Dec 012011

The Commission will replace the bridge at Scudders Falls with two and charge tolls. They claim there will be no effect on traffic.

What an incrediblely stupid comment. Tolls slow down traffic. Doubt that? How can you doubt something so simple and obvious. It takes time to collect tolls. Forcing drivers to spend more time in traffic affects the length of time there is traffic on the bridge. That’s the effect. Longer time spent in traffic. Traffic is longer. Longer is the effect.

Nov 292011

The State House gave themselves another raise for 2012. Some legislators say they don’t take the raise but instead they give the money to charity.

What good does that do the taxpayer? We are taxed before the legislator has the money to give away. That’s even worse than if the tax money is used for a legitimate government purpose. Government is not supposed to have the power to take money for charity. It’s corrupt money. Giving corrupt monay is wrong. It’s wupposed to be returned. It’s not theirs in the first place because the extra pay was illegitimate. See how getting things wrong just snowballs and make things worse? These charitable contributions are phony because they do not come from the legislators but  are taken from the people who earned the money. Give the money back, legislators. Do the right thing in the first place so you aren’t seen as phony contributors. You are like a bank robber who says “I’ll give ten percent to charity so people can see I’m a good person.” Rubbish.

Oct 232011

Quoting fron the Deon-supporting website:

Public Comment has become a repetitve Witch Hunt. Frank Rothermel has the public so convinced that the Republicans must be doing something wrong, no one seems to care about whether it’s the truth or not.

The truth is the three Republicans try to drown out elected Supervisor Frank Rothermel. His microphone has been shut off while he has been speaking.  Both Deon and Komelasky have tried to silence him bu using rules they decide on the spot.

Jackie Palmer is a prime example. She spoke for 28 minutes after saying she had but two things to say. What it all boils down to – SHE CAN’T BELIEVE THE TRUTH WHEN IT’S RIGHT IN FRONT OF HERWhat’s the cost? she demands. What water filter do I buy? she asks. And finally, What about honesty?

THE TRUTH: After 15 MINUTES of digging for answers, this is what we found – and it’s all a matter of public record:

  1. 1.The Water Authority has 15 wells scattered around Northampton Township tested every day.

  2. 2.The water is sent to labs licensed by the State and

    Federal Government; these labs report the results. Sorry Jackie, but the Water Authority cannot choose to report some test results and not report others.

  3. 3.Northampton Water comes from a variety of sources – since the water is mixed, the results are mixed.

    The highest level measured for any of the tested chemicals is the one that is reported.

That’s a lie. Jackie Palmer was right. they decide what to report. they ignore the reports from all the tests except one. That’s the way it works.

  1. 4.Because the contract for water testing at the labs shows a 14-21 day turn-around for results, reporting violations are expected. A lab cannot report results for Aug 2011 until all the tests have been conducted. Water tests taken on Aug 31 might not be processed until Sept 14; that’s when the month’s report might be sent. A violation doesn’t mean the results weren’t reported at all – it just means the lab hasn’t completed the tests yet.

    Guess what? No violations! No fines!

  2. 5.What about Honesty? The Water Authority has answered all of Jackie’s questions – she just doesn’t want to hear that the Water Authority is actually doing its job well.
    So Jackie either doesn’t understand or she chooses not to so that she can stand up in public comment and try to malign the Supervisors and the Water Authority when they haven’t done anything wrong.

Frank Rothermel knows all of thisbut he isn’t sharing the truth! Why correct Jackie Palmer’s misconceptions when she’s doing the work for the Democrat Partyspread misinformation, call the Republicans liars, demand the truth when you already have it and pretend you don’t.

Bill’s Bones:
It’s a toss up who makes less sense
in public comment, but we’re pretty sure Bill O’Neill wins.

Bill O’Neill Says. . .
That pretty much says it all. If Bill O’Neill was as concerned with the truth as he is bored by old age, he might actually have something worthwhile to say. But what fun is a witch hunt based on the truth

The truth is the Deon-Supporting website is concerned with twisting and distorting the truth. Deon’s idea of the truth can be found in his own words. Deon says the Deon-Supporting Website that attacks innocent citizens must have been created by his adversaries. Who would believe that when it tries to glorify Deon, condemns Dr. Kinberly Rose and attacks innocent private citizens? Deon needs to man-up about his campaign supporting website. 

So far as Bill ONeill being bored with anything, the fact is I’ve never been bored at all. Life is chock full of activities, events, places and good people. I’ve never even felt bored. Life is like a bus terminal. When one’s leaving another one is pulling in.  

Feb 032011

The exercise of Rights is most important when government power is at it’s zenith. In the case of the First Amendment Right to Free Speech, when the government wants to censor ideas, the expression of ideas or to restrict the exercise of speech against the government, the exercise of the Right to Free Speech becomes most important. One would hope that the need to invoke the Right to Free Speech against the government would be rare. For obvious reasons the most rare of the Rights should be the exercise of the Right to one’s life against the  powers of government. That’s a Right that can only be oppressed by government once. 

 “Individual rights are the means of subordinating society to moral law”,   wrote Ayn Rand in the Appendix of her amazing book: CAPITALISM THE UNKNOWN IDEAL.  Rand also explained other aspects of the idea of Rights, for example: 

“The concept of individual rights is so new in human history that most men have not grasped it fully to this day. In accordance with the two theories of ethics, the mystical or the social, some men assert that rights are a gift of God—others, that rights are a gift of society. But, in fact, the source of rights is man’s nature.

The Declaration of Independence stated that men “are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights.” Whether one believes that man is the product of a Creator or of nature, the issue of man’s origin does not alter the fact that he is an entity of a specific kind—a rational being—that he cannot function successfully under coercion, and that rights are a necessary condition of his particular mode of survival.

“The source of man’s rights is not divine law or congressional law, but the law of identity. A is A—and Man is Man. Rights are conditions of existence required by man’s nature for his proper survival. If man is to live on earth, it is right for him to use his mind, it is right to act on his own free judgment, it is right to work for his values and to keep the product of his work. If life on earth is his purpose, he has a right to live as a rational being: nature forbids him the irrational.” (Atlas Shrugged)”.

I believe that the descriptions and definitions of the elements of Rights and Individual Freedom have become so submerged within the psyche of Americans and so oppressed by most cultures outside of America that meaningful discussion is difficult. It’s why I found it necessary to take Northampton and three other townships to Federal Court for violation of the First Amendment and even though I’m not a lawyer I wrote up all of the brief’s and successfully answered all of the defenses of the defendants for over two years before winning.

The Right to Free Speech is a key difference between America and every dictatorship. For that and many other reasons America is an exceptionl culture. Even though I would hope that the exercise of the Right to Free Speech should be rare because that would mean it is respected by government, it is not. Like many other Rights it is neither respected nor understood by countries and cultures outside of America.

Unfortunately it is not understood by some of America’s sub-cultures either.  

Dec 272010

The New York Times reports:- cold weather is produced by global warming. The report is here:
The problem with global warming or cooling is that all solutions enable government. Solutions that enable government exclude free market solutions. It’s either government control or the free market. It’s either / or.
The either / or argument can be false when there are choices other than the two presented. If there are only two choices then the either / or argument is correct.

The implicit agreement that underlies most climate change argument is that government SHOULD control the climate. There is only one other choice, viz., that government SHOULD NOT.

The supposed existence of a combination of free market solutions along with government imposed solutions is the false choice because freedom and oppression are opposites. It’s freedom or not-freedom, never both. If one says both freedom and oppression can exist together it’s freedom that is diminished because in any compromise between good and evil, good loses.

Dec 042010

In October 2010 there were 112 million civilian jobs plus 23 million government workers. That’s according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Government is growing and the private sector is shrinking. Only 36% of the 310 million population is working in the private sector. That’s going the wrong way.  


Why are jobs disappearing?

Government. Too many useless regulations and too many job-killing regulators writing regulations with the force of law but not approved by Congress. Congress can’t keep up with the laws they write and the regulators write three to five times as many regulations as Congress writes laws.

Plus government uses the force of law, doesn’t sell anything; is not controlled by competition nor by the need to make a profit. Those four requirements keep the free market under control at no cost or effort while government is out of control and a constantly increasing burden on the workers. 

The welfare state sucks money out of the 112 million workers pockets to support: 1. government workers,  2. Illegal Aliens, 3. the prisoners, 4. those on unemployment and 5. the families of the employed. Do the arithmetic: 310 million less 112 million, the number working in the private sector,- gives 198 million being supported by 112 million who also have to support themselves. So 112 million jobs support all 310 million people.


Dec 032010

A column in the Bucks County Courier by Mike Krauss promoted Bucks County starting a bank because the county has so much money and assets that are not being used. In 2008 Krauss reports Doylestown had $201 Milllion cash on hand and and $351 Million in assets, funds and investments. That’s HALF A BILLION DOLLARS of money taken from the people that are not being used to help the people.

Krauss promotes going local because the Federal System of controlling banks has failed. Of course it failed. Government should not be in banking because the goals, strategy and tactics of government use force in relationships. Force should be limited, as was done in the Constitution, to police and military and the courts. Government ruins the free market in practically everything by regulating and taxing it as much as possible. Government should not get into more banking because, as Krauss admits, government has turned into an “Orwellian Monster”

Force breaks things and kills people. Force is not a substitute for profit making. The Federal Reserve has no competition and no reason to restrain itself. A private enterprise on the other hand cannot use force, must face competition and must generate profits or it fails. That’s why private, profit making, competitive businesses do well. If they do not provide value for money spent they fail because customers abandon them.

Think about the success of say, Wal-Mart. Why do people smile when they shop there? Then think about how government is so unsuccessful when they can simply command people to do things under penalty of punishment? Why do people complain about paying government but willingly pay Wal-Mart? Profit and Competition keep Wal-Mart in business. Force and Compulsion keep people mad about government. 

Think how awful it would be to go to another government controlled bank that exists on the backs of the people.  Government destroys private sector jobs. If you get a chance tell Mike Krauss where to stick his idea.

Nov 242010

Government cannot keep it’s fingers out of the citizens money.

Every year with very few exceptions more people are added to government and more money is taken from the private sector. That’s the simple tactic of the government Jack Wagons who are running things in Washington and Harrisburg.

The Regulators are the Jackwagons. They pass more regulations every year than Congress passes laws but the regulators are just about invisible.

Ever see a meaningful spending report for say the EPA? Or for any of the other agencies who make laws but call them regulations? Ever wonder why?

Nov 152010

Northampton’s Accounting System is just about all nonsense. Very secret. Hard to track expenses. No substantive budget tracking,  just “final figures by month”. Coleslaw.

For 2011 it’s more of the same with no voice of reason trying to get an Objective Review. The 2010 budget was overstated. It should have been cut and all the real extate tax in Northampton could have been eliminated with no change in service.

Same for 2011 where at least $3 million could easily be cut from the budget. But that won’t happen because there is no effective way open to cut the bloat.

But it’s no different than Bucks County’s, Pennsylvania’s or Washington’s. Purposely designed to keep outsiders, i.e., Citizens in the dark.

“Keep ’em like mushrooms. In the dark and feed ’em sh**.”