At the Budget Review Meeting November 20th, the party that’s taking control of Northampton told fairy tales about how awful Northampton would be without a tax increase. They said: no police protection; no snow removal; no fire protection; potholes all over, no money to repair the roads and so on if taxes were not immediately raised. They demanded another million for 2014 and they refused to back down. No only that, the Northampton Republicans demanded the Trash Overcharge be spent by the Pellegrino administration, bringing the total tax hike to $1.5 million for 2014. That’s in addition to the extra money Pellegrino spent in 2013 that he didn’t admit to during the budget review.

Here’s the Republican Wool that’s been pulled over the eyes of Northampton. The approved 2013 budget was $$13.2 million. Pellegrino spent an extra $.6 million. Then he demanded another million plus the half-million overcharge for trash. That’s Chutzpah.

Somehow the Republicans invented the story that Democrats spent all the money in “the funds”. That’s complete nonsense and I’ll have some large spreadsheets for the December 11th meeting to show Northampton has about three years worth of money in the funds. How much dough do these people want? That depends on how much they can get away with.

It’s worse at the Sewage Board. If an honest auditor would prepare a balance sheet for the township and the Sewage Board the truth about the Northampton Republicans Industrial Grade Swindle would come out. Meanwhile, Northampton’s Government of Comedians will rant and bluster to keep the truth about Pellegrino’s overspending away from the voters.

And Mr. Pellegrino was appointed  by which party? Which party has his loyalty? That would be the party of higher taxes. That would be the Northampton Republicans. How different than Washington where Republicans want to lower taxes.

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