Mar 122018

White men are becoming an endangered species in some of the most senior positions in business as firms try to recruit more women and people from minority ethnic backgrounds, Tesco’s chairman said.
Perhaps social scientists will figure out how to get people of different backgrounds to live among one another. The evidence is that they cannot. Demographic change makes voters fearful and, in turn, gives power to Peogressives and Liberals who stoke that fear. It’s a troubling problem with an obvious answer.

Richeson and Craig ran a version of an experiment where participants were told that even though the minority-majority switch was coming, the social order would continue to be the same. White Americans would still come out on top in American society. What’s compelling about this research is: it suggests not only do people of all races change their attitudes; they also change their behavior in response to demographic threat.

It’s not just Richeson and Craig who worry that increasing diversity will make America a more hostile, less compassionate place.

“I think that diversity, immigration, and multiculturalism are right at the heart of the sociological problem in Western democracies, along with the new role of social media,” psychologist Jonathan Haidt recently said: “So long as we are all immersed in a constant stream of unbelievable outrages perpetrated by the other side, I don’t see how we can ever trust each other and work together again.”

As multiculturalism is emphasized more and more, there emerges a reaction against it which is attractive to the authoritarian mind and also appeals to many people.

Elsewhere, researchers find that mere exposure to marginalized groups of people backfires when it comes to progressive policymaking. A recent study in PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences) found when experiment participants walked past an actor dressed up like a destitute homeless person, they were less willing to support redistribution of income through a “millionaire’s tax” on a questionnaire. “I do think it could be the case that, for an affluent individual, seeing someone who is poor reminds you of your wealth and perhaps makes you more protective of it,” Melissa Sands, the author of that study said.

The big question the researchers cannot yet answer is this: How does the country keep growing more diverse without these fears coming to an even more dangerous boil?

“My biggest concern about all of this is if we’re going to really build a multi-ethnic, interfaith democracy, we can’t have these levels of racial polarization,” Richeson says. “We really need to understand the many identity threats that are happening. The question is: Can people come together given this demographic split?”

Richeson says she doesn’t have the answers.  One answer is the evidence shows we cannot change nature.

In addition to lab studies, Richeson says her colleagues in the field are planning trips out into America, to learn and understand how people feel about demographic change. The goal is to find a way to frame the change in a way that’s nonthreatening, or communicate messages that build multiracial coalitions. (Richeson used race-based ideas as she wonders if poor white voters will better identify with poor black voters when reminded of their shared economic hardships, for instance.)

A Paris Police Officer said: Majority Of Public Sex Attackers Are From North African Backgrounds, ….. And Are Not White.
Breitbart reports: Arab Gangs, …not whites Targeting Berlin Police
One last thing: there are many people engaging in tricks and traps of force people to accept others. The US Census projections are based on race.  Now they want to expand and redefine what it means to be “white. Watch out for these twisted people and their twisted ideas.