May 102017

Impossible to condemn Solzhenitsyn for being confused without knowing his history. He was born deep in Russia, at Kislovodsk, Stavropol Krai. in the North Caucasus region. His family farm was taken by Russia. He was an officer in the Red Army. He was sent to Siberia. He won a Nobel Peace Prize for his writings and his ideas. He lived in America.

Solzhenitsyn criticized almost everything. He didn’t like Russia. He didn’t like America because he thought we were descending into a wretched existence.  He was not a happy man.

He never seemed to get this Liberty stuff, most likely because from when he was an infant he lived in a treacherous, murderous culture and he was a military office. Those experiences affected him. His government poisoned him with Ricin but he survived.  
Wikipedia has a biography about him but it doesn’t get into his philosophy or his values or value system but if he didn’t prefer America to the USSR or Russia, he was confused. .

May 102017

In the 1930s and ’40s, Jozef Stalin’s regime killed tens of millions of people, a number so large that the mind tends to shunt it off into the abstract space reserved for statistics. Alexsandr Solzhenitsyn estimated 60 million were murdered.  “Between Shades of Gray” by Lithuanian Ruta Sepetys tells the individual’s story that makes such cold facts meaningful… Lina, a 15 year old who was wrenched from her home and sent to Siberia by the evil Stalin. This novel recounts her story with a straightforward clarity that trusts readers to summon images of starvation, disease and death, and grounds them in a reality young adults can understand.
—The New York Times

This taut first novel tells the story of Lithuanian women and children  deported to Siberian work camps by Stalin during WWII. The men were sent to the Gulag

May 102017


It’s a knife. For several years I’ve been using a Shun Chef’s knife. Picked this new Kiritsuke up for a bargain price at Carlow Cookery in Doylestown. Used it once and retired the Chef’s knife. The Kiritsuke is sooo much better for everything I used the chef’s knife for. It’s worth just looking at.

Carlow is a town in eastern Ireland, south of Dublin. The settlement of Carlow is thousands of years old and pre-dates written Irish history.

Stop in Carlow Cookery in Doylestown and browse around this friendly, intelligent cookery store. I’ve been a regular for years. Never disappointed and always leave with something. Better, IMO than the other stores that specialize in such things.
They have loads of different cooking classes and foodie trips. Well worth a visit.


May 102017


President Obama To His Everlasting Shame, .Lacked The Courage To Oppose Putin. . . .

Fewer than 2.8 million people are left in this once proud, capable and free country after being occupied by the NAZI’s and the Soviets.
Genocide Against The Lithuanians By Russia…. Russia deported millions of Native Lithuanians to the Gulags and to Siberia to Russify Lithuania. It worked. In addition, Lithuania was the last country bombarded by Gorbechev. Soviet paratroopers occupied Lithuania in 1990. 14 Lithuanian civilians were killed, 702 were injured in 1991 as Russia, the KGB and Gorbie attacked innocent, free Lithuania and the rest of the world did what it usually does, nothing. Did nothing to help a small European country get free of the Russians. As recently as October 17, 2016, shortly after Donald Trump was elected, the Vilnius regional Court summoned Mikhail Gorbachev to testify as a witness. He refused.

How far has Lithuania declined from the days of the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth that stretched from the Baltic sea almost to the Black sea? It included Estonia, Latvia, Belarus, Poland, part of Russia, part of Moldova and Ukraine. today Lithuania is a shell of it’s former self, the victim of Socialism. the government instead of taking steps to make Lithuania more commercially successful decided to fight heir aging and shrinking population with higher welfare payments which require higher taxes and make the brain and youth drain faster. Soon Lithuania as a country will cease to exist.

Why should that concern Americans? Because it makes it easier and easier for the Soviets who are in charge in Russia but who keep their ideology secret to threaten Europe. Vlad Putin is a great reason for the West and particularly America to defend Lithuania. President Obama was fearful of confronting Putin and Putin’s Russian, Soviet thug regime. President Trump has far more courage which will cause Putin to back off in Lithuania.

May 102017


Climate Change is a big, big moneymaker for the Left. Obama used Climate Change in Milan, Italy in the largest horse-crap speech he ever made just as Al Gore has been doing and the Left is in a daze over anything regarding Climate, aka. Weather.
The Dopey One said: “If we seize the future, there is nothing that we cannot do.” Ever try to seize the future? Ever hear of anyone doing that? Yet the Obama bunny brains get rapturously glazed over him when he talks like that. Personally I can’t stand it.. . . Or him.  

May 102017

It’s easy to betray someone. It’s easy to lie. It’s difficult to Drain The Swamp but President Trump will finish that job as much as it’s humanly possible in the political swamp full of slime. He just fired FBI Director James Comey for, ..well we believe for a lot of reasons including lying.

Who did Comey lie to? Lets start with the 17 Intelligence Agencies, the CIA, FBI, NSA, Homeland Security, the DIA, the Dept of States Bureau of Intelligence and Research, the Army, the Navy and the Air Force Intelligence bureaus, on and on, each operating under its own shroud of secrecy.  Julian Assange exposed the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency for the habitual hacker it is. Revealed, too, is the CIA’s modus operandi:  the agency is, “allegedly”, in the habit of forensically framing other actors like Russia.

About Obama’s Spy Operation Inside the Trump Tower: “I think the president is absolutely right. His phone calls, everything he did electronically, were being monitored,” ventured Bill Binney, a 36-year veteran of the National Security Agency. Binney, who resigned in protest from the NSA in 2001, told Fox Business that “everyone’s conversations are being monitored and stored.”

It’s not over yet. The swamp is fighting hard against the President.
The “deconstruction of the administrative state,” attested Stephen Bannon, assistant to the president and White House chief strategist, is President Trump’s goal
. President Trump is operating behind enemy lines. He’s doing what we elected him to do, …punch back. Hard. Comey is one more bucket of swamp water. Obama himself however is the ultimate goal as the former president Barack Obama earned $3.26m in ticket sales for his personal foundation, according to a report from The Times on Breitbart. .