reflect on their furure, inclined so by their very nature. .

 Walter Williams writing of the 2017 National Assessment of Educational Progress in America: “ Among black students, only 17 percent tested proficient or better in reading, and just 7 percent reached at least a proficient level in math.” That means among black students, that would include a lot of the NBA players, 93 per cent are unable to grasp math in school but people like LeBron can run-off their mouth and be accepted because and by the so-called Progressive media.

 Unfortunately, in the present American culture the future increasingly belongs to the small number of individuals who can, Obama-like, scrape together some biological claim to blackness.  It’s cool to be black right now so who can blame the Eagles, LaBron, the NBA and the NFL for catering to their black members?  Only Justice. Justice to the white people who support and are victims of blackness.

Pat Buchanan wonders aloud why there is more “noise” about race nowadays — more news and commentary over petty things like the Roseanne story, the Starbucks story, the NFL players kneeling, and so on — why there is more of this nowadays than there was fifty years ago, when there was real, legalized racial injustice, and many thousands of Americans were alive whose parents had been slaves.

The answer to Pat’s question is yes, we’re stuck with the race business, at least pending some really dramatic advances in genetic engineering. This issue, this horrible curse of racial diversity, was baked into the U.S.A. from the start. We can’t escape it; we can’t get rid of it; we just have to manage it as best we can, as you manage an incurable but not necessarily fatal disease, in a proper republican spirit of common humanity and equality under law.

Where do we go from here?. . . Where can we go? One thing is certain. the above black people won’t go to the White House…. Shame.