Local Politics are very different than National Politics but the recent Municipal Election proved the connection and the visceral emotions of the population against the Affordable Case Act. As a result Northampton Democrat Candidates were overwhelmed by the Extra Large Republican Turnout.

This was the damage caused all over America by the Affordable Care Act. This was frustration like the Boston Tea Party frustration that began the American revolution. How do I know that? From talking to hundreds of Northampton voters, Republican, Democrat and Independent before the election.

Most voters didn’t know the names of their local government officials. Not only was the name of the township manager relatively unknown, the local issues were mysteries to them. Those people did not come to vote with a clear fix on Northampton Township. They were motivated by the important political issues nationwide. They didn’t agree with the descent of America because of inept Democrat leadership and they wanted to do something about it.

Unfortunately political solutions are not available in America with the exception of voting against the party in power. That would be President Obama’s party, the Democrats.

There has been pushback against the Doylestown Republicans too but it was a minor issue in the recent election. The re-election of Prothonotary Pat Bachtle is a clear example of the push-back. Against the wishes of the Bucks County Republicans Pat Bachtle snatched victory from the jaws of defeat and overcame the power of the Bucks County Republican leaders by winning re-election. The same for Upper Makefield Supervisor Elect Mike Tierney who overcame the endorsed candidate, longtime Republican Bud Baldwin who lost the Primary to Tierney and was supported by both the Republican and the Democrat party bosses. Tierney won so the local Republican leaders who did not support him have a lot of egg on their faces.   How different than Washington where the Republicans have been unable to stop Obamacare. The Democrats in Washington have been dictating health insurance conditions to America but the Republicans have been powerless to stop the train wreck of Obamacare.

The Republican Voters of Northampton had a chance to show their support for the National Republican Agenda by voting against Democrats, regardless of their connection or lack of connection to Washington. The Northampton Democrats were defeated by the backlash against President Obama.

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