He’s like the child who provides the football and bullies everyone. they tolerate him because without the ball they can’t play. Same for Barack. He shoots off his mouth at the cops, the citizens who don’t like his ideas, the Senate where he had Harry Reid destroy the idea of bi-lateral cooperation, at the Insurance Companies, at the Banks, and by announcing he won’t wait for Congress. Obama is a man for the holiday season, a fruitcake. He doesn’t belong in elected office. Why? Because he cannot represent “the people”. As close as he can come is a few cry babies who he favors because they are somehow like him.

Yes, he’s the President and as the head of the Executive Branch people must obey his ideas of the laws. But there are adults around who know what’s going on and we want it stopped so our lives, that means the lives of individual Americans, can return to at least the appearance of normality. 


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