Mar 022018

The best way to fight a bad person with a gun is with a good person with more and/or bigger guns. Putin supports disarming Americans like he’s done in the Ukraine as he just took the Crimea from them.

Putin loves guns as long as he is the only one with them. Same for the Democrats who hire armed guards to protect them. If guns are so good for the Democrats in power why don’t the Democrats want more of them in the hands of the people who vote?

At last night’s Tea Party meeting one Tea Partier in the audience brought race into the gun debate, as though inner city folks don’t need the kinds of protection used in the suburbs so guns in the city are fewer than in the suburbs.

Race, Crime and Guns follow a very stable pattern in America which shows that often the lack of a weapon is the difference between life and death.  Philadelphia is a gun-hating district. Philadelphia has much higher murder and robbery rates than the surrounding districts.

The “Gun Free Zones” guarantee no bullets will be coming back against the shooter. Schools should be more protected than rock stars and elected officials. Leftist teachers have been and are strongly against guns. That’s fine for them but they have zero answers for ways to protect the children and themselves. Massacres in America have a basic problem. No one with a gun is available when someone with a gun is needed.

The liberal point of view, also put forth by the mainstream media, is that all black failings are the fault of whites. Time to face the music and figure out how best to protect the people in the hoods. Somehow the answer to a problem involving guns is a solution ingvolving guns. Since most cities are Democrat is means Democrat officials better get busy and get more guns for the people. They can stomp their feet and run their mouths but the answer will come out to be more guns, not less.  .