After all the numbers are crunched the citizens of Northampton will not have any tax increase in 2014. During the Rothermel presentation a proposed 16% tax increase was decreased to a net zero increase. A zero increase means no additional taxes.

Watching the back and forth between Supervisor Rothermel and township manager Bob Pelligrino and Financial Manager Bob Armelin, it was agreed: No cuts in service; no tax increase.

Witnessing budgets being debated is like looking at sausage being made. The stuffing looked awful but the finished product looks great.

In the beginning the administration wanted a $68 per property tax increase. Supervisor Rothermel discovered the two Bobs had included $43 in excess trash collection fees. The total of $43 and $68 dollars would have been a 27.7% increase. Supervisor Rothermel proposed trimming the budget to a zero tax increase while continuing all services.

Two citizens wanted to make sure the Motion to Bob Pelligrino contained words about the taxes being increased and the rebate being used to offset the tax increases but in the budget that will be voted on there will be no tax increase.

Some people want to spin the facts into a claim that the $43 is offset by tax increases but that won’t work because the proposed spending was cut meaning there is no tax increase. The sausage looks fine.   

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