Mar 152018

The walkouts by students under the age of 18 involves issues concerning “adherence to law and policy, the manipulation of minors, the misuse of tax dollars, and indoctrination and political activism during school hours.”

Law and Order people are and should be especially concerned because many of the student walkouts were organized by the Women’s March, an anti-Trump organization with ties to radical anti-Semites such as Louis Farrakhan. 

“The event is promoted by the Action Network, which touts itself as ‘an open platform that empowers individuals and groups to organize for progressive causes.’”

“Thus, it is promoting the student walkout event for partisan political purposes, to influence voters to one side of an issue currently before members of the public,”

“This event is not simply a ‘student initiated remembrance.’ It is an event aimed at engaging students in a political ‘movement’ to affect ‘change’ and to encourage them to vote for that ‘change.’”

Breitbart News reported that Connecticut, and likely many other states, has statutes pertaining to the use of taxpayer dollars to fund political protests. She said it “defies logic” how McKeon “can make an argument that the walkout is not connected to a partisan or political issue.”

Breitbart News asked whether school districts could be faced with further litigation if they do not allow students who wish to hold walkouts for other causes to do so.

“That’s absolutely a valid concern,” she said. “There are equal protection laws as well, and if you are allowing one group to have free speech on your campus for a partisan purpose, then, obviously, it’s discriminatory not to allow an opposing point of view. So, it absolutely does open up the school districts to litigation and all sorts of other problems.”

“Now, if you’re in that public school, and you’re a child in that public school, what is the pressure on you to participate with those others who are going outside, or to be ostracized in an alternative location, and, then, perhaps bullied later: ‘Why didn’t you participate with our march? We were all out there,’” she explained. “So, I think that creates a climate where children are endangered of being ostracized, alienated, and bullied unnecessarily. And this is something that is supported by the public school board and district staff.”

Stevenson said the issues the parents have is “a matter of the rule of law.” She asked:

Are you going to collectively decide what the law is and follow it, or are you going to take a very emotional issue and take advantage of anyone – children or anyone – to advocate for your position on an issue? To take that kind of an emotional issue, and advocate, and not follow the law while you’re doing it, and use taxpayer dollars to fund your decision to do that is just wrong.

Principal Shugrue did not immediately respond to Breitbart News’s request for comment on the parents’ concerns.

Mar 152018

Hillary is on the record blaming former FBI Director James Comey, the Russians, the press, her primary and general election opponents, and even sexism for her election loss. She fails to see herself as one of the most annoying people although Elizabeth Warren is her equal.

Friends of Hillary suggested she lay low and not make statements. “She’s annoying me. She’s annoying everyone, as far as I can tell,” said one 2016 Clinton surrogate. “Who lets her say these things?”

Her aides are suggesting these statements are only hurting the Democratic Party’s brand, especially as the party looks ahead to the 2020 presidential election. Hillary continues to be an awful thing and a nasty woman like Ashley Judd, Liawatha and Joy Behar. Hilla the Hun as husband Bill called her will help Republican candidates as she continues to make being a Liberal, Left Socialist Democrat more and more annoying…..Go Hilla….

Mar 152018

The Tesla costs 4 cents per mile for fuel and the Jaguar or Mercedes costs 17 cents per mile. If you drive 20,000 miles a year you will save $2,470 per year in fuel costs with a Tesla. 

A 12 year old 2006 Jag XJ8 costs about $4,000. A used Tesla costs about $40,000. It will take about 15 years of fuel savings to pay for the additional cost of the Tesla. If saving the environment is important to you as it is to me the extra fuel saved would no doubt help something but the exhaust of a Jag or Mercedes is cleaned up considerable and the catalytic mufflers clean up the gas pretty well so the difference in driving a Tesla seems about even to me especially when considering the method of making electricity by the power companies which requires considerable raw materials and which emits gases which are also cleaned up before being released.
In addition, many power plants use the spent particulates to make dry-wall boards which are used in most buildings except for some log cabins. Making electricity and delivering it to the Tesla batteries requires scads of wire, utility poles and charging stations and the batteries cost about $30,000 for the owner to replace so Tesla’s are not financial friends to their owners.
In other words, so far as replacing gasoline engines with electric motors, …. we are not there yet and won’t be for the foreseeable future. Sorry greenies…. Growl, growl.