Mar 272018

Hillary used the CIA against the Trump campaign like it was the KGB and she got away with it. She lost the election but she escaped scrutiny …. so far. 

John Brennan is an Irish Roman Catholic….Donald Trump is not. Trump was married in the Episcopal Church of Bethesda-by-the-Sea. While it’s possible to explain Brennan’s absolute detestation of Donald Trump as based in religion, it’s possible because of the festering feelings of Ireland against the English Episcopal’s.

Brennan is in this deeper than he should have been. He should have told the Hillary campaign “get lost” when they approached him to work with them and against Donald Trump.  See some of the mess Brennan and the Hillary campaign is in because of their activities to defeat Trump. HERE.
This is extremely serious. It’s very, very un-America and smacks of a secret police operation at the highest levels of the Obama administration. It is the bungling antics expected of a banana republic. It seems to have been criminal and it makes the Watergate break-in look like a kindergarten operation. these are professional secret police and it’s good and fitting they lost ,,,but it was close, too close and Brennan needs to be thoroughly investigated and brought up on the charges proper for what he did against Trump during and since his election campaign. .