An anonymous website designed and operated to create and prolong havoc was connected to a threat against a local government official in Northampton township. It’s under the control of the local Republican Committee. Of course the 36 members do not operate the hate-site, – that offense is charged to a particularly odious fellow, perhaps a trans-gender type who uses words like “old Nazi”; photo-shopped photographs of a clown dressed woman supervisor being manipulated by puppet strings; insults special needs people and uses scatology as normal discourse. The problem is the website is controlled and approved by all 36 Republican Committee people.

They don’t get a memo asking for their approval, -it’s a more nuanced consent but make no mistake, they have input and control. They have never disowned the hate-site. They are a conspiracy. They are in it together and none can blame someone else. They support it. They like it. They continue to do it. These people are deviant and human aberrations. Far from normal, they side with wrong. A pox on them. 

If anyone of the 36 Republican Committee people disagree with this, let it continue but if you have any sense of decency, call your chairman and let him know that at least you are against the hatesite and you demand he get it straightened out, get it to tell the truth, get it to support the right values, Republican values and make Northampton the best it can be because right now there’s a big storm cloud over the Republicans in Northampton.

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