Dec. 12, 2013. San Diego, CA.  A Christian Religious Cross atop Mount Soledad in California is an unconstitutional religious display on government land and must come down, ruled yet another federal judge. Why would Christians be forbidden to display a cross in public? The truth is, they are not so long as the land is private. They demand the right to display their huge cross on publicly owned land. That’s unconstitutional on several grounds.

A bit of history. Mount Soledad is topped by a large concrete Christian cross, first built in 1913, and since rebuilt twice. The cross was initially understood as a signal that Jews were not welcome in La Jolla. (Here). After it was challenged in court during the late 1980s, it was designated a Korean War memorial. It became the center of a religious controversy, because of the mingling of the Christian religion with government about the display of religious symbols on government property. In 2011 the cross was ruled unconstitutional by the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit and affirmed by yet another Federal Judge on December 12, 2013.

What about the diametrics? A flag on the altar instead of a cross? How about flying the papal flag at military events? Adding a cross to the American flag? Preposterous. No, just the wrong things to do. Same as religious displays on government properties. As wrong as  national flags instead of crosses in churches.

Jefferson wrote about the “separation” of church and state. Of course they are impossible to separate on the individual level. Patriots can be religious and they can try to proselytize but there are boundaries. The easiest way to visualize the lines that can’t be crossed is to separate the religious from the secular. Like oil and water they are easy to keep separate.   

The Soledad cross is a 100 year old religious controversy that can never be solved to the satisfaction of the Christians.


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