Nov 012017

Television commercials on the East Coast just about always push the Liberal idea of Diversity by adding a skin color based cast regardless of the artificial universe created to sell products. Why??
One reason is the preponderance of black people on the East coast as compared to other parts of America or England/ England in mentioned because of the appearance on American television of English programs. People who are being advertised to like to see people like themselves in commercials. Are they offended when they see obvious skin color manipulation?
Negative effects of racial stereotyping come into play when we start to see people taking offence at skin color manipulation.
Even a small stick figure on a cereal box was the subject of a protest and it’s removal. the headline was: Kellogg’s apologizes for a ‘racist’ design that shows a lone brown Corn Pop working as a janitor and agrees to redesign its cereal boxes
The cereal-maker was called out on Twitter about ‘racist’ cartoon on its boxes
Boxes depict a single light brown Corn Pop working as a janitor waxing the floor.
Meanwhile, the other Corn Pops are shown having fun inside a retail mall.
Author Saladin Ahmed called the company out on Twitter on Tuesday.
Kellogg’s immediately responded to Ahmed apologizing for the box design

Nov 012017

Spying by the Obama Administration on the Trump Campaign was a new low for American government. Obama got some splainin’ to do. In the Wall Street Journal: “Like the special prosecutor, Representative Devin Nunes and his committee have been investigating the 2016 presidential campaign. Unlike the special prosecutor, Mr. Nunes has unearthed hard evidence about . . . domestic spying (by Obama’s FBI) on Trump campaign officials.

On two fronts, Rep. Devin Nunes has shifted the Russia debate in Washington further away from President Trump and closer to Democrats.

1. He exposed the practice of “unmasking” by Obama aides and 2, flushed out the source of payments for the scandalous anti-Trump dossier that drove the Russia collusion narrative.

What has Mr. Nunes’s committee found so far? Turns out that in the Obama years, especially in 2016, Obama officials made many requests to unmask the identities of Americans, including Trump campaign officials, who were caught up in foreign surveillance. 

When asked about it by PBS’s Judy Woodruff back in March, Obama national security adviser Susan (Benghazi Video Pusher) Rice claimed she was “surprised” and told Ms. Woodruff “I know nothing about this.” Under oath before Mr. Nunes’s committee, Ms. Rice’s memory returned, and she admitted of unmasking senior figures in the Trump campaign.

Meanwhile the committee learned that Ms. Rice’s colleague at the United Nations, Ambassador Samantha Power, had made hundreds of unmasking requests. During Ms. Power’s appearance before the committee, she oddly claimed others were doing much of the asking – even though her name was on these requests. Did anyone outside the House committee think to ask why a Democratic White House was so free with such sensitive info in an election year?
The unmasking of Trump aides could amount to use of the NSA’s universal telecom surveillance capability to spy on the rival party’s campaign, a scandal unprecedented in the history of the Republic. Former Trump campaign official Michael Caputo avers that he has been told by intelligence sources that hundreds of Trump campaign figures were unmasked in this espionage effort. The Steele dossier seems to be at the heart of the FISA Court reversing itself and permitting the unmasking, a request it had earlier denied, prior to the production of the Steele dossier.

And if the Nunes committee gets the documents it has been demanding for months about the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI ) handling of the salacious Christopher Steele dossier, this week may end even more explosively than it’s begun.” 

a much more combustible question: whether a presidential campaign was able to leverage opposition research based on Russian disinformation to bring about an FBI investigation into its rival’s campaign.. . That’s a Police State’s tactic and it’s what the Obama Administration did. It really did!!

Nov 012017

It won’t be long before some Liberal crackpot figures out that banning Home Depot trucks would have prevented the Manhattan Massacre and calls for them to be banned until a background check can be made. 

The Muslim attacker was finally shot. That stopped him but it was too late for those he murdered. Why couldn’t he have been shot sooner? Because the anti-2nd amendment mayors don’t approve of the Constitutional possession of guns.

Nov 012017

Who Paid Christopher Steele To Prepare The Dossier?? Hillary and The Democratic National Committee paid $9 Million at least. The FBI paid “expenses” which could mean $9 million which was then re-paid to the FBI by Hillary and the DNC. Hillary also cannot account for $6 billion that went missing while she ran the State Department. It was wrongly reported that paperwork that was supposed to verify the $6 billion was the problem but until the paperwork is available the money was/is missing as Trump claimed. $6 BILLION…..

Fusion GPS, the lead Perkins Coie lawyer representing both the campaign and the D.N.C., Marc Elias, the FBI, FBI hDirector James Comey, Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya and Russian-American lobbyist Rinat Akhmetshin who were hired by Fusion GPS, payments by Paul Singer-owned Washington Free Beacon to GPS Fusion for “opposition research” on candidate Donald Trump in early 2016 are the names of some of the actors in the fake dossier scandal.
The Clinton campaign paid Perkins Coie $5.6 million in legal fees from June 2015 to December 2016, according to campaign finance records, and the DNC paid the firm $3.6 million in “legal and compliance consulting” since November 2015. That’s $9.6 Million. What was paid to Christopher Steele who prepared the dossier is still unclear.

Nov 012017

The driver barreled along the bike path for the equivalent of about 17 blocks, or around eight-tenths of a mile on the West street bike path, from West Houston to Chambers before slamming into a small yellow school bus. No civilian or pedestrian had one small pistol which could have stopped him long before he had driven 17 blocks, killing 8 and injuring about 31. 

What good does the 2nd Amendment do when a mayor can violate the Constitution and prohibit people from having a small pistol??