November 22, 2013. The Courier reports, front page above the fold, about a Council Rock School Director who received a threatening letter with white powder in it. An anonymous “venom” website was mentioned in the report. Seems the School Director was the subject of the anonymous website, run by a coward(s) who lacks the decency to identify themselves or the phony commenters who are inventions of the website owner. These are poseurs. Human dots.

Northampton Republican politics are among the lowest. and in the opinion of decent people the website should take itself where the two previous venom websites have gone. 

The venom website has an unvarying political value, it disturbs the peace. Remind you of anyone? Watch the Northampton Supervisor Meetings to witness the endless parade of Inconsequential Infant Cranks who appear regularly to attempt something of which they are incapable. Normal behavior.

Inspired by a political loser in the company of one whose life is of such small consequence he imagined he was threatened. A real District Attorney, David Heckler dismissed the hallucination as nonsense.

In an attempt at vainglory he insulted Supervisor Dr. Kimberly Rose at the Nov. 20 meeting as had been done during her campaign. Whoever this letter writer is he hates women. That’s obvious and comes from his closet existence.

His side-kick went round the bend big time imagining a proposed budget balancing would cause a crime wave in Northampton because as he read in his tea leaves, the police budgets would be cut. He had not been listening to the adults in the room who patiently explained what everyone else knew, that the 2014 budget had no cuts in service.

The School Director should not have been subjected to the  letter. No one should send such things. Normal people don’t act that way. It was sent through the U.S. Mail so it’s a Federal Offence. Perhaps the perp(s) can hide their tracks and avoid discovery but I hope not.


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