May 042018

Listening to a Tea Party favored candidate claim Rights come from Religion, . . . he is Roman Catholic, . . .  was difficult because he was ignorant of and therefore ignored the true, correct basis of Rights, … our nature. Rights he claimed and they agreed that Rights came from the Judeo-Christian tradition…. What! Who believes the early Christians accepted that the biblical Jews had individual Rights? Come On!!

The Christians wrote a second set of books to add to the Jewish bible… they even called it The New Testament to distinguish it from the Jewish bible which they called The Old Testament.. Does that sound like a combination of the Judeo with the Christian…. Or is it a Judeo rejecting kind of Christianity?  

Christians support Baptism, Jews don’t even though the Jewish born John the Baptist baptized the Jewish born Jesus, the Messiah…who was rejected by the local Jewish community during the trial and condemnation of the Messiah..

There are many similar or even identical beliefs and actions in both the Jewish and Christian traditions, ..circumcision, saints, angels to name just three.
Christians believe everyone is born bad, …with sin, the so-called Original Sin. Jews do not. 

Christians and others believe in everlasting torture… Hell they believe is a place for eternal, never-ending torture.. Purgatory is a place where people are tortured and burned by fire to purify them so they can enter heaven, seemingly with their singed and blackened flesh fried to a burned crisp.  It’s an easy step to torture people on earth because after all it’s in the so-called holy book. This is hideous stuff…It’s not playing around. These misguided people are intellectually twisted souls.