May 102018

Well done Mr. President and Mrs. First Lady Melania for standing up for the three captured Americans by walking up the steps and into their arriving plane and welcoming them back to America. 

The three men were released Wednesday after up to three years of imprisonment and hard labor when Secretary of State Mike Pompeo left Pyongyang following a meeting with Kim to formalize final plans for a Trump-Kim summit in late May or early June.

He added that the talks between his administration and the North Korean government have ‘never been taken this far.’

While Trump said North Korea’s Kim Jong Un ‘was excellent to these three incredible people,’ Vice President Mike Pence hinted in an ABC interview they had endured harsh conditions.

Pence said Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told him that at a refueling stop in Anchorage, ‘one of the detainees asked to go outside the plane because he hadn’t seen daylight in a very long time.’

May 102018

She thinks criminals, rapists, terrorists and people who hate America and who want to destroy America should just walk right into America unopposed. That’s a dumb and dangerous set of thoughts.
Bella made Donald Trump’s travel ban into a personal issue. Both her parents came to the United States legally. Her mother Yolanda is a Dutch born American and her father Mohammed, a Muslim as were the 9/11 murderers, is from almost 100 percent Muslim Jordan. “My dad was a refugee,” she told Bazaar. “He came from Palestine to America when he was a baby,” she explains of her father, who is a rich and famous architect renowned for lavish multimillion dollar developments in Los Angeles.

She failed to tell Bazaar if her father was a Jordanian or an American citizen. (He’s both). “Thankfully, he was able to come, but it was very hard and now it’s probably 100 times harder. It makes me sad that power is getting taken from a lot of people and they’re not able to make a new life for their children and their families. It’s crazy to me that one person can tell you whether or not you can have a better life.” (Hadid failed to consider the Muslim 9/11 Terrorists or their 3,000 dead-by-murder victims. I’m too much of an American to accept or support anything that caused them to appear.
Hadid needs to sharpen her intellect, She’s tremendously naive. 

As a rich teenager, Hadid was an equestrian and had dreams of attending the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro but had to give up competing in 2013 due to her suffering from chronic Lyme disease. It may have affected her patriotism toward America because somehow she wrongly reduces immigration to the so called policies of President Donald Trump under whose watch millions of foreign born people have been admitted into America which proves how wrong Bella is.
In January 2017, Hadid attended the anti-Trump “No Ban, No Wall” march in New York City, saying in an interview it was her own family history that drove her to participate in the march: “I come from a really diverse background. I’ve had incredible experiences all over the world… and I’ve learned that we’re all just people, and we all deserve respect and kindness. We shouldn’t treat people as if they don’t deserve kindness just because of their ethnicities. It’s just not right.” —-Wrong little naive Bella, bad people should not enter America. They deserve judgment, punishment and prohibition from America, not respect, support or benefits. .

Hadid has said she is “proud to be a Muslim” while reflecting on her father’s history as an immigrant, devout Muslim, and successful US businessman when discussing her opposition to President Trump’s migration policies. She utterly fails to support and actually condemns America by her very wrong anti-American ideas, attitude and actions. She should go live and work in her fathers country, Jordan and support her ideas there. She must absolutely detest her mothers American roots because on December 8, 2017, Hadid joined London protests against Trump’s decision to move the U.S. Embassy in Jewish Israel and recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Bella is one big dysfunctional piece of America-hating work,.