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This Namiki Emperor fountain pen was just released in late 2017 and has been decorated with Maki-e by the skilled artisan Masahiro (Masahiro Yamada) in Japan. Techniques used: the clouds and dragon’s tail feature Taka Maki-e; the carps feature both Taka and Togidashi Maki-e; the ripple features Togidashi maki-e; the cherry blossoms feature Raden technique; and the rapid flow features Hari-gaki and Togidashi maki-e. The Hari-gaki maki-e technique is the scratching the surface of metal powders using a sharply scraped needle or a hard brush to draw fine lines. The pen has a massive #50 medium 18kt gold nib, fills via eyedropper, and comes packaged in a wooden box with a bottle of ink. Only 99 of these limited edition pens have been produced worldwide. HERE.

More Info:
The rapids in a gorge that cuts through the Longmen Mountains in the upper reaches of the Yellow River in China have been called “Longmen” (Dragon’s Gate) since time immemorial. Legend has it that a fish that swam up through these rapids, was transformed into a dragon and ascended to heaven. This written episode gave rise to the expression “climbing the Dragon’s Gate” (“Toryumon” in Japanese). Even today, the story remains widely known as a tale, with a basis in historical fact, about overcoming difficult hurdles that lead to success even when beset with adversity.

Where the expression first came to be used in that sense dates back to an historical text, The Book of the Later Han, which was written in China’s later Han period (AD 25–220). A character named Li Ying, who appeared in the text, wielded immense power and it was said that people recognized by him for their talents were as good as promised promotions in their careers. It is said that the people recognized and endorsed by him “climbed the Dragon’s Gate,” which identified with the legend of having successfully climbed the rapids and being transformed from fish into dragon, and thereby came to be used as examples when overcoming difficulties.

Using Togidashi (Burnished) Maki-e and Taka (Raised) Maki-e techniques, we have depicted on the barrel of the pen each of the carp that have yet to climb the rapids quietly swimming in tranquil waters. The cherry blossom petals on the dazzling surface of the water are subtly expressed by the use of shaped Raden (Mother-of- Pearl), and the ripples caused by carp by gold powder and Togidashi Maki-e.

In contrast with the tranquil scene on the barrel, the front of the fountain pen’s cap, two carp that are transforming into a dragon appear halfway and making intense efforts to climb the rapids are powerfully depicted in Taka Maki-e. On the back of the cap, the seven colours of a rainbow arching over the rapids are expressed in Raden. Thick clouds and part of the body of a dragon peering through a gap in them are shown above the rainbow, depicting a scene that conjures up the spectacle of a carp that has successfully climbed the rapids being dazzlingly transformed into a dragon and ascending to heaven.

In this one fountain pen, we have imbued a belief in a time to come when a target can be achieved and, expressed in the form of carp, depicted in a sumptuous scene of working incredibly hard to that end. We incorporated and depicted the thought that, even if there are seemingly insurmountable hurdles, people who have this fountain pen in their possession will overcome those hurdles and be able to make crucial breakthroughs.

A precision 18-karat gold nib with rhodium accent and a superior ink delivery system ensure the first-class writing quality and long-lasting performance. The fountain pen comes in an exclusive gift box that is itself graced with a design depicting a waterfall plunging from the sky. Placed inside the gift box is a serial number plate on which the carp are portrayed. In addition, splashes of rapid flow of the Yellow River are depicted on a special ink bottle, providing the finishing touch to a wonderful presentation.

Only 99 of these limited edition pens have been produced worldwide.

As these pens are truly one-of-a-kind pieces of art, they are warrantied for life by Namiki.

Jan 292018

“Comin’ in on a wing and a prayer” is a World War II song that has the Wings of the Eagles and the prayers of some of the Christian players used by some of the team during and after practice and at the games.

Prayer is not banned at professional football games. . . but kije goal line celebrations it’s not encouraged because religion is very divisive. The praying Eagles obviously haven’t thought of that or don’t care much for the feelings of those who aren’t Christians but maybe they should be. Why?

Because religion turns off many people who would otherwise be Eagles fans.

Philly has Religions from the Middle East, the Horn of Africa, Pakistan, Bangladesh and India.  Islam has seen a huge growth in Philadelphia. The largest concentrations of Muslims live in the Northeast and North parts of the city, Center City, West Philadelphia, and sprawling into the nearby suburbs. Also the Muslim African American community in Philadelphia has grown substantially over the last decade. According to several statistics, Philadelphia has surpassed Detroit and New York City to become the American metropolitan area with the highest proportion of Muslims. The Eagles players who use Christian prayers are not making friends among all of the citizens.

There is Buddhism in Chinatown, and Caribbean and African traditional religions in North and West Philadelphia. These numbers are also growing. Historically the city has strong connections to The Religious Society of Friends, Unitarian Universalism, and Ethical Culture, all of which continue to be represented in the city. The Friends General Conference is based in Philadelphia. African diasporic religions are popular in Hispanic and Caribbean communities in North and West Philadelphia. Many of those non-Christians don’t care for Christianity or they would be Christian which they are not. HERE.

And will Christianity take the blame as one of the reasons the Eagles lost?. . . If they Lose?

Jan 292018

Candidate Donald J. Trump: “Decades of record immigration have produced lower wages and higher unemployment for our citizens, especially for African-American and Latino workers”

For many Americans, the influx of immigrants hurts their prospects significantly.

This second message might be hard for many Americans to process, but anyone who tells you that immigration doesn’t have any negative effects doesn’t understand how it really works.

Both low- and high-skilled natives are affected by the influx of immigrants but because a many immigrants have few skills, it is low-skilled American workers, including many blacks and Hispanics, who have suffered most from this wage dip. The monetary loss is sizable. The typical high school dropout earns about $25,000 annually. According to census data, immigrants admitted in the past two decades lacking a high school diploma have increased the size of the low-skilled workforce by roughly 25 percent. As a result, the earnings of this particularly vulnerable group dropped by between $800 and $1,500 each year.

Immigrants receive government assistance at higher rates than citizens. The higher cost of all the services provided to immigrants and the lower taxes they pay (because they have lower earnings) inevitably implies that on a year-to-year basis immigration creates a fiscal hole of at least $50 billion—a burden that falls on the native population.  The reality is:  immigration has made some natives poorer. .

Jan 292018

Politics are powerful and it’s sword cuts both ways. Last night it went against the people who give themselves awards as compared to politics where it takes votes from other people to win. Many viewers tuned out because many viewers voted for Donald Trump to be president but incredibly the Grammy’s featured presidential loser Hillary reading from a President Trump bashing book that most sensible people know is simply a hit piece against the president of the United States.

Stupid as the planners of the Grammy’s were, they didn’t know or didn’t care as they bashed the president over and over, — over nonsense using FAKE ideas. Most people don’t want to see their favorite artists smuggling political statements into a night that’s supposed to be fun. It’s not fun. It’s not funny to bash the president of the United States. Go bash ISIS or criminals but praise America for the opportunity for idiots like the Grammy artists a big chance to live a better life.
The hidden theme was the currently popular anti-white; anti-European meme. Yes, it’s correct to bring race into the open instead of the stealth undertones we saw at the Granny’s and most other entertainment venues these days. Look at the “kneelers” of the NFL.
“Part of the problem is entertainment is an incredibly insular industry,” said Darnell Hunt, director of the Ralph J. Bunche Center for African American Studies at UCLA. “The people who make decisions, who green-light projects, tend to surround themselves with people pretty much like themselves.”

But for these executives, he added, “it’s becoming harder and harder to bury their heads in the sand and pretend there’s not this demographic earthquake happening. At some point, it’s not going to be sustainable. They’re going to have to start making movies that people of all colors will want to see.”

So “Nuts to the Grammy’s” and the tone-deaf idiotic artists who ruined what should have been a great show.