Feb 192018

She’s more boring than Bill Maher but Maher is much smarter..
“Oprah’s sister later dismissed the myth of grinding poverty. “Sure, we “weren’t rich,” Patricia Lloyd told a reporter. “But Oprah exaggerated how bad we had it—I guess to get sympathy from her viewers and widen her audience. She never had cockroaches for pets. She always had a dog. She also had a white cat, an eel in an aquarium, and a parakeet called Bo-Peep that she tried to teach to talk.”

Obama gave the Medal of Freedom to Oprah in 2013 “because her message has been: “you can —you can do and you can be and you can grow and it can be better”.
“As her mother, Vernita Lee, put it when asked about her daughter’s tendency toward self-dramatization, “Oprah toots it up a little.”

“The family historian, Katharine Carr Esters, the cousin Oprah calls Aunt Katharine, was not so tolerant of Oprah’s claims.

“All things considered, those six years with Hattie Mae were the best thing that could have happened to a baby girl born to poor kin,” she said. “Oprah grew up as an only child with the full and undivided attention of every one of us—her grandparents, her aunts, uncles, and cousins, as well as her mother, who Oprah never mentions was with her every day for the first four and a half years of Oprah’s life, until she went North to Milwaukee to find a better job….
Aunt Hat kept a spotless house. It was a wooden, six-room house with a large living room that had a fireplace and rocking chairs. There were three big windows with white Priscilla-style lace curtains. The dining room was filled with beautiful Chippendale furniture. And in Aunt Hat’s bedroom she had this beautiful white bedspread across her bed that all the kids knew was off-limits for playing on.”
At the age of seventy-nine, Katharine Carr Esters sat on the “Ladies Porch” of Seasonings Eatery in Kosciusko during the summer of 2007 with her good friend Jewette Battles and shared her recollections of Oprah’s “growing-up years” in Mississippi.“Now, you have to understand that I love Oprah, and I love all the good work she does for others, but I do not understand the lies that she tells. She’s been doing it for years now,” said Mrs. Esters.“Well, her stories have a bitty bit of truth in them,” said Mrs. Battles, “but I suppose that Oprah does embroider them beyond all recognition into stories that—”

“They are not stories,” said the no-nonsense Mrs. Esters. “They are lies. Pure and simple. Lies…Oprah tells her viewers all the time that she and Elvis Presley’s little girl, Lisa Marie, are “cousins, and oh, Lord, that is a preposterous lie….Yes, we have Presleys in our family, but they are no kin to Elvis, and Oprah knows that, but she likes to make out that she is a distant cousin of Elvis because that makes her more than she is.

“I’ve confronted her and asked, ‘Why do you tell such lies?’ Oprah told me, ‘That’s what people want to hear. The truth is boring, Aunt Katharine. People don’t want to be bored. They want stories with drama.’

“Her success is an enigma; an American peculiarity. In truth, Oprah is the longest-standing beneficiary of the racket of Affirmative Action. She has no disernable talent or charisma. Her personality is as multi-faceted as a plank of wood, and her physical appearance couldn’t be less photogenic. But none of this matters. She is clad in a suit of ebony privilege and arrived on the scene just as that privilege was beginning to grow in value. Now as it spikes, she is showered with more money that she knows what to do with.

On her eponymous daytime talk show — which ran from 1986 to 2011 — Winfrey routinely endorsed fake science and spiritual hucksters. She cast herself as America’s foremost secular deity and seems to still believe it. Logic and reason don’t guide Oprah Winfrey; feelings and money do.

In 2006, Winfrey endorsed one of the most anti-intellectual products of the decade: a book and video called “The Secret,” which promises that anyone can have anything they want as long as they visualize it. Conversely, if tragedy or poverty befall you, it’s your fault. “The Secret” went on to sell 20 million copies internationally.

“I’m thrilled for the success of ‘The Secret,’ ” Winfrey told Larry King in 2007. “I think that the message needs to go further . . . it is very true that the way you think creates reality for yourself.”

This might be OK if Winfrey was merely vapid, but she isn’t. She is culturally damaging. The billionairess has built a well-earned reputation for being mentally shallow and ticklishly responsive to any passing trend, even to the point of self-contradiction. Through her talk show, she has endorsed just about every new philosophical or ‘spiritual’ fad under the sun, supplying each with the same rehearsed enthusiasm.
Enough. We’ve had enough of this.

Feb 192018

……And Have Never Used Welfare or Been Convicted Of A Felony And that They Pass A Background Check To Purchase A Gun. . . . . The welfare, felony and gun issues are my additions to Rush Limbaugh’s great idea that Illegal Immigrants cannot vote for 15 to 25 years after they arrive or for 15 years after they reach 18 years of age. I would encourage more citizens to own guns because random shooters must be stopped and the best way to prevent a mass shooting is to shoot the shooter.
Being and America Citizen is a serious issue. We need people who are not only freedom loving but also law abiding and justice supporting. this leaves out far too many people who don’t grasp all this freedom stuff.


Firearms legislation in Switzerland comes from a long tradition of shooting (tirs) as a formative element of national identity in the post-Napoleonic Restoration of the Confederacy,[1] and the long-standing practice of a militia organization of the Swiss Army in which soldiers’ service rifles are stored privately at home. In addition to this, many cantons (notably the alpine cantons of Grisons and Valais) have strong traditions of hunting, accounting for a large but unknown number of privately held hunting rifles. 

Civilian firearm ownership is among the most defining aspects of American culture. The freedoms we cherish in the United States simply wouldn’t exist without the right to bear arms, and the preservation of liberty thrives on grassroots gun owners.
Our gun laws are not about hunting or target shooting. They are far more serious in basis and content because they are about the unique American conception of Liberty viz. that the people can and must be trusted but the government cannot be trusted because government’s have great power and that power need to be responsible and held in check. That’s how America was conceived and formed and that’s why America must be defended against tyrany and despots. .
Unfortunately many states and individuals oppose the idea of individual Liberty so they severely restrict firearms. Washington D.D., New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Hawaii, and California are among the worst because of their severe restrictions against gun ownership while Arizona, and Alaska are the best places to own guns.

Feb 192018

Born on the Left Coast the Eagles reigning “Meathead” has been running his anti-American mouth against President Trump. He attended but was unable to graduate the college of the University of Virginia founded by that great American, Thomas Jefferson who would have disowned the poor thinking Long. Previously he played for the Rams and the Patriots where he continued to speak out on the wrong side of social issues instead of playing and supporting football. He’s a football fraud for letting us down by not giving us inside info about football. That shows he’s an intellectual dwarf who is ashamed of the color of his skin, (he’s white) so he’s been covering it with tattoo ink. He needs to get a yo-yo tattoo to go with his childish approach to life.
Instead of talking about his alleged area of expertise, football, “Meathead Tattoo” talks about the president of the most free country in the universe but, no surprise, he gets it wrong because of his poor thinking ability and his lack of understanding about how the real world works. . . the connection between football and politics is. . . well, there is none.
Long supported Gary Johnson and then Bernie Sanders which shows how poor is his thinking.

Chris Long shows football helmets need a lot of improvement. Hope Jeff Lurie and the Eagles get him out of football so he can enter politics where we can vote him out.