Apr 092017

Will Putin and Russia pay a price for not living up to it’s commitments under the chemical weapons agreements?

Will Putin be able to wipe the egg off his face for backing the wrong side of history by sticking with Assad instead of the Syrian people?

Trump’s response against Assad and Putin was a tactically brilliant gambit — a small Syrian air base, whose destruction would produce fairly little physical or diplomatic fallout that also gave Putin a punch in his nose to wake him up to reality.
America is back. Barack is gone. Putin’s corrupt bumfuzzle regime is in short pants. All with one tactically brilliant missile strike and now Trump will settle North Korea which neither Putin nor China have been able or willing to do.

If President Trump was moved to this action only because he saw heart-rending pictures of children, that’s fine. I would only ask that he look again at those images. Perhaps they would move him not simply to drop bombs, but to continue on and make certain Assad joins his father ASAP because Assad and his energizer bunny, the small set of EverReady batteries called Putin that have continued the George Bush defined “Axis of Evil” and continue to oppress people and need to be stopped.

Evil was confronted by President Trump and he showed how easy it will be to eliminate that evil.

President Putin better make sure he considers what he’s doing. Trump is not Obama. America is back in control.

Apr 092017

Is North Korea’s tyrannical dictator called the Supreme Leader a menace to life on the planet? President Trump may answer that Yes, as the carrier strike group called Carl Vinson, gets closer to North Korea.

North Korean Supreme leader Kim Jong Un has been defying the free world by developing and test firing long range missile that could be armed with nuclear weapons .

Apr 092017

Fox News host Shepard Smith’s attempts to attack President Trump on 4/6 went horribly wrong as smith (small s in disrespect of smith) was shot down by a retired general who was a guest on Smith’s show.Smith’s opposition to Trump was rejected by retired Gen. Jack Keane, a former vice chief of staff of the U.S. Army who let smith know he was sitting on the outside rendering opinions. Wrong opinions.
Why watch smith? No reason. He’s so over until another Democrat becomes president. We’re changing our schedule so we have dinner when smith in on. We turn off FOX because smith is a turn-off.

In early 2012, smith began courting Penn State grad and Fox Business producer Giovanni “Gio” Graziano. “Gio” is the man with whom Smith frequents Bathtub Gin. They are a couple.

“Yes, that’s Shepard’s boyfriend,” Katya Minskova, the Bathtub Gin waitress Smith berated in March, confirmed. Another source who had seen them together at the Chelsea speakeasy confirmed Graziano’s identity as well. Both sources say they saw Graziano and Smith together at the bar on multiple occasions, and that they appeared to be romantically involved..

Apr 092017

China is a Global player. President Trump knows that. He was exceptionally friendly to China President Xi and admiring of China.
Japanese Premier Abe took note of the friendship messages and agrees all good nations will benefit.
President Xi invited President Trump to visit China and no doubt President Trump will find China a fascinating place. 

President Trump would probably get in some golf in China and find a connection between Trumps plan to “Make America Great Again’ during a walk on the Great Chinese Wall.

Great things can happen when two great nations work together.