Nov 082017

It’s was a real “off-year” election but Left-Wing, Minority, Diversity loving Affirmative Action Liberal Democrats did very well in Bucks County and while they didn’t succeed in taking control of the county, they made inroads at all levels. Not that the Democrats and Social Liberals  aren’t part of the Bucks County problem but when one party, the Republicans has been in charge of Bucks County for decades it’s good that there was some push-back. Since the push came from the anti-Trump Democrats it was an anti-Trump wave, more of a ripple really but not such a big ripple to conclude that the Republicans are out of Bucks government. They are still in charge even though they lost some power at the local and county levels.

Doctor Kimberly Rose, Democrat won as Northampton Township supervisor. This will be her second 6 year term but she will continue to face 4 Republicans so it’s small consolation. The swamp in Northampton is still too deep, too wide, too smelly and too corrupt.

The biggest surprise for the Bucks County Insider Republicans was that “Duke” Donnelly lost as County Sheriff. “Duke” has been in office since 2003 – 14 years since he was first appointed by Republican Party head Harry Fawkes.

Democrats replaced Republicans at Prothonotary, Recorder of Deeds and County Controller. Twelve out of 18 Judge of Election positions in Northampton township had no candidate which means the Republicans will appoint 12 Judges of Elections who in turn appoint three to five people to work at the polls so the Republicans in Northampton Township get to control 75% of the appointments on election day. They in turn tell their family and friends how wonderful the Republicans are so the corruption continues in Northampton township which is a small part of the Bucks county swamp. So the Swamp is still too wide, too deep and too smelly because there is still massive corruption at just about all levels across Bucks County. Taxes are still way to immoral and way too high which shows how corrupt the Bucks County Politicians really are.

In each little voting district the anti-Trump wave showed up with some Democrat candidates winning Republican held seats but the replacements are just as beholden to the party not the people meaning just as corrupt as they have been. The swamp always wins. Might as well get used to the stink.