Nov 262013

He said at the October Board of Supervisor’s Meeting that the deal to buy the Miller Tract with Open Space Fund Money and lose over a million bucks was not nefarious (1). His point was there was nothing underhanded when he and his four other supervisors bought property identified as Open Space after a developer bought it for 25% of what the five Republican supervisors paid for it and then selling it for over a million bucks less then he and the other majority Supervisors paid for it was somehow OK.

But no one except Komelasky said his actions were nefarious. Many people questioned the transactions. Mr. Komelasky did not say it was beneficial. He didn’t list any benefit that was worth what amounted to wasting the money. He depleted the Open Space Fund. He can’t list the benefits of all the spent money because it wasn’t beneficial. He  couldn’t convince anyone it was an advantage to pay $2.4 Million, almost four times as much for the Miller tract as a developer paid then lose over $1,2 million with an “M” when he sold it. Why? Because both deals were loser deals for the people of Bucks County and even worse loser deals for the people of Northampton. Bucks County lost all or part of their $800.000 + contribution when he sold the property for $1.2 million less. Or maybe the County wants to claim none of their money was lost but money was lost because of the deal. 

There are ways to twist the deals and pretend they benefitted the people but the idea there was nothing wrong with overpaying then selling for less is a smart way to act. In addition, was the County entitled to get some of their money back when the property was sold?   


wicked, evil, sinful, iniquitous, egregious, heinous, atrocious, vile, foul, abominable, odious, depraved, monstrous, fiendish, diabolical, unspeakable, despicable;

dated usage: dastardly
“the nefarious long-lost brother returns to steal Iris’s inheritance”
antonyms: good
Nov 252013

Everyone except Supervisor Rothermel accepted the administrations 2014 budget. Only Supervisor Rothermel had any ideas how to make things better for the people of Northampton. His cogent analysis and ideas forced a re-do of the budget after the meeting. The revised version of Bob Pellegrino’s budget is available on line and guess what we found? Some things are not what you think they are.

Northampton’s annual township budget process has gotten more difficult to review each year. This year is no different. The budget is supposed to provide information that helps a wide variety of people make decisions and answer myriad questions. Parts are extremely useful and parts are easily misunderstood.  There are government agencies involved to try to clarify and explain the rather dense set of categories and numbers. Experienced users of budget information may not agree with many of the line items and the result is what you see may not be what you think it is. In the middle are the two Bob’s who are trying to avoid stepping in the bear traps being laid by those who want to destroy Supervisor Rothermel. Two of those bear trappers are Supervisors Silver and Komelasky. Komelasky admitted I was right when I brought it to the attention of the BoS that a 16% tax hike is proposed in the 2014 budget. Supervisor Komelasky had trouble knowing what the proposed motion was even though he has far more experience with Northampton Budgets than anyone else in Northampton. Supervisor Silver offered a cogent conclusion that the budget was a political budget. Perhaps who has some information along those lines but she offered none at the meeting. Maybe she will have a thought at the December 11th review but if history is a guide she will demand a tax increase. Where do these Liberal Republicans come from and how do they get elected?

Mr. “Please My Butt”, the guy who loves tarps for roofs, wanted to know the effects of not raising taxes on the indentures. No indenture information was mentioned. He must have heard from those voices that propel him.

Back to the 2014 budget. It’s not what it seems to be and no doubt more will be revealed on December 11th.

Nov 252013

While trying to get his name back into the Sewage Board business, he decided to appoint himself as some kind of go-between to advise the Supervisors what was going on at the Sewage board. In response to a request to clarify his relationship to the Sewage board and to report on their behalf, the Sewage Board Chairman said: “his ranting had nothing to do” with the sewage. He tried it again at the November 20th Supervisors meeting where he was shot down yet again by Kim Rose.  He had advised his address is Watergate Drive, at least for a few more months. Maybe his fortunes have increased and he’s moving on up.

Northampton has descended into gutter politics over the last three election cycles and at the last Supervisor meeting Supervisor Kim Rose was told: “please, my butt”.  Why do some people descend into scatology? Why do they try to exist on a lower, lesser level? Why the false claims about someone making a death threat? Why the shouts that my life is in danger when it’s so clear it’s not? Why  are people with paranoid, borderline or compulsive personality disorders, for instance, hobbled by anxieties and delusional fears and act out their derangements in public? Why do they strive to mimic a kamikaze to curry favor? There is a class of sociopath’s who like to stand next to important people believing that proves they are important. Most people don’t enjoy watching mis-fits . Unfortunately for the decent people of Northampton, and that’s most of us. Antisocial behavior is characterized by reckless irresponsibility, habitual lying and an indifference to the suffering of others. there are people who have a glib talent for telling lies. “I can say that when you have a psychopathic offender, quite often he will manipulate others, he can be a puppet-master type,” he said. “Others are attracted to his sense of certainty, his sense of power, to the fact that he can do things others have trouble doing.”

A person with psychopathic tendencies may appear to others as clearheaded  as an elite soldier when under fire, or when on the attack. But the internal psychological reality is much different, research suggests.

In several experiments conducted in 2001 and 2002, Dr. Andy Morgan of Yale found Special Operations soldiers, the Army’s most elite fighters, had higher levels of stress hormones in their blood than regular infantrymen when under extreme stress during training. But they also had higher levels of another hormone that is thought to be a natural relaxant. In short, Dr. Morgan concluded, the elite soldiers were very much aware of the danger and moral implications of their actions but able keep their heads, and relax quickly when the danger passed. The psychopath functions well under pressure because he does not feel the moral tension at all.

Northampton has a great possibility to engage in a social experiment that could be politically important. If the sociopaths move up and out and the level of political discourse improves we will have validated a political maxim, that gutter behaviors are limited to one or a few sociopath’s. We may know ….. in a few more months.

Nov 242013

What are the differences between: 1.”The Budget”, 2.”The Spending” and 3. the approvals of the budget and 4.of spending each month? 5.Who proposes “The Tax Increases? 6.Who approves “Tax Increases?

Answer #1. The budget is a snapshot of the spending; the revenue; and the savings accounts of the Township.

Answer #2. The Spending is the money paid for purchases, paid to employees; to the pension plans and to various savings accounts held by the township.

Answer #3. The Board of Supervisors doesn’t prepare the budget. Read that again. There is no “Rothermel Budget for 2014”. Bob Pellegrino prepares the budget and presents it for approval. It’s the Pellegrino Budget. It’s the township managers budget. It’s not “The Administrations” budget.  

Answer #4. Bob Pellegrino, not Supervisor Rothermel spends the money. Pellegrino makes a list of the bills that are due and shows it to the Supervisors who approve only the bills Pellegrino presents. Pellegrino does not include all of the bills. Over the past two decades during which I’ve monitored the spending the total of the items does not equal the spending. The spending is always higher.

Answer #5. Bob Pellegrino proposes all tax increases.

Answer #6. The supervisors vote whether to agree with Pellegrino’s tax increases or oppose him. The Republicans on the board never oppose tax increases. They are not opposed to another Republican approved tax increase for 2014. In fact, based on their comments during the Nov. 20 budget review and the Nov. 13 budget review, the Republicans on the board and the two Republicans-elect want to increase taxes again.

COMMENTS: The purpose of a government budget is to obscure the spending. Take Northampton Township. Typically Pellegrino says something like: “Northampton has 180 miles of roads. A road will last 20 years so this year we are paving 3 miles of road and micro-planeing 3 miles.” That’s a misleading statement. How many bad roads are there? No answer. How many bad roads can be patched? No answer. How many roads must be dug up and completely repaved? No Answer.  

THE SCAM Perhaps it’s just laziness. It takes some effort to identify the roads by name and to include the list in the Budget. Perhaps it’s cynicism. No one ever asks: “which roads will you repair next year?” If no one is interested, why open another time consuming discussion?


Nov 242013

At the Budget Review Meeting November 20th, the party that’s taking control of Northampton told fairy tales about how awful Northampton would be without a tax increase. They said: no police protection; no snow removal; no fire protection; potholes all over, no money to repair the roads and so on if taxes were not immediately raised. They demanded another million for 2014 and they refused to back down. No only that, the Northampton Republicans demanded the Trash Overcharge be spent by the Pellegrino administration, bringing the total tax hike to $1.5 million for 2014. That’s in addition to the extra money Pellegrino spent in 2013 that he didn’t admit to during the budget review.

Here’s the Republican Wool that’s been pulled over the eyes of Northampton. The approved 2013 budget was $$13.2 million. Pellegrino spent an extra $.6 million. Then he demanded another million plus the half-million overcharge for trash. That’s Chutzpah.

Somehow the Republicans invented the story that Democrats spent all the money in “the funds”. That’s complete nonsense and I’ll have some large spreadsheets for the December 11th meeting to show Northampton has about three years worth of money in the funds. How much dough do these people want? That depends on how much they can get away with.

It’s worse at the Sewage Board. If an honest auditor would prepare a balance sheet for the township and the Sewage Board the truth about the Northampton Republicans Industrial Grade Swindle would come out. Meanwhile, Northampton’s Government of Comedians will rant and bluster to keep the truth about Pellegrino’s overspending away from the voters.

And Mr. Pellegrino was appointed  by which party? Which party has his loyalty? That would be the party of higher taxes. That would be the Northampton Republicans. How different than Washington where Republicans want to lower taxes.

Nov 232013

An anonymous website designed and operated to create and prolong havoc was connected to a threat against a local government official in Northampton township. It’s under the control of the local Republican Committee. Of course the 36 members do not operate the hate-site, – that offense is charged to a particularly odious fellow, perhaps a trans-gender type who uses words like “old Nazi”; photo-shopped photographs of a clown dressed woman supervisor being manipulated by puppet strings; insults special needs people and uses scatology as normal discourse. The problem is the website is controlled and approved by all 36 Republican Committee people.

They don’t get a memo asking for their approval, -it’s a more nuanced consent but make no mistake, they have input and control. They have never disowned the hate-site. They are a conspiracy. They are in it together and none can blame someone else. They support it. They like it. They continue to do it. These people are deviant and human aberrations. Far from normal, they side with wrong. A pox on them. 

If anyone of the 36 Republican Committee people disagree with this, let it continue but if you have any sense of decency, call your chairman and let him know that at least you are against the hatesite and you demand he get it straightened out, get it to tell the truth, get it to support the right values, Republican values and make Northampton the best it can be because right now there’s a big storm cloud over the Republicans in Northampton.

Nov 232013

Drudge reported that Fox News reported :”Americans are angrier these days.”

“A recent study from the USA Today found 60 percent of Americans report feeling angry or irritable. That is up from 50 percent when a similar poll was taken in 2011.” If you live in Northampton you might be angry at your time being wasted by the absurd performances at the Board of Supervisor’s meetings and at the Sewage Board meetings by four or five Little Lickspittle Republican victims of “ROTHERMEL DERANGEMENT SYNDROME”.

Neck vein’s  bulge, foul language flies, and insider information reveals their phony agenda as they try but fail to put down the good people of Northampton. The Courier reported a threat made against a Council Rock School Director who had the courage to speak out against the venomous and anonymous Northampton Republican reporting websites that are so against women. The venomsite attacked Dr. Kim Rose during the campaign and then Supervisor Vince Deon was so appalled he demanded his resume be removed from the hateful website. It was done. Why did the website obey Deon?

The recent venomsite attacks against another woman who received the Distinguished Citizens Award from the Board of Supervisors proves the misogyny. A shout-out to the Chairman of the Northampton Republican Committee removed an offensive and false report from the website which proves the Insider Northampton Republicans control the venomsite.

The Northampton Community is angry and their anger has been fueled by a few confused little boot-kiss Republican toady’s who were removed from power by the voters or by Supervisor Rothermel. The deranged ones operate as a tiny team. Two of them revealed their true natures during their comments at the Board of Supervisors meeting on November 20th. One was confused. The other attempted to prove the impossible. The foul mouthed one let fly with yet another scatological epithet against Dr. Kim Rose that was repulsive but far milder than his quotidian speech. His foul language repertoire is the greatest I’ve ever heard. A foul little website with nasty minds in control. They are pathetically contumacious. Insufficiently important enough to get angry at, they are more to be pitied than scorned.  

Intellectually they are children. If you get angry at them step back and observe.  A lying child is angry because the adults don’t believe him. A congenital liar is worse than a pathological liar but both lie and no one believes him. They are angry because they don’t get the adoration they think they deserve. Keep watching. They are in a descending spiral and the bottom is coming fast.

Nov 222013

November 22, 2013. The Courier reports, front page above the fold, about a Council Rock School Director who received a threatening letter with white powder in it. An anonymous “venom” website was mentioned in the report. Seems the School Director was the subject of the anonymous website, run by a coward(s) who lacks the decency to identify themselves or the phony commenters who are inventions of the website owner. These are poseurs. Human dots.

Northampton Republican politics are among the lowest. and in the opinion of decent people the website should take itself where the two previous venom websites have gone. 

The venom website has an unvarying political value, it disturbs the peace. Remind you of anyone? Watch the Northampton Supervisor Meetings to witness the endless parade of Inconsequential Infant Cranks who appear regularly to attempt something of which they are incapable. Normal behavior.

Inspired by a political loser in the company of one whose life is of such small consequence he imagined he was threatened. A real District Attorney, David Heckler dismissed the hallucination as nonsense.

In an attempt at vainglory he insulted Supervisor Dr. Kimberly Rose at the Nov. 20 meeting as had been done during her campaign. Whoever this letter writer is he hates women. That’s obvious and comes from his closet existence.

His side-kick went round the bend big time imagining a proposed budget balancing would cause a crime wave in Northampton because as he read in his tea leaves, the police budgets would be cut. He had not been listening to the adults in the room who patiently explained what everyone else knew, that the 2014 budget had no cuts in service.

The School Director should not have been subjected to the  letter. No one should send such things. Normal people don’t act that way. It was sent through the U.S. Mail so it’s a Federal Offence. Perhaps the perp(s) can hide their tracks and avoid discovery but I hope not.


Nov 212013

At the monthly Tea Party meetings I usually give the report about Northampton township but on November 12th right before my report, a Supervisor Elect stopped in. I had signed his nominating petition because, ….. well I signed it along with other Tea Party Patriots. His report was that the Democrats spent all the money in the funds so the Republican majority will have to increase taxes for 2014. We had trusted the new supervisor. He was a Republican. He was, we thought, one of us but were we ever deceived. He was a Liberal.

We had let a Liberal into the Tea Party meetings. What’s next? Maybe ask some real Liberals to join us?

Nov 212013

Conservatives want to hold the line on taxes. The Komelasky Republican administrations have increased taxes 245%. That makes them Liberals.

They tried to increase taxes again on November 20th. Township manager Bob Pelligrino, a Komelasky appointee wanted to increase taxes another 16% but he was voted down by the three Democrats.  The Liberals didn’t get their tax increase. Supervisors Rothermel, Cunningham and Rose voted to keep the payments of the residents the same for 2014 as they were in 2013. Northampton’s Liberals didn’t get their 2014 tax increase.

But the Liberals at the Municipal Authority increased water rates 16%, sewer rates 25% and they want to increase them again in 2014. That’s what Liberals do and that’s what Northampton’s Elected Republicans do. That’s why the Liberals in charge of the Municipal Authority agreed to do the Solar Panel Deal and charge someone else the $193,000.00. Liberals want free stuff. Liberals want more government spending and that’s what Northampton’s Liberals have been getting only they are not even real Liberals, they’re only confused Republicans going thru an Identity Crisis. 

The Northampton Republican Committee is the tip of the bully iceberg in Northampton politics. They have always had their way mostly because they were the only party in control. No point in fighting yourself. So no one ever exposed their bully tactics(except your’s truly). For the past six years they had to come out in the open because two Democrats were elected in 2008. Following Liberal Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, they just about persecuted the two Democrat Supervisors, Messr’s Rothermel and Cunningham but the harassment didn’t work. In 2011 the Northampton voters dumped Liberal Supervisor Deon in favor of Dr. Kim Rose. Deon became a member of a club he has attacked, the losers of Northampton.  

So the Loser Republicans retaliated from the shadows with three anonymous websites that were so full of hate they literally were embarrassing to read.