Jan 212018

Her hatred of America is legendary. She sat in a North Vietnam anti-aircraft gun and pretended to shoot at American fighter jets.

Hanoi Jane and actor Donald Sutherland started an “anti-USO” troupe to counter Bob Hope’s famous shows for the troops. They called it FTA, which they said stood “f — the Army.”

Now she’s going after President Trump because he’s not a woman like Hillary. When did being a man become traitorous? Well the “Traitor-In-Chief” Hanoi Jane oughta know.

Over the years, as Fonda reinvented herself as a fitness maven and again a movie star, she apologized many times for the antiaircraft gun photo. But she maintains she was not a traitor by speaking out against the war or trying to turn soldiers against it, because she still believes the U.S. government was lying to them. Maybe so but shooting at or pretending to shoot at American fighter jets is the action of a traitor to America.

For some Americans no apology from Fonda will ever change their views of her as an adversary of America during wartime. In 2015, about 50 veterans stood outside the Weinberg Center for the Arts in Frederick, Md., to protest Fonda’s appearance there. They held signs that read “Forgive? Maybe. Forget? Never.” and booed people attending the event, according to the Frederick News-Post.

We wish you would go live in one of your favorite Communist countries instead of here.

Women don’t need Hanoi Jane to support their cause. It would be better to enlist almost anyone else but not this unique American traitor with her FAKE face-lifted face.

Co-host Hoda Kotb recently asked Fonda and Lily Tomlin about how long they’ve been friends, Tomlin jokingly replied with the well-intended punchline: “Long time. I knew you before your first face-lift!” Fonda quickly replied, “We don’t need to hear that,” before playfully adding, “Who are you? Megyn Kelly?”

Fonda’s reaction looked similar to one we’ve seen before. Last September, Kelly and Fonda engaged in one of the most awkward interviews of the year, in which the actress replied to a question about plastic surgery by asking, “We really want to talk about that now?”

Jane Fonda Confirms She Still Hates America
But she’s proud of the anti-Trump resistance!
Jane Fonda has been dubbed Hanoi Jane ever since her traitorous comments against America during the Vietnam war. She just confirmed her ire for the United States in a recent interview on the BBC.

After covering several topics surrounding her life and career, Fonda was asked by Stephen Sackur, host of HARDTalk, if she was ultimately proud of her country. His question was answered with an immediate, “No,” and then the leftist activist explained what she is proud of:
“But so many of those Americans you say you want to reach out to, listening to your answer just now, would say, ‘Huh, Jane Fonda, she is still betraying our nation, disrespecting our flag and our military. She hasn’t changed. She’s still that Hanoi Jane.’”

Fonda meandered through a reply which can basically be summed up as, “I don’t care.”

She says exercise is her number one beauty secret but that’s a bold faced lie. Fonda has had numerous cosmetic surgeries over the years including breast implants, and a full face lift in her forties, with a second face lift in her seventies. She recently had a chin lift and eye surgery to address the bags underneath her eyes. It’s time for this old traitor to get out of our faces. Women can do better without this traitor speaking for them. Boo Hiss.