Nov 052017

Van Jones, the black man who was forced out of the Left wing Obama adminstration called the Trump election a “White-Lash”. In many ways he was exactely right. Too many non-black people who have been or who feel victimized by the Left-Wing Social Justice Warriors who have made sure the white skinned people of America decreased from The Left caused the election of President Trump by all of their stacked-deck Affirmative Action and black skin color based preference programs. The diversity apparatchiki wrongly conclude that an all white skinned faculty, even in the hard sciences, are debilitated by implicit white skin based bias so universities must be forced to overcome their bias by hiring a non-white skin colored physicist from a third-tier school.

That lowers the effectiveness of the university and the non-white skin colored students and the Asian raced students are the victims.
The Left misses the point that degrading standards in the name of non-white skinned Affirmative Action rules is unjust to the white skinned victims. The government created a new class of victims. Some people disagree with skin color based selections and many decided that candidate Trump just might address some of those injustices.

What makes coerced diversity so unjust is that its purpose rests on a plain-to-see but impossible to express fraud — the alleged benefits of diversity. There are none. Diversity requires choosing against merit, against competence The Left’s obsessive proclamations of this lie far more closely resemble propaganda than celebrating a cliché-like truth.
“Simply put, if diversity is so wonderful, and in the self-interest of universities and businesses, why must it be imposed forcefully? Surely if it was as beneficial as advertised, there would be no need for disparate impact lawsuits, training to overcome implicit bias and similar measures that resemble mothers punishing junior for not eating his lima beans. Does government and the social justice camp followers really believe that diversity is akin to chocolate or red wine whose consumption hardly needs coercion?” developing

Nov 052017

Otherwise, why are there laws?? DACA is amnesty for illegal children that gives their illegal parents legal citizenship through Chain Migration. The child is an anchor child like an anchor baby that gives their parents the unquestionable Right to become an American citizen.

No other nation on earth does that because it’s a backdoor to avoid the control of who gets into a country.

If the Liberals want Illegals to stay in America at the very least they should have noo path to become a legal American. Anything less makes laws meaningless and we need laws that mean something otherwise why enforce them?

Steve Bannon: “They’re talking about amnesty and how they slip it into a spending bill and then Mitch McConnell’s on MSNBC today, a real platform for the Right. When’s he going to come on Breitbart?

“He’s on MSNBC and he’s saying ‘Oh yeah, we’re just going to attach DACA amnesty, you know the Democrats want it, the Republican establishment you know, we don’t have a problem with that,’” Bannon said. “Okay, well he may not have a problem with it, but I think ya’ll have a problem with it.”

Bannon said of the Republican establishment:

“It’s time they finally understood something. If there is amnesty, they’re going to get blown out. We have fought this for years and years and years and years. The American people, and particularly folks in the Republican Party and the conservative movement, have said in no uncertain terms, there will be no amnesty and there will be no path to citizenship.

“Bannon’s statement on McConnell referred to an interview today in which the Senate Majority Leader caved to a DACA amnesty by saying it “ought to be” attached to other immigration reforms, Breitbart News reported.

“As Breitbart News reported, if Republicans and Democrats signed off on an amnesty plan for DACA illegal aliens, it could trigger a chain migration to the U.S. whereby 9.9 million to 19 million foreign nationals would enter the country over the next several decades.