Former United States President George W. Bush was booed when he appeared on the video monitor at today’s memorial for Nelson Mandela in Johannesburg, South Africa, according to the White House pool report, which cited local press outlets.
Meanwhile, when the images President Obama and Michelle popped up, there was a 30-second “deafening roar,” the pooler wrote.

How sad.

Bush has done an far greater amount for South Africa than Obama. But Obama is much better at crafting his public image and saying the right things.
Bush personally saved the lives of millions of South Africans with his President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, or PEPFAR, ensuring AIDS drugs are available to South Africa’s impoverished masses.

But there are racial issues in South Africa. Even though four American presidents thought Mandela should be honored, the crowd booed President Bush.

In another stunning event President Obama shook the hand of Cuban President Raul Castro.

President Obama has complete control of his hand. He decided to shake the hand of Castro. The significance of that handshake is very important.

Human Rights Watch accuses Cuba of : Torture, Arbitrary Imprisonment, Unfair Trials and Extrajudicial Executions. British historian Hugh Thomas, in his study Cuba or the pursuit of freedom stated that “perhaps” 5,000 executions had taken place by 1970. Over 1.2 million Cubans escaped to America, many in small boats, rafts or using only small flotation devices. The hell that is the Cuban government has been extensively documented. Cuban’s  deserve better from the President of America. 

Why would anyone shake hands with a despot or his brother? Why did Obama do it?


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