May 122017

Showing less sensitivity than a rhino in the mud Michelle the Mooch knocked President Trump for doing away with parts of Michelle’s failure of a lunch program. It failed because the kids wouldn’t eat the stuff she wanted them to eat. They threw the crappy food into the trash but Michelle is herself a crap pile of words so she criticized the President who had the common sense to know when something isn’t working it should be stopped. the kids knew it too so they threw the crap Michelle food into the trash.
Behind Michelle are her bigoted ideas, ideas that have festered inside her for decades. She wrote her Princeton thesis on the racism of Princeton where she stayed for 4 years to get one of their degrees instead of going to a college that suited her racial ideas.
When will she leave our kids alone?

May 122017

In the case of the teacher pension crisis The Courier blames the legislators for the crime. The crime is the theft of taxpayer money by each public school teacher and administrator in Pennsylvania. 

PS teachers are overpaid. The overpayment is so huge that the Courier cannot even describe it. the overpayment consists of three parts. First is the huge salary paid to each teacher. Second is the small number of hours worked by each teacher each day. Third is the huge amount of money paid to retired teachers.

No where in all of those overpayments is even one legislator. In each one of the overpaymnents are each and everyone of the teachers. the teacher pension crisis is the doing of the teachers, not the legislators.

Teachers get themselves or their friends elected to the payment boards, aka “The School Board”. They vote more money to themselves and they can do that because they sit on both sides of the pay raise negotiations. Teachers are the most highly paid people in Pennsylvania who don’t work hard or smart.

It’s become a racket and the cause of the crooked contracts with the high salaries are the teachers who dishonestly negotiate their own raises and their pension payments which are some of the worst deals on earth but they get away with it helped by the stupidity of the Courier.
When will it stop? How can it be stopped? Never and it can’t be stopped.
Don’t blame the legislators for what the teachers did.