Jan 232018

The US Fake News and World Report reported their opinion of President Trump thusly: “America Slips in the Eyes of the World…..
“Donald Trump’s first year as president rattles world’s confidence, while quiet, stable Switzerland remains the No. 1 country.”

That’s FAKE NEWS. It’s Horse Hockey. 
These are America haters and Trump haters. Switzerland 8.3 million people. That’s fewer people than New Jersey. America has 323 million people which is 40 times more people than little Switzerland and America has scores of places that are better than Switzerland.
Switzerland is a harsh land. Mountains. Snow. Cold. Few natural resources. No seashore like California or New Jersey. It’s massivly expensive. Few people could afford to retire to Switzerland while America has millions and millions of retired people. Most Americans would run away from Switzerland if they had to live there.
In addition it’s full of Swiss people but few people from other cultures or countries. The Swiss are in a constant, hard struggle just to stay alive in their tiny place. They are insulated, so for US News and World Reports to compare America with Switzerland is almost against the natural law.

US News is doing a left-wing hit piece on America by criticizing the lawfully elected president. 

See their lying report HERE.

Jan 232018

Stephanie Clifford aka Stormy Daniels aka. “Honeybunch” aka. prostitute who sold the temporary use of her large, way oversized breasts and other sexual parts many, many times for scads of money has been denying she sexed with Donald Trump 11 years ago. The President denied it too. So has the Vice President although he wasn’t present 11 years ago. One additional key to the future is: What Does Melania Say??

Rumors of Daniels’ sexing relationship with Trump first emerged on the gossip website TheDirty.com in October 2011. The site, run by Nik Richie (real name: Hooman Karamian) seemingly hates trump and supports anti-American causes. He would be delighted to take down the President with a false story of a prostitute balling the President.

Karamian has been in the middle of numerous tabloid scandals in the past. In 2009, he published several nude photos of Miss USA contestant Carrie Prejean, which eventually led to then-pageant-owner Trump stripping her of her Miss California title. And in 2013, Karamian posted several flirty online sexts—including a dick pic—from New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner to a woman under the internet handle “Carlos Danger,” prompting immediate ownership of the sexts by Weiner.

 Daniels retained an attorney and filed a takedown notice against Richie and TheDirty.com. Though it didn’t accuse Richie of fabricating the claim, it did allege that Richie and the site were guilty of “unauthorized use of [Daniels’] name and celebrity.” Soon thereafter, Richie pulled the story from his site—only to republish it late last year.

According to The Smoking Gun, Daniels was married to Michael Mosny at the time, who told the publication that his then-wife had a close relationship with Trump, who’d allegedly promised her a part on his reality-competition program The Apprentice. Mosny claimed that Trump would phone their Los Angeles home frequently to talk with Daniels, and that he invited her to numerous events—including the January 2007 launch of Trump vodka (where she was photographed), the Miss USA pageant in March of that year at the Kodak Theatre in L.A., and that they’d even met one night at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Mosny told TSG he was “not under the impression” that Daniels had a romantic affair with Trump, adding, “It would be surprising, but not shocking.” Daniels and Mosny, it should be noted, had a very public falling out after she was hit with a 2009 domestic violence charge for striking him several times in a fit of rage—around the same time the porn hall of famer was mulling a Senate run in her home state of Louisiana.


Jan 232018

In early 2004, Cosby supposedly invited Constand to his house in suburban Philadelphia. Constand told Cosby she was feeling stressed and Cosby gave her three blue pills, which he described as “herbal medication,” according to her suit, which was posted on The Smoking Gun.

Then, her “knees began to shake, her limbs felt immobile, she felt dizzy and weak, and she began to feel only barely conscious,” the suit continued. Cosby then gave her another drug, she said, and led her to the sofa, where she says she was sexually molested. “Digitally Penetrated, assisted by drugging Cosland because he was unable to get her agreement to sex without him using the drugs on her. 

Turns out Constand is a lesbian which makes Cosby’s behaviors even more reprehensible because Constand would never ever entertain the idea of sex with a male. . . 

Jan 232018

Red Light America as Republican congressmen call for the immediate public release of the memo that reveals what they call “shocking,” “troubling” and “alarming,” government surveillance abuses under President Obama. One congressman even likened the details of the memo currently circulating in Congress to “KGB activity in Russia.”

This is serious stuff. This is not playing around and just because Obama is the first ethnic president it needs to be determmined if he broke our tules and laws as he and Comey’s FBI worked against Donald Trump to get Hilla elected. This is worse than the Bill Clinton Sex Mess.

It makes Putin look like small potatoes when it comes to spying. Let’s get to the bottom of this ASAP/  

Jan 232018

She’s an entire package so lets hear your opinions about her clothes and jewelry. She is also one gorgeous, heart-stopping women who could work anyplace where gorgeous women are in the spotlight.  She could easily replace Jim Gardner or she could go up to New York to FOX where the women get better clothes and jewelry advice.