Apr 242017

He was and most likely still is six feet two inches and had a load of children with several women before something happened. Maybe it happened long before it became obvious but its not so clear even today what happened. There is no explanation. Caitlyn still has a male voice despite surgery on the larynx called a Laryngeal Shave — which smooths out the Adam’s Apple.

Dysphoria means unhappiness. Gender dysphoria describes the distress and problems which may be caused by gender identity issues. It is unknown what causes gender dysphoria. It is likely to be a combination of a number of factors. This includes the genes you inherit, your hormones, your brain structure, and the environment and culture you grow up in.
According to Jeffrey Lieberman, M.D., chairman of psychiatry at the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, families must practice patience and express love, employers must learn tolerance and commitment, insurers must adapt to diverse medical needs, politicians must enact new laws to protect civil liberties, and our society must learn to respect and celebrate members of the transgender community.

In opposition to those words is the nature of the male. Male animals, mammals, are very, very different than female animals.
But if you have attended graduate school or even college any time in the past half-century, you have been taught to deny that men and women are inherently different. To disprove that don’t just look at Bruce,.. or Caitlyn or Elton John, … Look at the entire planet.

Sex is determined by the XX/XY chromosomes. But, …. things don’t always go the way they should in the sense that there are other things involved. In humans sex is sort of determined at birth but the psychological differences take time to develop. Most of the results are very, very clear. boys become men and girls become women but, in the case of Bruce Jenner the boy became a man then became a woman.

Apr 242017

Ex-presidents used to be respectful of the president who replaced him but no one will accuse Obama of that. But now that he’s a millionaire as a result of being elected and re-elected mostly not because of his brains he’s doing his best to rub President Trumps face in the mud. Shows he’s a sore loser as well as a loser because he supported Hillary with his own reputation and he’s chagrined because she and therefore he lost. His legacy depends on his actions going forward as well as what he did in office the money bet is he’ll mess up many times as he already has breached the unwritten rule that the ex-prez stays out of the spotlight and lets the country experience the new president.

Ex-prez Jimmie Carter commented inappropriately about president Bush and was cited for calling the Bush administration “the worst in history” Mr. Carter tried to take it back saying on the “Today” show that his remarks were “careless or misinterpreted” and that he was “not talking personally about any president,” he has still incited a tsk-tsking tsunami in the capital.

His offense: failing to observe the protocol that former presidents should speak respectfully of their successors, or at least with some measure of restraint.
Of course Obama is more of a puzzlewit than a high intellectual. He did rather poor to middling in school but there’s no teacher around to judge Obama on his manners.
No teacher but plenty of watchful citizens and so far Obama’s grade as an ex-prez is a “D”.