Apr 032018

He saw people being shot. One victim he said was shot about ten times. The witness was a white haired gentleman who declined to give his name, unlike the Parkland Florida High School “Crisis Actor” David Hogg who wrongly wanted to condemn the NRA and guns after a shooting that had no one with a gun to shoot back.

. The white-haired witness took photo’s of one or more of the victims but he was reluctant to show them because they were horrible, unlike David Hogg who liked being a Media Whore 

Apr 032018

… of a false sense of security. An extra engine or two means an aircraft requires more knowledge information and skill than flying with one engine.
Things happen much, much faster with a second engine because the aircraft is heavier. That means it will descend faster and glide less when an engine quits, …and although rare, an engine can quit or even be shut down on purpose by the pilot.

The worst time for an engine to quit is during the takeoff roll or shortly thereafter because the engines are working as hard as possible but the speed of the aircraft is still insufficient to keep it flying on one or no engine. It’s heavier and it’s going faster so it hits things harder. The best plan is to keep ahead of the aircraft and to always have a golden way out. Nothing mysterious about that.
For much more info check out a past article from FLYING magazine HERE.

Even though it takes more flying skill to fly a multi-engine, there’s the great sense of really being in control of a wonderful machine.
Thank you to the Wright brothers, Beechcraft who made the 1964 Travel-Aire in which I made many, many safe trips and to everyone connected to aviation. Being a multi-engine pilot is a worthwhile and superb endeavor. Next is a Baron . . . or maybe a turbo twin Comanche..or a Cessana 310