Nov 102017

The dirtiest political ad ever in America, ….EVER!! was Democrat Ralph Northam’s political ad against Republican Ed Gillespie. It showed a Confederate flag and a Tea Party plate flying from a pick-up truck driven by a white man chasing non-white children. The truck had a Gillespie emblem on it, of course because it was against him.
Northam won and he should immediately resign along with every Virginia Democrat who is in office because the ad they supported was a lie and designed to instill fear of white people in non-white people. 
The Democrats, by their disgusting anti-white people ad for Northam in Virginia have reached the new low in American politics. They cannot win on the issues so they are campaigning on Race-based anti-white hatred. Lower than whale-crap and that’s on the bottom of the ocean. The party of race-based anti-white red-hot hate.
So if you are wojdering why a wall is hated by Democrats, this ad shows you. It stands for race-based hate by white people against non-white people. Disgusting.
The ad was prepared and run by the Latino Victory Fund. It was vile. Among other faults, it ignored the truth which was that Ed Gillespie condemned the white-supremacist violence in Charlottesville far more directly than did President Trump who completely condemned it. Completely. Northam should have condemned the ad and the people who designed and published it. He owes at least a complete3 apology to Ed Gillespie as well as the people of Virginia and all of America but he won’t because this is the new face of the Democratic Party. …..