Mar 202018

Karen McDougal, a skinny stripper  who acknowledges having breast implants, and a Playboy Bunny (women who pose as prostitutes) has zero cred about who she sexed, filed a lawsuit because she didn’t want to keep quiet that she sexed Melania’s husband 11 years ago, as though she remembers that far back. If someone pays her  based on her sexual abilities she’s worth what most people get for their sexual abilities which is practically zero.   Her sexual ability isn’t unique. If she offers no evidence that sex with her is so different than sex with other women then how much is her somewhat common attribute really worth?

McDougal appeared in a topless pictorial and interview in Spanish magazine Interviu and she discussed her relationship with Bruce Willis at the time. How many famous men has she been “close” to??

So she want’s to sell to the president what the president and most men get  for free. That’s worth what?  Zero dollars and zero cents for her useless allegations for which she has no evidence. McDougal expects Melania Trump to help her pressure President Trump to pay McDougal for not telling everyone McDougal had sex with so many men that she thinks one more would make a difference to  her reputation as a slut. McDougal is a very pretty woman in a world that’s full of really pretty women who have sex in private and they don’t go blabbing about it because, –really, — sex is common just like McDougal. . 


Mar 202018

 “Gun control”, which is “Civilian Disarmament” delivers not safe streets but mountains of corpses.”

Brazil is the murder capital of the world partly because no one is permitted to shoot back. “Feel-good” anti-gun laws with kind intentions have led to mass deaths of innocent people. Governments during the 20th Century killed 4 to 5 times as many of their own citizens as did criminals, because governments always try to limit arms possession to only police and military, that is to government itself.”

“Everyday, everywhere you look, the criminal is armed with a high-powered weapon as the citizen tries to hide,” Rogerio Peninha Mendonca, the lawmaker behind the arm the citizen proposal, said in an interview. “What we want is for the citizen to be more capable of defending himself.”

The idea runs counter to recent calls in the U.S. for greater gun control, as well as the global trend towards restricting access to firearms that’s seen Australia, the U.K, Canada, New Zealand and Germany tighten their laws in recent decades.

Citizen’s Right
Forty-two percent of Brazilians believe gun ownership is a citizen’s right, according to a November survey by pollster Datafolha. That’s up from 30 percent four years earlier.


Those who support “gun control” will be horrified to find the murderous downside to it; genocide. The book “Lethal Laws” proves all murderous governments of the 20th Century, which included Communist Russia and Nazi Germany, had previous “gun control” laws, allowing them to disarm the population and murder them later on with such horrible acts in history like the Holocaust. Lethal Laws also destroys any argument for “gun control”, stating firmly that an armed citizenry is the only way to end mass murder.

Another book, “Gun Control – Gateway to Tyranny” should be the gateway to political extinction for politicans pushing gun control. If more voters understand that gun control really means Nazi people control laws, we might expect to see gun control law leaving the law books; not being added to the books.” – Larry Pratt, Gun Owners of America –Larry Pratt, Gun Owners of America

“Self-defense is a natural born and inalienable right. When the “people” lose the right to defend themselves, they move quickly from citizens to subjects! JPFO’s “Gun Control – Gateway to Tyranny” is a fascinating look at the history of gun control laws in the U.S. You’ll learn startling facts you were never meant to know.” – Tim Schmidt, Executive Director and Founder, U.S. Concealed Carry Association –Tim Schmidt, U.S. Concealed Carry Association

“When I learned (and then read the details) of the Gun Control Act of 1968 being an English translation of the 1938 Nazi Gun Laws I was surprised, shocked, and disappointed. When I learned that senior management people at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives knew this and did not care, it hurt my heart.” – John Moore, homicide investigator, private detective, and decorated Vietnam veteran. –

Mar 202018

Call it a farrago, a College Of Farrakhan Lawmakers.
Farrakhan himself said he had: “pulled the cover off of that Satanic Jew” Whew. that’s anti-Semitic in the extreme.

From John Nolte at Breitbart: Quote: “In the city of Washington, DC, one lawmaker Trayon White (D-Ward 8) has publicly blamed the Jews for creating the kind of weather conditions that will allow them to “own the cities”;

See the Nine National elected Democrats that Breitbart’s John Nolte connected to hate-preacher Farrakhan HERE.