Nov 072017

They’ve been forced to commit white genocide in America and elsewhere by the Liberals. Yes, many white birds are Liberals but they’re not the angry ones. The angry white birds are the ones who elected Trump. Some have been stewing over race based tax increases since the old days when it became necessary to spend more government money to help non-whites. Ar first is wasn’t too bad but that’s changed until we’ve seen the past election cycle when thugs went after Trump supporters.

Affirmative action is a white grievance multiplier. It works like this. Five jobs as firefighters are available. A hundred  people take the test. Four are filled by the people with the highest scores. the last one is purposely filled by the highest scoring black person and it quickly becomes obvious that the black person was hired because they were black which meant one white person wasn’t hired. What happens to the other 95 applicants? Each one believes the black person was hired because they were black, not because they scored higher than the other 96 test takers. Now there are 95 angry white people. Instead of just one angry person, the white person who didn’t get hired when the black person was hired, there are 96 white people who believe their skin color prevented them from being hired. The grievance multiplier is  96 to one. That’s 95 times higher than the one who wasn’t hired. That’s the cost of the injustice due to one black person being hired instead of one white person.

That’s the hidden and not discussed cost of Affirmative Action and Diversity. Ninety six angry birds when there should have been none.  

“No wonder Trump received such enthusiastic welcomes by white males—the anger has been silently boiling for decades and this was perhaps the first instance where it could be expressed albeit indirectly. Imagine if a speaker at a Trump a rally was more forthcoming: “We are sick and tired of being pushed aside so that some incompetent minority can take our place in the name of diversity whose only purpose is to make some airhead social justice warrior feel good about herself. How many people in this audience personally know anybody who lost their job to a less-qualified ‘diversity candidate’? Give me a show of hands.”

“One can only imagine the panic of every corporate CEO, college president and other Thinkgood Americans upon hearing this speech. They would demand that Trump immediately repudiate it. The White Male Martyrs Brigade has awakened and is on the march.” per Robert Weisberg, Unz Review.

Nov 072017

The Left, ..the Socialist Progressive is fighting to get majority rule cancelled. To them “majority culture” is interpreted as “White People” and the progressives have developed a procedure, a process to achieve “Minority Rule”.

It’s called “The ‘Progressive Stack'”. a method to order speakers and participants by race and gender along a “social justice” hierarchy. Women “of color” come first, men “of color” next, then white women, and at the back of the line, white men.

The progressive stack is all over the news the last few days because a graduate student Teaching Assistant at the University of Pennsylvania, Stephanie McKellop, a self-described queer disabled feminist and a current Ph.D. student in History at the University of Pennsylvania​. bragged on Twitter about using the progressive stack in class. In fact, she’s the odd one here and a rigid rule-breaker.
The “Hate Whitey” program ant U of P is identical to what’s been going on in South Africa where whites are systematically being discriminated against, especially white skinned farmers who are actually being executed in South Africa and Zimbabwe.
“UMSHIMI WAMI” sung by South Africa President Jacub Zuma is Bring me my machine gun….so I can kill the Boer. Boer means a white native born South African, also called an Afrikaner.

But the world, and the United Nations—that supposed bastion of anti-discrimination—say little or nothing about the genocide in Southern Africa.

Why not? Because South Africa is supposed to be the poster nation for anti-racism and reconciliation. After all, the world came together in unity to oust the ruling white government in South Africa. So it is a bit embarrassing to find out that the oppressed have become the oppressors. In this politically correct world including especially the U of P, apparently racial injustice only works one way.